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    The Cavaliers 2019

    You do realize that Joe Roach leaving was announced at the beginning of October? This bit of news is more then four months old (publicly) and known longer then that to those who follow the corps. You can find the article mentioning his departure (and thanking him) on Dont worry Hook’em you can remain standing.

    Yet Another Overly Proud Dad Alert!

    Congrats! Remember sitting in a restaurant in downtown Indy when you told me he wanted to become drum major. Looking forward to another great summer from the corps. Happy they’ll be here on the west coast.

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Looks like no major changes to Cavaliers Design and Instructional Staff except to bring in three from Carolina Crown (Brian Kraft/Brian Soules/Patrick Forrester) to lead the Visual Caption.

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Wow. I remember seeing them in Denver in 2009, so just assumed they’d done Cali as well

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Cavaliers are........ Heading to California in 2019. I believe it’s the first time since 2009

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Basically I was referring to a show that does not need a particular reference to either male or female or masculinity/femininity for it to succeed. If you watch SCV the past two seasons it wouldn’t of mattered if the show was performed by all men or all women, the design itself was successful without relying on these roles. Not sure how to explain it, but basically for lack of a better term it’s an “asexual” show. Cavies recent shows have played off of (or joked) about these roles. For example: the “dude/bro” section from Men are from Mars, the colorful ending from this years show, the whole militaristic design of Propaganda. Modern takes of Shows they did in the past like Four Corners/Frameworks/Spin Cycle. Shows that have a beginning/middle and end without telling a story would be good examples of what I could see them being successful with.

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    While I agree that Michael Martin is doing a good job with the Cavaliers, as I mentioned in another thread, I hope as a design team they choose not to go the mash up route like they’ve done the past three years. Even if they don’t eliminate it entirely just give us less of it (maybe in one part only). Could help the corps to connect with the audience more if they finish a musical thought.

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Not sure if it’s arranger or design choices, but agree. Hoping for less mash-ups next season, although I definitely appreciated the Bolero theme throughout this year.

    The Cavaliers 2019

    Wouldn’t mind seeing them do a non gender specific show like SCV has done the last two years. Think they would have done well with a show design like Babylon or Ouroboros.

    Your 2018 Top 6

    Bluecoats BD SCV Cavies Cadets BK
  11. Not sure the age outs from Madison but I’m guessing it would be safe to assume there will be quite a bit of attrition as well.
  12. From Cavies Facebook post (with pics from age outs at banquet) it looks like 38
  13. If you’re actually looking at how the finals night judges placed the Cavaliers v. Boston over the three major regionals it was a draw. In fact, If you figure out the scores using these judges it would be a tie. Boston taking GE by .2 and visual by .15 Cavies taking music by .35 Point being, I really don’t think it’s a bad panel for the Cavaliers.
  14. Like Nike says “ Just Do It “