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  1. Will be returning to the uniform in 2021. Announced on FB. Much like the cadets, I’m guessing a means to reduce costs.
  2. Just to clarify...three corps definitely not participating so far (BD/SCV/Surf)?
  3. Just read that they estimate 100 million will be vaccinated by the end of March.
  4. I’ll take the not knowing guidelines part. But you don’t need all the corps there to have a winner. BD and SCV aren’t the only corps in DCI.
  5. I still don’t understand why an event that could possibly field close to 20 corps would not be scored. The same sheets could be used, but the champion might score a 94.5 instead of a 98.1. As far as spectators, most can’t tell the difference anyway. How many can really tell if the snare line ticked? If finals judges need to see a corps show prior, the corps can submit virtually and video it from every angle, even from the air. If a corps doesn’t want to be judged then they can do an exhibition section to the event.
  6. If the organizations that choose to participate in 2021 are putting on the field a full corps with a full show then I say judge it. Put an asterisks next to the year, give it a lower score if need be, but the product should be judged and a winner should be proclaimed. It would be interesting to see the results from a fresh panel that hadn’t seen the the show multiple times and have them judged with fresh eyes.Even if the event is titled something other then DCI World Championships there should still be a winner. Three Days (if not more) of exhibition performances while still enjoyable wouldn’t
  7. Flight usually arrives in Indy from Phoenix around 2:30ish. Get car rental then check in to hotel and shower. Get to Lucas Oil during the dinner break in time to see the last few groupings (usually top 15). First time not at Finals since 2004. Definitely depressing and surreal. DCI was definitely missed. Summer did go by quick. Only good thing is now we can hopefully look forward to 2021.
  8. From what I understand aren’t most corps keeping the members that made it for the 2020 season? Of course, they’ll lose some from attrition. But video auditions could work for those spots. The current members have had the show material for quite some time (as most, if not all corps are keeping their shows), and some camps/meetings/rehearsals can be done virtually. Realistically DCI could have till next Spring to make any decisions regarding 2021. A lot can happen in eight/nine months, we’ve only been going through our current hell for five. Just trying to stay positive. A vaccine or medicine co
  9. New video. Cavaliers 2008 Samurai. IMHO one of the Cavaliers most underrated shows. Courtney agrees and puts it as one of her favorites. God I miss drum corps.
  10. My Air BnB for Indy cancelled and refunded the money the same day. Couldn’t believe it showed in my account that quick. I would just cancel and refund tix for events.Seems like a logistical nightmare to try carrying 2020 into 2021.
  11. At first I was dreading the announcement, I’ve been to finals every year since 2004. But as this thing progresses the announcement will come as a relief to me. I couldnt imagine waking up one morning in August to find out members of a corps have been diagnosed with Coronavirus and the tour had to come to a screeching halt. Honestly I think the summer, if it had continued, would have been the source of constant anxiety for everyone involved with the activity, including the fans. As sad as it is, it’s what’s best for the activity we love.
  12. Move ins are still two months away and the first show over three months. Still way too early to make that assumption.
  13. Great article and video up on should be an exciting season, members and staff seem pumped for the process/product (especially the ballad). Just at a glance, the members look very mature compared to some of the other corps, I know that’s usually the case for the top corps, but it seems apparent. Also good to hear that they’ve had a lot of retention as well as new members that have come from other corps. Can’t wait for show announcements!!!