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  1. Agreed. But what I found most interesting was that without the scores the crowd was more willing to support the corps that were not their “own”. The standing O’s were amazing on Saturday. I guarantee you that if this was a true Finals night the mid show and on your feet with a minute to go ovations would’ve been minimal. It’s like corps supporters feel if they stand for another corps the judges might change the scores. That’s why I get enjoyment watching and listening to the shows after the season, the thought of scoring is not at the back of my mind. We do need the scores though, there’s nothing like walking into LOS on Finals night knowing corps are separated by tenths of points. It’s electric. Also on your point…some of the crowd favorites were dirty but also the show designs to the sheets would’ve had them slotted into positions it would’ve been hard to climb from. The biggest challenge for those corps designers in 2022 will be to develop a show that doesn’t rely on nostalgia. It’s problems with show design the three corps have had recently. You don’t want to play catch up all season.
  2. Same thing last night. It was ridiculous how loud the speakers were. Rows of people had to stick fingers in their ears. Ruined my enjoyment of the show and gave me a headache.
  3. Speaker is so loud I have to hold my ears. It’s so amplified people in my section are holding there ears
  4. Crest has been the best!!! Top 12 within their reach. Very impressed. Favorite show so far today.
  5. Boston guard incredible….screen string not so much. Some really cool things with the screens but drew my attention away from the rest of the field
  6. Blue Stars so much better indoors and up high. Show design definitely for Indy.
  7. Mandarins with my favorite show design so far. Pretty Cool.
  8. Great Job Phantom. Having seen the show live a few times and this being the first time from up high and indoor I do think I enjoy it more from lower and outside. Of course this was a show originally designed for outdoors.
  9. Just got back to hotel from show…overall a great night of drum corps. I’m going to say first of all that the Cavaliers Brass is the real deal. The clarity and talent of the section is incredible. Since they were the host corps I’ll start with them. Those men are performers, while the show design isn’t one of my favorites they sure do know how to sell it. The maturity of the corps compared to others is apparent and appreciated. This show is pure entertainment. I’d also put them at top percussion. Soooo much better live (and it didn’t hurt that I was on the 50). Phantom was great. I mean pure, beautiful drum corps. Reminded of how much I miss the shows from the early 2000’s. Guard was pure bliss. I thought the hornline had some off moments in parts particularly in the first half. Percussion writing definitely misses Rennick and was unmemorable. This show is pure nostalgia. Blue Stars have a complete show with some great moments but I actually found them to be my least favorite of the night. Colts were my surprise of the night. The soloists were amazing. Great show design. Great music and guard. If this were judged I’d have them ahead of Madison. Madison have improved so much. Very enjoyable. Great product to build on for the future. It’ll be interesting to see if show design will still be a concern in ‘22. Percussion seemed the weakest of the group. See everyone in Indy!!!!
  10. Great way to look at it and a different perspective. I do wonder if they’re second guessing themselves now that they’ve seen the quality of design out there.
  11. It definitely seems they had a different read on what the summer would be. Maybe didn’t think other corps would bring back old competitive programs or use the intended 2020 shows.
  12. Wouldn’t think it does. I’m sure the members were made aware of the staffs intentions. Also would think that the members also know what the program that was originally intended for 2020 entailed. From what I understand everyone was pretty excited for it and thought it would help them compete for a medal. Maybe ‘22?
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