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  1. Holy drum book Batman. Best line I’ve seen so far. Without a doubt Sanford contender…if not the favorite. trumpet soloist is killing me though. I don’t wanna hold my breath all season when he needs to hit those notes.
  2. Please continue to post as the season progresses. Love reading your thoughts and insight.
  3. I hadn’t realized you had deleted your review. Glad I saw it. Only thing I really needed to read was that the percussion is still fire, the brass improved over last year and the foundation for better show design is there. love the “costumes”. as far as transitions and storyline, I’ve yet to see a corps with those and Ive now seen BD, Phantom, Crown and Boston. just remember folks Mad World wasn’t Mad World until Texas. Give it time.
  4. You can always message me reviews and your private thoughts…lol. 🤪😂🤣 Always appreciated.
  5. One of my favorites as well. Love that clip. Only gripe would be I wished they had continued that jam session a little longer, even just repeating that phrase.
  6. Referencing the post above^^^^ looks like full corps episodes with percussion breaks (glimpses) in between.
  7. Here it Folks (the details): BENEATH THE ARMOR REPERTOIRE Episode 1 - “Metallized” Original composition by Richard Saucedo, Michael McIntosh, Clif Walker, and Matt Black with musical quotations from “Music for Prague 1968” by Karel Husa Glimpse 1 - “Shielded” Original composition by Clif Walker, Michael McIntosh, and Matt Black with musical quotations from “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick Episode 2 - “Deflected” Original composition by Richard Saucedo, Michael McIntosh, Clif Walker Glimpse 2 - “Contemplation” Original composition by Clif Walker, Michael McIntosh, Matt Black Episode 3 - “Reflection” “You’ve Changed” by Billie Holiday and “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. Arranged by Richard Saucedo, Clif Walker, Michael McIntosh, Matt Black Glimpse 3 - “Transformation” Original composition by Michael McIntosh, Clif Walker, Matt Black Episode 4 - “Revelation” “Bring Me to Life” by Amy Lee, arranged by Richard Saucedo, Clif Walker, Michael McIntosh, Matt Black
  8. Agree with a lot I’m reading. Brass is Crown, no concerns there. like the story. my biggest concern from this low angle viewing is the drill/staging. Very linear and at times feels “stagnant”. Not sure the mountain props add much and actually cut the field in half limiting the field coverage. Most of the wow moments happening in the opener. It’s early so we shall see.
  9. NEED REFORM CHANGE REFLECTION RESURRECTION Pretty much sums up the rep lol. Excited to see how this comes together.
  10. I can feel the emotion from here!! lol.
  11. If I would go through the reps of the Top 12 the last few years I would think a majority (not all) have had popular music somewhere in their rep at some point. BD has used Brittney. Crown has used Sia. This year Boston has Cyndi. Bloo has done full Beatles shows. Colts last season. I think throwing in a popular piece is smart. The general fan finds it recognizable and gives them something to whistle on the way home.
  12. Thanks….I guess? not sure how to take this post, because no where did I mention the Cavaliers. BTW…if this had been the Cavaliers I would’ve said the same thing. From everything I’ve seen and heard this does not feel like the BAC that has been so successful the past few years. Just perplexed by the departure. It feels like they’ve given up their identity to try and capture that elusive championship. Sometimes that works. Also, when the Cavaliers take the field there’s no doubt they’re the Cavaliers. it doesn’t matter where they are in the placements.
  13. First impression. Lots of gimmicks. wish they’d stay with the story telling. from the look, to the music (and the prop) doesnt feel like Boston. Seems like they’re trying a mash up of a couple corps (BD/Crown and touch of Bloo) while losing their identity in the process. Not doubting a Top 5, but a top 3 will be tough. (The hyping DJ turntable member in movement 2 is cringe).
  14. Don’t mind the uniforms themselves but the color scheme looks like Blue Devils prop colors from last year (almost exactly) and the design looks like Crown. Hoops and lighted headgear are cool but sometimes can be distracting, especially if any “glitches” or mishaps.
  15. Very excited for the upcoming season. Excited to see what the staff changes will bring to the table.
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