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  1. Wait till you hear this show. A complete departure from the mash-ups of the last three seasons. You are going to love it. Everytime I listen I like it even more. Dare I say this on DCP...but I think the writing may be just as mature and complex as Boston. Definitely prefer Cavies ballad.
  2. More mature brass sound. More mature brass book. More mature Cavaliers show design. Nothing like they’ve done in a very long time. Hope it translates well on the field and to the fans. Very excited to see them in California and Arizona.
  3. What a beautiful memorial. Red roses passed out to those in attendance. Over the Rainbow one last time. Beautiful. Also how ironic to hear the train in the background.
  4. Just Listened to Field Pass. Gangs of New York with the Irish American feel to it. Show is a progression thru the journey of life.
  5. Not having grown up in a town that necessarily has a “Wrong Side of The Tracks” but more of a “Bad Part of the City,” as I watched the teaser the imagery seemed to be that of a man or men having grown up without. Also brought back imagery of the early 1900s. You see shots of boxers, what appears to be steel workers, someone running out of town on the tracks. Not seeing any racial divide. agree with poppycock that the title interpretation is based on the experiences of each individual. funny but not unexpected that the title of show has caused discussion on DCP, yet there’s no mention on the Cavaliers social media comments. think we should wait to see the show.
  6. Agree with you. Thought the first part of the show was great. Starting at the rocky/Hamilton mash up not so much (other then trumpet fanfare). Did not care for the ballad as well. Also the rocky throughout the ending felt forced to me. Really enjoyed the on the Shoulders of giants and the brass playing. But the rest of the show music fell flat for me. Obviously a Top Six show.
  7. Is that a good hmmmm? Or a bad hmmm? thinking there may be a story line? At least maybe a beginning, middle and end.
  8. Please give us your opinions when done. No details needed
  9. Kudos to the Cavalier Video Team. Great Job putting that together.
  10. First Impression: If you’re going to use Carmina Burana, then please USE Carmina Burana. Where was it other then the one hit at beginning? The beginning really was toooooo slow for me with the piano then singing. agree with another post regarding the drum parts. Pretty clean but meh. hated the call to war singing near the end. Very Up with People. FofE Glory. Could be so fantastic but why the break in the middle? brass sounds good enough but somewhat young. Think they stay in the 11/12 range, don’t see them dropping out of finals unless other corps are just killing it. But don’t see them moving up with this brass book.
  11. Yikes. Prime example of why corps shouldn’t post pre season show videos. Nothing about this makes me excited for Phantom 2019. Sorry.