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  1. For people looking to save money on parking, and traveling, and walking...I have a great idea. If you have never used the ride share app LYFT, do so. This offer is valid for first time users only, and it is per device. The same code can be used on an unlimited number of devices. But again, this must be your first time using the LYFT app. When you download the app, and get the information loaded, use the code DCI2016. You will receive a $20 dollar credit for your first trip. Also, if you are using a ride sharing app, please walk away from the stadium to a specific restaurant, hotel, etc, before you request the trip. This makes is much easier on the driver and on you the guest. On the LYFT app you get to rate your driver, you can have your picture on the app as well so the driver knows who they are looking for, there is the ability to tip on the LYFT app. Welcome to Indianapolis everyone! Have fun! Be safe! Go Drum Corps!
  2. The only way we'll know if this really works is if, Pioneer, Pacific Crest and the Mandarins finish in the top 12! If the top 12 remain the same well.....then......we can blame Hillary Clinton for emailing the recaps to the judges who weren't supposed to get the recaps until after the season. Cause we alllllll know judges are kept apart from each other and never discuss anything! yup yup yup.....
  3. Just talking about SCV this year! wow! Wow! WOw! WOW!!! On video it was absolutely spectacular!!! I cannot wait to see it live!!! I see this definitely being a medalist show! The drill, the music, the energy, just the entire show! JUST WOW!
  4. My response to the site is this; it is 2015. There is technology that could be utilized to make this a friendly website for phones, iPads, or what not. WGI even has a cell phone website. If this is "Music's Major League" the website does not portray this is any fashion. It is a generic boxed site that is dull, plain, and definitely not the way to get the new generation interested in drum corps. Every corps that competes on American soil, should be listed....PERIOD! If there is going to be a price for providing streaming service, it should be about perfect. Last night was pitiful. I felt like I was watching Godzilla at times...(the movement on the video would stop, and the motions on the field kept going). The interviews with BD and SCV were a great touch, however video and audio were horribly off. There should be refunds offered or something because, the consumer is not what they are paying for. While the offer of the service is great, the service needs to match up. And it fails....miserably. Fix it DCI or DCI may be a thing of the past sooner than later............
  5. This is my first show I've watched on TV in a long time. What I will say is this. DCI needs to get their crap together. The feed was herky jerky, some of the camera angles were apparently being done by Helen Keller, and they synch between video and audio was horrible at times. DCI is paid a crap ton of money to deliver a product. If you can't deliver their needs to be something done to make it right. I doubt this will happen, as they probably ignore these threads. That being said, onto the show. Obviously most of the shows are still incomplete. The Mandarins - Obviously not done, however the show is easy to follow with a great them, and everything clicks. They'll do well. Pacific Crest - Some nice moments but again, not done. It will be great to see a finished product. Love the new look, (except the extended cape down the leg...aka Blue Devils. Blue Knights - I need to see this again, not sure what I watched. Phantom Regiment - I thought this was going to be cheesy, and I was wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, it was easy to follow, the rep is catchy, and they tell a complete story. LOVED IT! Santa Clara Vanguard - I about peed my pants with excitement...where has this group been? LOVED everything from beginning to end. My personal thought, Could be a top 3 finisher. Blue Devils - **sigh** I did not get this show (though it was the high cam I was watching, because the multi cam wasn't working). They play well, they do what the Blue Devils do, but I was underwhelmed. Hopefully changes will occur to make me favor this show a bit more, but right now, I do not see this competing at the end of the season.
  6. And that is exactly what should NOT happen.!!
  7. As Jim Ross from the WWE would say, "MEH GAWD, THAT BLEW MY FACE OFF!"
  8. Double D. Thank you! Skevinp - I'm kind of a long winded person...and thank you..I like your signature!
  9. Please do not misunderstand me, I am rooting for the Bluecoats to pull out a major victory in Indy. I know that hypothetically there is really not a set in stone answer, but something to ponder.
  10. Enjoy: "Somewhere deep in the heart of every person is an Alma Gitana, A Gypsy Soul. The life being led in that manner would not necessarily be that of a person on the cover of Vanity Fair, but there would be No Strings Attached, some would even consider it the Dark Side of the Rainbow. Some of those people realize for That One Second, they are Immortal or Unbreakable but during that TimeTrip a person can learn the Joy by looking at a simple Magnolia, thinking of the beauty and without going too far Out of This World, think about those Words 2 Live By, and in Turn, Pay It Forward. Sadly, what some folk will never realize is that feeling of a Promise: An American Portrait, A Peoples House, that home is Where the Heart Is. They will slightly Tilt their head, and wonder what life would be on an Animal Farm tying the good and evil of Swan Lake then coming to the realization that life will Nevermore be anything less than Felliniesque."
  11. But if there were any other corps ranked above Bluecoats in WV..would Bluecoats still have scored what they did? Hmmmmmmm
  12. I have seen the Colts show on video and in person in San Antonio. Plain and simple to me, it doesn't make sense. There is a show title in which I'm trying to combine with the musical aspect and visual aspect, and things do not fall into place. That being said, I think the Crossmen are the solid 12th place corps this year, if not higher.
  13. I saw all the shows down here in Texas. All I can simply say, is the Bluecoats have created one of the best show concepts. It is different and unique. There is a theme. While the show needs some thought to follow, they have all the ingredients to win. That being said, Blue Devils and Cadets are also on an extremely high level right now as well. Santa Clara is even coming on strong. With all that being said, and for my personal reasons which I will forgo on here, I think Blue Devils will win. However, I am strongly rooting for the Bluecoats to pull something special out and have their highest placement yet.
  14. I typically avoid these boards but I do have a question. Would you as a drum corps fan be interested in seeing a blind draw for shows throughout the country? or even for preliminary performances for world championships? Why or why not? With this year especially being a most competitive year for a couple of drum corps trying to make history, I do think that being in a random draw would be awesome. Why? A judges responsibility is to judge and rate and rank correctly. In looking at some scores and ordinals, I can't but get upset at seeing the same old thing occurring again. 10, 9, 8, 7, blah blah blah going on. I have yet to attend a show yet this year so more will come to fruition later in the week as I attend three shows albeit, in a reverse order of their ranking. Please note, I am not bashing, it just seems constant year after year after year the same thing happens. In open class, the corps go on early in the day on Thursday and the first corps to take the field typically does so to an empty house. Now if, oh let's say, mix things around have a blind draw, and say if Blue Devils B or Vanguard Cadets went on first there would be more of a crowd. This should be a growing, learning, and selling experience for the kids. Seeing 75,000 empty seats to me, would be depressing. The idea would basically be to have the Open Class be a blind draw, the corps in the bottom 11 in a blind draw, the top 10 in a blind draw. This would require true management of numbers and thought process instead of just popping a higher number on the given sheet. And there should not be a big deal since all the corps are judged on the same sheet through out the season as well. Then proceed in semi finals and finals in the seeding process. Just allow some corps who perform literally in front of 200 people be able to see a nice crowd to perform in front of for a bit of inspiration and hope. Just my thoughts.
  15. I guess what is staggering is; looking at some very optimistic people with ideas, is the money factor. Rumor had it that the whole get up for WCU and their LED's was around 450,000 grand. What corps has that kind of money to throw around. Here are my plain and simple proposals: 1)Have a blind person judge music 2)Have a deaf person judge visual 3)Have a fan favorite corps (as voted by the fans) 4)Legalize powder (for clarification, to use for effect not to sniff off a mirror) 5)Drug test judges