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  1. So does anyone know why Spirit of Atlanta decided to switch to Kanstul brass from Yamaha? I had heard it was because of sponsorship but I'm not sure... Any ideas?
  2. So does anyone know why Spirit of Atlanta decided to switch to Kanstul brass instruments instead of Yamaha? I haven't heard whether Kanstul instruments are better, but I have heard it was because SOA got a sponsorship from Kanstul. I'm probably wrong but still... any ideas?
  3. Bluecoats posted a picture of some sort of white cloth on Instagram and said, "Out with the old..."
  4. I would like to see more use of the French Horn as well as the Trombone/Baritone. I seriously doubt any corps will march a trombone, but I have been wrong before so we'll see.
  5. In my opinion, Spirit has a chance to move up this year. Granted, with no music announcement this is a biased opinion, I still think that they have learned from "Magnolia's" mistakes.
  6. While it's true that the pitch bend in the Bluecoat's closer is something to be remembered, I believe that Axciom should be recognized more for their performance of it. If you listen to the original Vienna Teng soundtrack, you'll hear just how close the Bluecoats perfected this piece. Now, The Blue Knights also had a great show, but I never really got into it as much as other people did. Carolina Crown, while having a very good show, tried to do WAY too much visually in last years show. It would've been better with just one trampoline and, maybe, a frisbee or two, but not four trampolines and
  7. Now that they have announced their show theme, "The Spark of Invention," and some music, what do you guys think now?
  8. 12. Carolina Crown 2011 11. Blue Devils 2012 10. SCV 1988 9. Bluecoats 2012 8. Madison Scouts 2013 7. Phantom Regiment 2013 6. SCV 2013 5. Carolina Crown 2012 4. Carolina Crown 2013 3. Cadets 2011 2. Phantom Regiment 2008 1. Bluecoats 2014
  9. I personally think that Cadets might move down, but it is still too early to predict, as most winter predictions are. Blue devils will, obviously, stay in medal territory. I would also like for Bluecoats to stay in medal territory, but also too early seeing as they have not announced their show yet. Cadets have "announced" their show with George Hopkins explaining the concept in their past camp video. Again, too early to predict show placings, but I would really like for SCV to go into medal territory.
  10. So who else thinks this year could be the Vanguard year? It's time for them to move into medal territory! Anyone else think so?
  11. Just hearing the Cavaliers do "On the Shoulders of Giants" will be worth spending money to see.
  12. 1) Cavaliers (Any year) 2) The Cadets (All except the color change this year) 3) The Bluecoats (2014) 4) Carolina Crown (2011) 2013 was a decent uniform change, but 2014... they tried but the overall effect wasn't what we expected. 5) SCV (2013) 6)Madison Scouts (2013) 7) Spirit of Atlanta (1988) 8) Phantom Regiment (2012) 9) Crossmen (2014) 10) Blue Stars (2014)
  13. I wish that Bluecoats would win, but given that Tilt was pretty amazing, I'd give them fifth place, under the Cadets, the Cavaliers, The Blue Devils, and Santa Clara Vanguard. I'm feeling Santa Clara this year, but not entirely sure.