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  1. Seen on the field: (Clifton show) 'Coats, Crown, Boston, Cadets, Spirit Seen only in the movie theater or on video: SCV, Devils, Cavies, Phantom, Blue Stars 'Coats: Very very good uniform/costumes. Very innovative. Seersucker suits with porkpie hats, in various blends of light blue and off white with various patterns or no patterns that vary throughout the drum and hornline completely randomly. Off white berets for drums. The pit is dressed in all black turtlenecks with berets, and wearing sunglasses. They probably snap their fingers when they're not doing anythin
  2. Crown shows how not to pander to trends as much as the other guys and why them that do are schmucks to do so. Bravo!
  3. Thought George Hopkins and his designers were overreaching last coupla years, but this year GH has got it right! LOVE all the audacity of this show!
  4. Kevin! above and beyond! L Cohen is the the greatest greatest, but I didn't know that one
  5. Q: -btw, what does BK robot voice-over "next thursday night..." refer to -sounds like an sf novel or more likely a movie, huh ? thx
  6. Kevin, would you be able to give us 2 or even 3 photos per show tonight ? -Mark
  7. GEVisual, a very good post. I for one appreciate such thoughtful analysis in the forums every year. And I agree with the vast majority of what you say, including order of finish.
  8. Kevin, enjoyed your running commentary and photos all day yesterday. A very good year this year. (Only show I've made this year has been Chester PA, last Thur.) So at 5:30 yesterday I broke off from following the DCP commentary to go to my local theater off union square nyc; (always has been a good venue; this time fine also. About half full; crowd restrained but nonetheless not unenthusiastic, as usual here). -I resumed and caught up on the rest of the prelims thread this morning, great to relive and remember, the day after! Very brief opinions: -heartbreaking it's between Scouts and B
  9. I read this thread earlier this morning and enjoyed the discussion however exercised! Me, I can understand the Cadets' staff's decision not to take on Stalin's genocidal purges in a drum corps show! -But Maneuvah, you clearly did get under Hoppy's skin: -what else could the completely black uniforms be but an acknowledgement of Shostakovich's inspiration/subject? And the Cadets are even risking their GE score and a chance to win in making this very eloquent gesture.
  10. Thanxs for the tech input, Soundman G. It was hard NOT to think about the sound problems all through our broadcast (Union Sq. regal NY); I heard nary a tenor drum all night, except for the occasional big feature, and marching bass drums were virtually just as inaudible. Just judging from that, what percentage of a full hornline sound were we actually getting? We sure got an overpowering level of pit, and I've never heard concert bass drums live shake a stadium like they did in the broadcast. Then upon learning later how spotty the sound was for the live audience, in the stadium itself, I
  11. What about an all Cole Porter? Anybody done that?
  12. Was that Rodney Learned on snare in that Kilties clip?
  13. 50, not a DC parent, marched '71-'76, forgot about it, started looking in on PBS broadcasts late 90's; since '05 have attended a few shows and movie theater events, as well as online FN broadcasts. Yea!s: Allentown; most FN livecasts, FN "legacy" archives; Nea!s: Giants Stadium this past Sunday (I still hear everything accompanied by a 3-second echo)
  14. Anybody know, are there or will there be any of the on-demand videos of this season's competitions in multi-camera format, the same as what we see in most of the live 'casts, or will they all be in single camera format, as they were last season? Thanks