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  1. Even putting my homer self in a corner.... My favorite is still The Cavaliers. The show design is absolutely incredible from start to finish. It was aggressive, beautiful, and emotional... everything a show should be! The rest is in any order- Blue Stars, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Devils, Mandrains, and Pacific Crest. Keep in mind there are LOTS of shows I really did enjoy... these just stuck out to me the most.
  2. After listening to the Blue Stars show again, I got to throw in their ballad. Just an awesome show all together.
  3. Mandatory for each corps to march at least 30 contras
  4. The Cavaliers. For me, it's not even close. I hope they consider keeping it for encores.
  5. Lol hey, it's what teachers do! They are amazing young marchers. They need to make sure they know that.
  6. Thank you πŸ™‚ Mr. Mast is one incredible person. From my experiences with him I could tell you that when he cares about something/someone he makes sure that things are at the highest standard possible. And he really does care for each person, so again, when I saw that The Cavaliers chose him to be the "guy".... well, A LOT of folks here in Houston were thrilled. Heck I went NUTS! A lot of folks in the Klein ISD school district liked him and they were probably more thrilled for him than he was for himself (at least what I heard from the grapevine). The corps is in excellent hands and I hope to someday work for him :). Anyway, I work at a store that is literally across the street from one of the Klein high schools.... I think I will swing by and see what their program is like this fall and I might as well see my old high school too (go KF! Eyes with pride like the golden eagle)
  7. I think 2019 might be the highest scoring top 6 in history.... not sure though
  8. Cavies took 3rd in brass.... we are coming for you πŸ™‚ baby steps lol
  9. 2019 was something completely special. Actually, special is not the right word to use... I am sure Don would be proud of the corps and would be thrilled for them to look forward to the future. The railroad has been placed and now it depends on if they choose to stay on the right side of the tracks. Go get'em Cavies!
  10. Give them your all Cavies. Leave no doubt tonight.... pride, honor, and for the old man
  11. One more time guys.... Can I get a Splooie?!? Lol
  12. I love the drum corps community. *knock on wood* I am in awe with the amount of positivity on this site at the moment. πŸ™‚