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  1. They are. I mean, my list will more than likely change before the Tomball show.
  2. Yeah, my predictions are more than likely going to be completely wrong
  3. Probably didn't know about the first one. No worries lol
  4. Well, I have updated my finals predictions. Obviously I haven't seen anything.... c'mon Tomball lol 1- The Cavaliers (sticking with my guns on this one) 2- Blue Devils 3- Bluecoats 4- Boston Crusaders 5- Carolina Crown 6- Santa Clara Vanguard 7- The Cadets 8- Blue Knights 9- Phantom Regiment 10- Crossmen 11- Blue Stars 12- Mandrains
  5. Seems like BD honks are already claiming the title. Even if BD does win it all.... show'em up Cavies!!!
  6. True..... but I convinced my cousin to m take her family to the show.
  7. I respect anyone's opinions about placements.... but I'm sorry..... Cavies have gone through a lot since 2012 and I think they deserve something great to happen. I think folks have forgotten about that on DCP..... I hope they kick some butt on opening day.
  8. Ooooooh.... this excites me. It's June.... I trust this staff. To dare is to do
  9. I have always admired their details to fundamentals. Fundamentals means everything
  10. It's a bit off topic of dci, but the Yankees were caught cheating since 2015 and their system was worse. Sadly, they just got a slap on the hand and that was it. Basically just a fine. For the Astros it was just the 2017 season and other players came forward and claimed that other teams were doing it. But I digress and I want to focus on DCI at the moment lol Go Cavies woooo! Lol
  11. I agree with the uniform part, but at least it has some kelly green
  12. Astros just threw a combined no-hitter at Yankees stadium. Astros win 3-0 Sorry, I had to say something lol!
  13. Finally, I got an update from last night. With all seriousness... thank you
  14. .... Westcoast inflation? Ooooh boy I may have opened a can of worms there. I'm kidding yall. I promise.
  15. Say it ain't so... well, SCV isn't going to the Tomball show... I might look around on YouTube. Heck, I did that with Phantom last night.
  16. Hahahahahaha! I'm just curious on the reasons, that's all. Even if Cavies fell to that spot, well, it wouldn't change me one bit.
  17. Not gonna argue that one bit. 2014 is a great example.
  18. The rep really grew on me. I was on the fence, but I kinda bought into it.
  19. Sadly I was one of them.... I'm not a big fan of the 2015 show. I'm just not a big fan of electronics, but I understand that it's here to stay. What can I say, I prefer a strong hornline over synthetic bass. And I'm not trying to bash any corps because I generally do enjoy every show I see.
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