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  1. Not really lol. The posters general feel is optimistic and I love it. When I was a kid I thought of auditioning for Crossmen because they were local at the time. And ironically I have family that live in the Philadelphia area... so it makes some sense as to why I like them.
  2. I really like how optimistic you were for this show. That is a great attitude!
  3. I totally get that... one thing I do on opening day is buy a 6 pack and my closest friends came over to watch a marathon of shows. And as the opening show started I would follow it right here on DCP and give updates to the guys. It goes to show how awesome DCI is!! Anyway, seeing that you are from Colorado, have a beer from Estes Park brewery for me xD.
  4. I plan to. It is a BIG reason why I dropped my old life (not going to get into the details... but I am happy that I did it) and moved to my college town. I am still waiting on the university to tell me what is going on for the small semester, but I am VERY optimistic. I hope to be an instructor for the best corps in the country soon. The summer just isn't the same without DCI.
  5. Words can not describe how sad I was yesterday. I obviously understand the situation, but I already miss the excitement of cheering on all of the corps and especially The Cavaliers. Frankly, I was also looking forward to FINALLY traveling to Mesquite, Texas for The Cavaliers home away from home show. Maybe next season... ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. I would be containing my excitement for the upcoming season..... ๐Ÿ˜• I am still really bummed.
  7. I freaking love that show. The contra peddletone at the start of the show grabbed my attention right away.
  8. Haha! I am a fan of the football team. But I generally cheer for all college football teams. I just cheer harder when UT is on the field.
  9. Personally, likewise.... I don't like it
  10. I admit that I am not willing to give her money to do a reaction, but I am happy you did! Any positive exposure is what the activity needs. I just hope she has a change of heart and watches a Cavies video. Lol
  11. ..... I think there needs to be less amp and at least 30 contras. Lol!!!
  12. The Cavaliers 1995 show is my favorite in terms of balancing music and visual. Whew.... lol
  13. I just sent her a link of The Cavaliers 2006 show Machine. SPLOOIE!