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  1. It could feed the corps for about the first quarter of the show haha
  2. Oh no, I mean an actual horse because everything is bigger in Texas xD
  3. Lol just don't sleep outside. This reminds me of the time when I saw one that looked about the same size as horse.
  4. I promise I did! Hahaha! They were mixed vegetables too XD
  5. Hey everyone, Just wanted to take the moment and say happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone here is safe and spending it with the people you love. Of course, blast some drum and bugle corps too! A holiday is not complete without some DCI lol.
  6. And I was just thinking about the Velvet Knights earlier today xD
  7. I watched the show the other and forgot to post my thoughts, but thankfully I remembered! Whew! What a show! Excellent staging, the drill was brilliantly designed, music meshed very well with the visual design, and those marchers were amazing! I am extremely proud of this school. Those kids are incredible and how about that staff! Very well disciplined!
  8. Not sure how I feel about the Texas tour... but I am happy that The Cavaliers will be performing in Katy!
  9. They could have booked NRG for the Southwestern championship... just saying 🙂
  10. My choices are Houston, Houston, Houston, and after thinking about it..... Houston. Houston has lots of schools that could easily house all of DCI's drum and bugle corps. Houston's NRG stadium is amazing with plenty of parking and the stadium is just awesome. Houston has amazing parks to visit, awesome breweries, and downtown is fun to explore. Houston is the fattest city in America... so you know the food here is amazing.
  11. They usually announce the schedule around Thanksgiving.
  12. I actually think The Cavaliers will have an extremely good turnout. I was walking in the park this afternoon and I was listening to the hornlines warm up before Indy (I believe) and the structure is incredible. However, if they want to go further and beyond... they need to bolster up on their visual aspect. They are improving, but they need to work on the fundamentals of marching technique and guiding. Not saying they aren't, but it was lacking compared to the music aspect. *Note* they did an amazing job at cleaning up the drill as the season went on. If they put a little focus on that... BAM! The future turnout at each camp will be immeasurable. That being said.... I firmly believe the corps is going to attract a lot of amazing talent for this season. Heck, I love the direction the corps is moving towards.
  13. My OCD kicked in. Hahaha!!! But it gave me some interesting ideas.
  14. Most band programs in Texas usually start summer band during the last couple of weeks of summer. Ugh... I actually really miss it.
  15. Yep! I love Reliant (yeah I know it is NRG, but oh well)
  16. I know I am DEFINITELY the minority.... but.... HOUSTON!!!!
  17. Go back to the Berry Center Just not a fan of Legacy Stadium...