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  1. Thank you! Lots of stories behind that tour too! If it helps while you listen to the clarinets..... I didn't gel with them, but that is a long story! For everyone reading this..... this is kinda big with me... my big brother played the fourth movement when he was a freshman in high school (Klein Forest spring 2005) and I wanted to play that piece..... and I did 🙂 THE Cavaliers are performing a piece that I have a lot of passion about. I hope they do amazingly well for everyone!!!
  2. PRAGUE!!!! I was on bass clarinet!!! AWESOME!!!!
  3. I think I just got a hint as to what they are playing....and.... OMG!!!!
  4. That's what I was thinking, but it didn't hurt to ask.
  5. Does anyone know if The Cavaliers are wearing their traditional unis? I doubt they would, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  6. Smh.... 14? We need at least 16. I gotta fever and the only prescription is contra. I gotta have my contra.
  7. Hey yall, I have some pretty cool news! So, I work for a sporting good company (if you are from Texas, or the south you might know what the company is), and right now we have a HUGE BBQ sale competition going on. As of right now my store is in 7th and I'm in second or third in sales for the entire state of Texas. To top it off my store is waaaaay smaller than most. Truthfully I have pushing myself like I do as a musician. I planned it out, rehearsed it, and executed. I think I'm going to get my time off for DCI!! a nice little DCI vacation sounds amazing right now. Good ole summer fun!
  8. I have family in Wilmington... I think I might try and talk them into going to a show.
  9. Yep, it's insane. I am most certainly going to crunch some numbers tonight lol!!
  10. My dad went to the University of Delaware.... I wonder how he would react to this.
  11. Right. And truthfully, I don't even care that the show is there anymore lol!!!! I think with this months crazy weather, well, I really need some drum corps.
  12. Here is the real question... since I basically told work that they can handle me going on vacation so I can see The Cavaliers, why not Brenham? I know PV is locked in but Cub stadium isn't bad.
  13. (Sigh).... Well.... Anyways storms have basically destroyed my town. The store I work at is out of power and more than likely won't reopen today. But they are making us stay. And to top it off we have more on the way this afternoon/evening.
  14. After talking to my boss.... I'm taking time off to see my Cavaliers.
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