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  1. STOP STOP STOP!! If I'm saying that, we really have a problem here.
  2. So, Bloo takes everything except for "the judges like it." That's not a bad result. This looks to be an exciting season!
  3. Yeaaaaahhhhh COATS!!! I was confused as to why everyone was calling BD "next level." I think this year, there are four corps on the "next level!"
  4. I'll just say a couple of things about the last two corps to perform: BAC's show is the best I've seen from them in many years. They just need to clean and add volume! It's been a couple years since I've heard a Boston horn line blow my face off, and if any show is begging for volume it's this one! Also, I liked the moving block from early season better than the scrambling mob they did tonight. Bloo's show is just phenomenal. So engaging. And they perform it with so much energy and attitude! I'd go on about it for at least a couple paragraphs, but that horse has already been beaten dead on this site. Truly a groundbreaking show, and I can't wait to see it in August! BD: I'm going to have to only watch you in high cam the rest of the year, those uniforms (corps and guard) are pretty bad. Hope they to back to a more Blue Devils-ish look in the future! At this point in the season, I can't say I like this show. Nothing in it was particularly memorable to me. Really, the only feeling I felt at the end was that my brow was furrowing so much it hurt. However... I felt the same way at this point of the season in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013... All shows I have really grown to enjoy. I have no doubt that with the way these folks are performing at this point in the season, and how much potential for growth they still have, what we see at finals will be a totally different beast!
  5. And I stated mine. There is no reason to call someone homophobic just because they disagree with you about a uniform. Edit: I just have to say, I think the Scouts are gonna look GREAT in white.
  6. Are you KIDDING me, Phantom? I expect this from BD, but not from you!
  7. Really? I graduated college last year, I don't need your crash course on the kinds of clothes people wear, guy. But thanks for playing.
  8. YouTube, vimeo, dailymotion, espn, news sites, everything really. Everything except for this. Works just fine on my PC, I'm just frustrated that this hasn't improved on mobile devices after they specifically said it was. Glad to see I'm not the only one with the issue though.
  9. Are people not allowed to have negative opinions of guard costumes in 2014?
  10. Does anybody else get really poor video and audio quality on their ipad or iPhone? I thought they said they'd improved that stuff. Grrr.
  11. Ahem, let me collect my thoughts. What I meant to say was "I don't think that is an appropriate uniform for a youth organization to be making 16-22 year olds wear."
  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha those poor people!
  13. Wow! Great job, Blue Devils! While I love their old jackets, these are great as well. And the red accent is sweet! I was afraid I wouldn't like a single new uniform this year.
  14. Of course it is. Everybody who's anybody has a fade in their uniform!