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  1. I have to say I’m so excited to see both SCV and BD still competing for the top. It’s amazing yet mind boggling that two corps from Cali still maintain the quality they have for over 30 yrs. Its expensive to live and run a non profit organization and thanks to their alumni and supporters they manage to kick ###.
  2. This is a wait and see show for me. I’ll me Stanford but after viewing a YouTube and good quality btw I’m not yet sold. BD usually comes out swinging but I feel like it’s gonna be a build up show maybe like 2011. BD staff knows their stuff but right now it’s a ruff sketch.
  3. Oh I’ll be in Palo Alto later tonight for first hand impressions.
  4. I have to say after a Youtube watching from the Clovis show Mandarins just looked impressive. SCV was great as expected and kinda wait and see with BD but they will obviously add slot to their production but the one Corp I was closely seeing if they can match last year and they did and more. This show HAS the potential to move up from 10th. It’s a long season but I don’t see them placing below 9th.
  5. First show complete, No real surprises. Coats and Crown are close and BAC is not far back. I don’t put much stock in early scores because it’s all new and the season is just starting. So the Bluecoats have a Beatles show? Didn’t the Cadets have a sorta Beatles show in 2004?
  6. From my sources they seem very strong early on. But BD has up the playing field. Maybe a program a few years ago that goes undefeated now is just one of the tops. I seriously don’t see any corps undefeated. But that’s my opinion.
  7. Looks like it will be a cold night in Pittsburg and very windy. Those delta winds can be strong.
  8. The first thing that I thought of was Galaxy Quest.
  9. Wow....your topic requires some research. I really don't remember who came in 6th 2 yrs ago 😞
  10. The Corp didn't post this. But regardless lets remember this is very early and lots of members are in camps and learning a show. You'd be surprised how corps do after a few weeks of camps.
  11. I always think the first two weeks of drum corps as kinda pre-season of competitions until regionals.
  12. BD already had one a couple of weeks ago for the music. But family night will debut the actual show.
  13. I hope to go to family night. So far sounds really good especially the brass. I’m glad it’s something....right?
  14. I'm hoping the head wear of lack of it is a temp. thing and corps will wear it. I really don't get the lack of it as it does not add anything other than seeing faces.