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  1. July 10th. We have not had a big show in July for years. I do like the schedule that it's more regional than pre-COVID.
  2. I never thought that was a Nazi symbol lookalike. Yes it did resemble the cross in the first German Empire during WW1 during the Kaiser but I always thought of that Cross look as more England or Scotland during the old days of those countries.
  3. I think the guard increase is probably correct. You really don't need more brass or percussion because with everything mic'd that bigger sound is already there.
  4. 2050 corps will look like Ohio St marching band. I'm kinda conflicted about this. Maybe the additional 11 members are for dragging around props to put in place.
  5. I think there was a saying or logo back in the 80's ..Drumcorp Nuts...but it's short and accurate. We are NUTS about this activity.
  6. What is this topic about? Lets go back in time and do nostalgic shows from the past? Lets go back to all women guards to wear skirts like the good ol days.
  7. I admire those who participated this year. And I respect those who chose to do other things this year. But this activity like sports thrive on being competitive and pushing everyone to a high level of performance. Exhibitions are nice but we like results.
  8. Boo Hoo to BD haters. It's part of the being on the top...way top. 2022 they will be back to continue dominating the activity.
  9. Don't take a chance. I know two people who died from Covid. They died alone in a hospital with nice hospital staffers but no close ones.
  10. Yeah...I don't think so. I can go into adjectives but then I'll be banned.
  11. Just in case you didn't know there is a world wide pandemic since 2020.
  12. Wow...they sound and look very good. I didn't realize they were doing their 2003 show in 2021. I remember them out west in 2003 and I was blown away at their sound and beautiful color guard. And I agree...what the heck...the crowd should be on their feet before the last notes hit. Covid coma....
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