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  1. Yeah I was there in the crowd. BD did go on last because it was their home show. There was no scores and BD I believe took off after the show for a mid-west tour doing both two shows and at that time a stage show. A few weeks later they met SCV in San Jose for their home show which SC won. The last year of G-bugles.
  2. Yes..the film didn't live up to the beautiful score.
  3. Hateful Eight was good but nothing like The Mission or The Good, The Bad or The Ugly. Another composer to yet to win an Oscar is Thomas Newman. Shawshank to my favorite Road to Perdition and his latest nomination 1917.
  4. OMG. I'm obsessed with his The Mission score. It's beautiful.
  5. So is what is flomarching showing for a subscription in 2020? They are desperate for any funds and unless you try to cancel I'm sure their objective is to get those who don't know it was another charge on your CC. And yes there are people out there that don't check their statements.
  6. My view is DCP maybe should just go on hiatus until there is a season which maybe there will never be. Because of the rise of cases around the country and it's only SUMMER this thing will get worse in the fall and winter. 2021 is probably not going to happen. If drum corp can survive this right now I'm doubtful.
  7. Well Covid 19 does relate to drum-corp because there is no 2020 season. And 2021 season is locked into how we deal with Covid 19 so yes it's all connected...
  8. Yes I do shake my head as to why some people are against this. I don't like wearing a mask but this is how we cure this. It's frustrating.
  9. I think it's cool trying to keep a tradition going and I applaud them for that. But at the same time the new rules just remind you what World we now live in...at least for now. This pandemic is not slowing down. But hoping a vaccine is on the way in 2021.
  10. I don't want to get people down but this week would have been the kick off week to 2020. Basically opening weekend to drum corp. I have to admit it's really tough. I know we kinda argue about shows and rankings but I miss that. All I can say looking forward to 2021 and I will appreciate this activity more now than ever.
  11. Yes that will help but come on do not depend on a vaccine. AIDS is a virus and there is no vaccine for that virus.
  12. There is a difference btw pre Covid normal and the "new" normal. The now normal is masks....gyms have less machines and some you have to make appt. to work out. Movie theaters is most likely 25 percent of seats. As far as drum-corps returning to any normalcy is up in the air. That will very much depend on schools opening their doors in the summer for visiting groups. Yes things are opening up but there are rules about that. And I don't see that going away in 2021.
  13. Nope...I was not on so called phone calls and not in SCV offices. Not sure what you mean about Wild Behavior on phone calls....
  14. Scott Chandler was the guard caption head for Spirit in 86. He went to BD in 89 or 90. And he is a major reason BD's is successful and their amazing record from 94-present.