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  1. I think she just tapped into her fan base...drum corp fans. Fans watching her watching drum corp shows. Nothing wrong with that but YouTube reaction videos make money with more likes and views.
  2. I think it depends on how corps generate funds. I know that BD bingo has opened up again but limited capacity. I'm sure SCV is doing the same. I think alumni will be a huge factor for corps survivals if 2021 is a no go. It's really unprecedented what this activity is going through. It's like a forest fire in CA...what damage was done when the fire is out!!!
  3. This is or was the site to find historical scores and captions scoring. Not sure if they are there now. https://www.fromthepressbox.com/dca-dcihistory
  4. Let me say this...2006 was the last of the Cavaliers winning DCI. They were the corp of the decade (2000's). Very impressive run by them. 5 DCI titles which was the most in a decade surpassing BD's 1990's 4 and Cadets 1980's 4.
  5. Yes there are so misconceptions about getting colds or the flu. Going around with out a sweater or jacket or walking barefoot on cold surfaces does not get you a cold or flu. You just get dirty feet or step on something sharp and you're just cold from being underdressed. You get colds and sometime a flu from infected people.
  6. Major staff changes. Gino C went back to the Cadets after this one and only year with SCV.. I believe Jim Casella also left and maybe others. Terrific show in 2004 and a huge drop in 2005.
  7. That's what I'm saying. That infection spread because of a war. Not from leisure traveling. They had no idea what hit them in both America and Europe.
  8. It will go away eventually. But the Spanish flu infected over 500 million people world wide and killed 50 million of them. And yes it did subside but this is 2020. Medicine are advanced. But again we live in a world that travels. That was not the case in early 1900's unless you went for wars. It will go away faster if most people take it seriously.
  9. Are we arguing with what virus is the worst? It won't go away as RUMP says it will. The virus doesn't say ok boys lets back it up.
  10. Yeah 2005 was a strange year. Cadets totally deserve the win but didn't really like it. BD was mostly in Europe on the canals of Venice. I think they knew it was a non competitive year for them. The two shows I enjoyed the most was Bluecoats and Madison Scouts.
  11. Please remember that we now live in a place within 24 hrs your can be half around the world in no time. That was not the case in early 1900's. Yeah it run it's course most likely because (the virus) had no one else to infect. The World economy is now global. That will never change.
  12. I have no doubt that DCI is working on whatever they can about any type of season in 21. But it's probably scenarios at this point. This pandemic has pretty much shut down the freaking world. To me the next few months will deter main what 2021 will be like. The pandemic of 1917/18 the second wave was more destructive. I feel now most are informed and ready for it so I do have hope that is the case.
  13. Not a big surprise. WGI competes during schools sessions and half of their competitors are scholastic class. Too me this does not look good for a DCI season. I've been reading that combo Covid second wave and flu season could very serious. A travel economist says airline travel won't see any recovery until 2024.