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  1. The reason I responded the way I did is because I don't care why someone lose interest and then post why they did. Because it was for a reaction. If you lose interest that's fine. But it was posted for a reaction and a kind of "bandwagon" yeah...I get it. I've seen it all the time on here. They come back with a different profile. Like a new person but not really.
  2. OMG...some lost interest. If I lost interest in a activity I'm not gonna post a page why I did. I just lost interest.
  3. Seriously one person write this stuff and it's an issue. I don't care. It's a self serving statement for a reaction.
  4. Who cares. I don't care about why someone leaves. Just leave. End of story.
  5. Bye. What else is anyone suppose to say? Sorry but your statement is very self serving. But so long farewell.
  6. Really? I'm not. Because that post is just self serving for a reaction. And they got it.
  7. Actually you make a good point. While it's legal to purchase cannabis in states that sell it for those of age it is ILLEGAL to transport it from one state to another. I'm not sure about the creams or lotions but the smoking and eating kind is illegal and you could get arrested if caught in a state where it's illegal.
  8. I’m not arrogant just stating facts. If you find that arrogant then that’s you. And thanks for saying laws vary from state to state regarding nonprofits.
  9. I’m a lawyer so there is a big big difference, we’re talking apples and oranges about how non profits and professional organizations work. Example....let’s say for argument sake that Tampa Buccaneers are not profitable. The owner will put them up for sale. It will he sold. Cadets can’t pay their bills are have no money. They are non profit. Unless there is a flow of cash that can save them they go under and fold. So let’s stop this issue of caps for non profits. You just cannot cap how much a non profits raise. DiCI corps are all non profit. end Of Story.
  10. You’re still comparing profession organizations like NHL to Drumcorp. It’s just not the same. So let’s bring down successful organizations like BD, Crown. Coats and SCV to a even level . That’s insane. Corps fold in the past for various financial reasons but let’s not punish those who manage successfully.
  11. Every state has a Labor Board that can look into non-payment of salaries regardless of status. Best thing to do is look to see what they can enforce. https://www.dli.pa.gov/Individuals/Labor-Management-Relations/plrb/Pages/default.aspx