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  1. Wow...they sound and look very good. I didn't realize they were doing their 2003 show in 2021. I remember them out west in 2003 and I was blown away at their sound and beautiful color guard. And I agree...what the heck...the crowd should be on their feet before the last notes hit. Covid coma....
  2. Some just might have a whole theater to themselves. When theaters started opening a few months ago I went to see a movie and I was the only person in this particular theater. In fact very few people in the whole complex. You could buy popcorn but cold drinks were sold in bottles...no fountain drinks. Some candy and the popcorn was way cheap. In fact I got a medium popcorn in a nice Wonder Women 84 souvenir metal bucket for 5 bucks.
  3. So what. Maybe a handful of corps like SCV who are consistent in quality and placements. They are not suffering!!!
  4. Why do people start assuming someone leaving an organization there has to be something to it. Maybe he wants to devote time to other things like family or work. Not everything associated with drumcorp is suspect.
  5. Not a bailout. This is part of what congress passed and part of the law was helping non-profits of all kinds. They had to apply like all non-profits do. And in the amount that was passed it is not a lot. You will get a pension or SS right? is that bailing you out?
  6. That seems like a lot to us but in the reality of money it's nickle and dimes. That is like .0001 percent of handouts.
  7. So it will be almost 50 years of Drumcorp International. So much has changed in terms if style and design and instruments. For me the 90's decade is my favorite because the sound was huge and corps seemed more aggressive.
  8. So cool. If it's like BD's 360 videos I'm game for this. Go Crown!!!
  9. I'm not really understand what they are doing this year? As far as I know they won't be participating in any DCI events. Am I wrong?
  10. It's sad but not surprising. They are there hidden in jobs where one least expects it. I do think progress has been made to stop the coverups or at least in most cases. it's sad in the past where these abuses were ignored or covered up for reputation sake and no consideration about the victims.
  11. Props like today have been around since the early mid to late 80's. And it will continue to be around. Some are tastefully done and some are not. But that's part of corps near the top and who's not. But even props in the lower half are pretty cool like the Mandarins in 2018. And near the top Bluecoats in 2017 with that huge ramp for running up and down that really was more of a distraction.