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  1. Yeah I agree about the 3 peat talk. It was a topic 20 or so years ago but it's just not a biggie. Let the Cavies and Cadets enjoys that. I think BD owns at least 90 percent of the records. Total Brass, Guard, GE, not sure about percussion but probably top 2.
  2. Didn't Star win or come close to winning percussion in 89? They had like 6 snares and it was pretty smoking for them.
  3. 89 was an interesting year. Star of Indiana came west and actually beat BD in a few shows. To be honest the 88 SCV doing Phantom of the Opera was better as a viewer at least for me than 89 Phantom of the Opera. Actually really didn't care for the 89 version. Technically yes it was better but it just didn't connect. Actually my favorite corp that year was the Cavaliers. The opener Gloria was splendid.
  4. Thanks. I'm glad non-profits are included especially for those that have payrolls.
  5. Just wondering if non-profits are part of the 2 billion bailout stimulus bill. It would be so helpful if they can take out low interest loans for this. I hope so.
  6. I think most of us knew this was coming but it kinda hits you when it's official.
  7. Are you referring to both BD and SCV to restart? These two corps are Headline corps that are the marquee of any shows they compete in.
  8. Remember Santa Clara operates in probably one of the most expensive areas in the country if not the most expensive. BD is in Concord north of the Silicone Valley but it's not as pricey say Santa Clara Co. Hopefully their alumni will pull thru and help in hard times.
  9. Season basically is mid June to early August. Life will move forward. WE have to remember that WW2 was a huge catastrophic event in our modern times especially in Europe and they bounced back. It's an unfortunate bump in our lives and this will have serious effects on people who work in the social sector of our economy. These people need help right now. They don't have a buffer salary that i have and many have.
  10. You seem to know everything. How come? It's not a critique but you are on every topic.
  11. It's really hard to stay positive. Italy as of overnight had almost 1,000 deaths in over 24 hrs. Nature is (sarcasm) saying you f'd us up...now it's time to go to your room.
  12. Why a secret? I never understood that competitive concept. It was never a secret for decades.
  13. And just because you are tested and in the clean does not mean immunity. You are still subject to the virus. People who are positive and pull thru and clear of the virus are supposedly immune to this strain.
  14. It would be so nice to see what corps were planning for the 2020 season and their repertory. I want to try to hear what was being planning.
  15. i agree. The idea that even a short abbreviated tour at this point seems like a miracle. This is not the movie Outbreak where Dustin Hoffman comes in on a chopper with a virus serum and saves the world. It's time to focus somewhat on 2021 and what damage this has done on corps and probably the effects on society. Even if this slows down in the summer months it could very well pick up again in the winter. And god forbid a new strain. And the world won't just recover in a year. The economic impact will be severe.