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  1. I was there. The temperature was probably in the 50s but it was the wind. And you get those conditions at DVC. Once the sun goes down the temperature can drop like 20 degrees in less than an hour. Those ocean winds come down the mountains next to the college people in shorts are shivering. Probably in the 80s at start time now 50s and windy a few hrs later.
  2. I think we are on the right track but to me 2021 is the recovery year. Yes I think it will take over a year to get things back to some normalcy. The infection rates need to come down significantly before we can all gather safely. Masks and social distancing are not going away even with a vaccine. It's a numbers game. I went on the Madison Scouts website about their auditions and the cost for them. In a normal year it's no problem but if there is no season then what do you do with people paying money for something that might not happen? As a lawyer this can cause some legal trouble for even for
  3. There at 2 corps who traditionally are well off are not participating in any DCI events in 2021. That's probably why they have deep pockets.
  4. That would be very cool. Not sure what 2021 "season" means but nice to hear.
  5. I'm sorry for being a Debbie Downer but that is a lot of fancy words. That is my serious concern. What the hell is a "bridge tour". There is no tour in 2021. One event that is being discussed in Aug. 2021. Whether that happens is anyone's guess but lets stop this words on play.
  6. I like her. She has found her reaction video fans which is drumcorp fans. So many reaction videos on YouTube so it's hard to separate one from another. I actually think she likes what she sees and makes some $$ from her likes and viewers.
  7. Why are some calling this a "season"? I see only one event but what that entails is not clear.
  8. And you will be there to support the corp...in person?
  9. Yeah but I see these statements from corps say great things about an amazing experience ....I find that troubling and misleading.
  10. Division in DCI? So as a lawyer I guess maybe I read into something but I find it interesting that right after DCI announced a "return" to DCI with a planned 3 day event in 8/2021 that was nicely worded but it didn't say specifics as to what it was....both BD and SCV organizations posted on both websites soon after that what their plans were going to be in 2021 and beyond. So what was discussed at some winter meeting? And then DCI put out a press release about donating referred tixs from 2020 to 2021. Nothing was saying about using that credit to 2022.
  11. What is confusing is what people are saying what a "season" is. The only proposed event in the one DCI put out in August. To me one event does not constitute a season of performances.