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  1. The Quantum is definitely heavier and more bell heavy than the yamaha. As playing goes I think the Quantum plays quite well in comparison to the Yamaha. Its more freeblowing and less stuffy, and I prefer the valves.
  2. We'll have to see in person but I don't think the outline is that defined, it's quite subtle.
  3. From the context of that post you pulled the picture from I do not think that this is an official rendition of the uniform. The round shape on the front of the uniform does not seem to match very well with the official release picture.
  4. Honestly is it that unusual to have a uniform drive? Crossmen have one and as far as I know Bluecoats had one as well...
  5. Such a beautiful instrment!! I had the privilege of being able to own one for a short period of time (by own I mean a friend got it off craigslist for $50, then sold it for $100), but it was a super fun instrument! The leadpipe bore is much too small for a modern tuba mouthpiece, but a trombone mouthpiece doesn't quite seem to make sense, considering this is a bass voice instrument. That being said, sticking a 1.5G in there and playing it in the lower registers did produce a warm tone, so I'm assuming the traditional mouthpiece for this instrument would be a larger version of a trombone mout
  6. Haha not sure where you're coming from, but at least in my corps, everybody is offered equal opportunity for spots, vets or not. If you're a vet and don't show up to a camp, that's another camp that a rookie is getting better and you aren't. Unless you're talking about after being contracted, then money issues may come into play, I know I won't be attending too many camps because of tight money issues, but everyone coming to camps is still highly encouraged, as it is really the only way to get together as a big group and practice things so the corps is in great shape for move-ins.
  7. I see we have reached a settlement. There are different approaches people can take to drum corps, neither is "wrong", just only in the eyes of the opposing ideas.
  8. I think you missed the point as to why I said that is why kids march drum corps. When you were first introduced to the activity, what did you notice and aspire to be a part of? A group of young performers doing what they love, or some fancy ring that a few of them are wearing? Sure once they get into the activity, they will see that there are some groups that have more talent in them than others, but really pursuing a fancy ring isn't the reason that someone would want to march drum corps. Catch my drift? P.S. No offense taken by your statement, I just believe you misunderstood my stateme
  9. People say that more emphasis is being put on choreography than marching? I have 2 things to say... What do they first teach/look at auditionees visually? (Marching) Choreography is another dimension for the performers to project with. Choreography allows for much more body movement, creating much more for audiences to enjoy and take in. I am perfectly fine with adding choreography, but would not say that it is being placed "higher" than marching in priority. Sure it may be practiced a lot to make it look good for the audiences, but why do you think basics blocks are so frequent? Just som
  10. I'll give my 2 cents on this topic. Yes we cared about scores along the way, we just wanted to see how we were improving. It wasn't anything super serious, it was just that we had something that could help motivate us along the way, it was very positive stimulation being able to see how we were doing. Though we put all our trust into the staff to lead us into the right direction, we knew that there was only so much they could do, and the biggest thing that we could do to bump our scores was to just perform what we practiced. The staff does their part every day, and we have to do ours. If we
  11. Would you mind explaining? I'm not too knowledgeable in the business world and this topic seems intriguing. Every company has it's bad side.
  12. I loved BK2011, the whole show was just fantastic! SCV's amazing entry was also quite well.. amazing I did like how the announcer at DCI SA did it= Drum Corps International is proud to present....... *Corps build up* (In ominous voice) THE. SANTA. CLARA. VANGUARD. *The Glorious SCV has broke through heaven horns ablaze* ^Awesome moment! Makes the Finals edition seem bland. :thumbup:/>
  13. Wow. You guys are old. First (live) DCI experience, the Scouts blew my head off with the rotating company front. :thumbup:/>
  14. I remember getting braces..... I hated it! :thumbup:/> The thing is though you will get used to the braces. At first I couldn't play anything, but once I got used to them I could do just as well as before. The main thing I'd be concerned about is the wear and tear they do on your lips. I remember being able to feel the bracket imprints on my inner lip after practicing. That's my main concern but I'm sure you can get some kind of covers that'll protect your lip from the brackets. In fact I know they do make them.