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  1. Never said I was right - I simply stated the factual weighted/average score for Music Brass (where they are currently ranked 4th.) Never said anyone was wrong either - and that's a fact too. I'm a Crown fan from way back and hope for the best - another fact.
  2. Did they get new tarps.... just saw a clip on Instagram and they seem to be a different color - not as dark as before... looked a little green.
  3. Just looked at the current "Music Brass" score and they are 4th - not much to take issue with - it's a fact.
  4. It may be rad but they are sitting in 4th or 5th place across the captions board right now - of course "changes" are allegedly coming: but it's hard to imagine there could be enough to jump to a medal they'd need at least a full point to pass SCV.
  5. Isn't Crusaders guard staff mostly the former staff from Crown? And if so ... it's a shame that Crown let them "get away."
  6. To my eye the best conceived in recent memory were SCV's Ouboros cylinders - used them in almost every imaginable way possible and kept the images on them synched most of the time too.
  7. I sorta see a giant "ghost light" image like the show announcement image that then also chnages as they open and close the panels... but it might be too much - right now it looks like plywood (on video). I haven't seen a good enough video to figure SCV's out... I totally agree with Crowns' (AGAIN?!? imo) ... they are hard to see and add nothing (except guard storage) - stage included. Bloo's have potential, but not sure if this is it or if they are evolving - there was a comment the other night about how the "bloo croo" was working on props all night... might be a really neat l
  8. I assume there is some sort of imagery coming to the large panel things....
  9. It seems like having massive props is getting more and more expected/required - whose work, whose do not?
  10. I wonder how many BOA versions of this one we'll see come Fall...
  11. After a couple of views - this is a vast improvement on every level from the past 2 years... IMHO. Every section/aspect is far an above where they were last year at this time. The props don't really add much I feel like they are too "transparent" but I guess that goes with the theme ... they do move them around a lot (they don't just sit here like last years bones). Plenty to build on and no doubt there are some additions (most likely a story too), to bring it all together as we go. Looking forward to this year!
  12. The props seem a little ho-hum again... do they do anything with them besides drag them around?