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  1. I'm glad this topic is already created, as I was going to start one. Was at the Moonlight Classic two weeks ago. Totally unaware of the new "rules/allowances". I noticed the mic-ing first with the Mandarins. We sat on the 35 side 1 (or A, depending on your upbringing). They were very loud, which is good, because I like loud. At one point I noticed the drum line was playing on the opposite 40...but it "sounded" like they were playing on my 40. That's when I noticed the mics picking up their sound and throwing it through a speaker. THEN I realized that's how my hometown kids had sudd
  2. Thanks Harvey. Agree with the hat debacle, as I wrote and you read. How SCV rationalizes that they have more presence without the classic unis is utter nonsense. And I forgot to mention about the mic'd horns in my review and agree with you about them being overdone. If I can hear the horns on the field, why even use the mics, especially if it's going to cause phasing. Anyway, good stuff. Hope PR turns it around.
  3. This will be quick, mostly because I'm at work, but also we got back at 1:30am this morning and tiredness is setting in. Haven't reviewed for a few years, had no plan to this year, but a few things are worth mentioning. And as a special treat I will point out the big props used by each corps, as that has now become the norm. Apologies to Salinas Drum Line, Freelancers Alumns and Golden Empire. After an extended stay in the will call line we finally sat down just before BDB took the field. BDB: Liked the Wonka song mixed throughout the show. For whatever reason, their bottom base
  4. Well Mr. Kamarag, we must agree to disagree. You're right, I don't like the K-pop, more so because of what it could mean for the activity long term. If there were some interaction between the hornline/drums and the "music" - say a little kpop, then some brass hits, kpop, drum licks, etc - then I would consider it part of the show. Instead, it's a 60 second so-you-think-you-can-dance number...not what I consider drum and bugle corps. There is a fine line between variety and doing something just to see what happens, and I believe this falls into the later. I like italian food and mexican fo
  5. Posted a review over in the review forum, but might as well chime in. caliswift - i am pretty much with you on all counts, save for the Open corps. I actually preferred SCVC to BDB. Other than that you are right on. The Mandarins mock-drums would obviously be better if they were real. Cool effect though. Loved the big front sideline arch with the guard playing horns. Did not like SCV for the first time in...forever ($.05 to Disney). BD has an amazing 10 minute show. The kpop thing, which I imagine is this years' controversy, is bad on two fronts. First, it's basically a dj, set drummer
  6. Bored at work, so here are my quick thoughts, feelings and desires on what was last night's Moonlight Classic here in Sacramento. Blue Devs C: Beatles music. Pretty well played. Group looks to be on the older end of the 8-14 age bracket. Not as many real little ones as in past years. Guard unis were my favorite of the night, think Sgt. Pepper meets Hello Kitty. Fun. Magical Mystery brought back fond VK memories. Golden Empire: 2nd year. Was not expecting such quality, both in size and sound. Reminds me of The Academy and Esperanza in how quickly they are progressing. Won't be surpr
  7. Agreed. Is it too late to change the show design? White pants = classy!
  8. Let's see...25 years since SCV did the "unthinkable" and repeated, albeit differently arranged, a near perfect fan favorite show and won it all. Hmmmm.....
  9. Amen to that. I'm glad my 1-year old wasn't with me last night or he might have learned to fly.
  10. Dude...or Miss...whatever. Can't believe I'm the first to comment. GREAT review! Spot on with just about everything I was thinking of after tonight's show here in Sacramento. Vanguard is un-1989-freaking-believable. " Cry harder, other 49 states." classic! Excellent stuff.
  11. Let's hope the lights are on this time for the Moonlight Classic here in Sac.
  12. Ah the Ides of March, when the mind wanders and wonders of things that could or shouldn't be. I think DCI + Groupon could be a great thing. If DCI through Groupon offered a 2 for 1 deal for local shows or a discounted VIP package for major events, would you go for it? Plus and minus time: + increase in attendance + increase awareness on the web, if only from people visiting Groupon + possible increase in fans: let's say you get the BOGO offer and take a newbie or two + attendance boost might increase souvie and concession sales + current fans might be willing to travel to more shows