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  1. Supposed to be every corps performs on each day, with the theme of each day being “Remember”, “Rejoice”, “Renew” respectively (yes that last ‘r’ was thrown in there on purpose 😀).
  2. Awesome! Question - are those all corps-issued water jugs?
  3. Great news! For anyone wondering where the money will go, with DCI being a non-profit, that should be disclosed eventually, no?
  4. Finally caught up on this thread. Couple of thoughts: 1.) Do we know yet if DCI will NOT be doing a theater event from Indy? There was a lot of talk in the thread that people would rather see an Indy event in the theater than the preview. Perhaps DCI will do something like the Thursday night from Indy in the theater, similar to how they do the first show and then Thursday’s show from Indy in the theaters every season. 2.) I believe I read that the preview this year won’t just be reruns - I thought they will also be doing a “look-in” or two with current corps for their shows this y
  5. I happened to be looking around at some upcoming Fathom Events events when I came across this. Anybody have any info on this yet? http://www.pradostadium12.com/movie/DCI_Celebration_Countdown_Live_VIP
  6. You would think. However, seems there is quite a bit of disagreement within the Ohio government as to the legality of it (or if it is even a good idea).
  7. How is this even legal?? If the Ohio government doesn’t end up shutting this down, hopefully someone will run the numbers of vaccination rates before and after to see if the $5 mil+ was money well spent, or if these CARES funds could have been put to better use.
  8. I’m assuming this is free to enter for vaccinated people. Where then is the $5 mil+ coming from to fund the payouts?
  9. Someone mentioned earlier that there needs to be consideration in a case like this about concessions and other amenities being equitable to both the vaccinated sections and non-vaccinated sections. What about the seats and the corresponding views themselves? Are there equally good seats made available to the vaccinated section and the non-vaccinated section? I myself am vaccinated, but if it means sitting in the non-vaccinated section to get a better seat or more room, I think that’s where I’m going. And now that I type that, it occurs to me that having that flexibility as a result
  10. It’s easier for professional sports to do a member-based HOF, since achievement in those activities are countable and/or measurable.
  11. Thanks for the response. Yes, I agree for the individual corps. I was wondering more about DCI HQ and their operations in Indianapolis and what’s keeping their doors open.
  12. Honest question - how is DCI staying afloat and able to pay ANY of their bills right now? They have no revenue coming in from shows and current DVD sales. Merchandise and older recording revenue is probably minimal at best. And it could be like this for two years (Spring of 2020 - Spring of 2022). I understand that they laid off most of their staff, but there still are some employee wages, rent, utilities, etc. that need to get paid. And I doubt they had savings to be able to pull from. Did they get any of the COVID-relief money? With possibly two straight years of little to no
  13. But non-competitive, possibly standstills of the same material for three straight days? I doubt they will have enough corps participation to divide up the groups and fill each single day (and I’m guessing nor would each corps want to participate if it is to only perform once in the three days). So will each corps get three performances? Will they narrow the field each day somehow as the three days go on? Will they be repeat performances each of the three days? Will each corps participating prepare three “shows” so they can have three distinct performances? I’m sure each corps partici
  14. If the bridge tour for 2021 isn’t exactly going to be a competition, what are they possibly going to do for three straight days?
  15. I mentioned this in another thread - what about the age outs from 2020 that got a holdover until 2021? Do they get a second redshirt year, or is this event it for them?