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  1. What I really want to know is why/how the scores are almost perfectly linear (increasing) every single show, every single year. I get that a corps fixes things and also can have better runs from day to day throughout the season. But how possibly can Corps X score a 76.35 one show, then a 78.25 the next show, then a 79.75 the next show, etc. throughout the whole season, without a judge looking up the last score before the show starts on a given night to use as a reference??
  2. When I saw a video of the show reveal, I got the same “this is going to win” vibe as I did with the first viewing of Downside Up in the theater in 2016. Can’t wait to see the rest of the season!
  3. Saw the show last night in Lisle, and was impressed. Was able to recognize that characteristic Madison sound again. Also, the music had a Spanish quality to it, which also was a huge plus. Really looking forward to seeing how the show develops this year, and how far they can take it!
  4. I feel that every year there are shows that I think of as having a “fill in the blank theme”. Meaning, even though I know the theme/rep, what I’m seeing in the field could have literally any other theme, and I wouldn’t notice the difference. To me, these are the shows where the designers aren’t successful in linking the theme to the product on the field. I really wish that more corps would go the route of having a video with the designers explaining the production from their point of view. Putting out a 15 - 20 minute video at the beginning of the season might go a long way in communicating their vision to the audience - more than a show announcement. Seems like such a simple and logical thing to do, yet not many corps do this, and I think it’s a lost opportunity.
  5. Wayne has been writing for a few BOA/Music for All high school bands recently. Last year was The Woodlands (Texas) and their “Day Danse” show. Loved watching that show and how much it reminded me of BD ‘94, one of my favorite shows of all time. Then found out later it was Wayne who did the music (and so everything instantly and completely made sense 😀).
  6. Not trying to diminish this by any means, because it certainly is a huge feat (particularly the last two seasons). However, two full seasons of this was a canceled season and a non-competitive season. Please don’t hate on the comment - just pointing out the obvious.
  7. Now that that mystery is solved, can someone crack Bluecoats’ theme?? Lol.
  8. Love the rep - looking forward to seeing this show!!
  9. Looking to purchase the following Legacy DVD years to complete my collection: 1981, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999 I also have an “extra” 1983 that I accidentally purchased that I would be willing to trade for one of the above years or sell outright. Please respond if you are interested in selling the years above!
  10. Sounds like a Starsky and Hutch episode (but in a good way) 😀
  11. And thus not much to talk about…😀
  12. I believe groups have to do the same (have the estate approve the arrangements) for Bernstein music, as the estate feels that they have gotten burned in the past. At least that’s the way that it was not that long ago.
  13. Those parts that get cut from the CDs/DVDs/Blu Rays are not due to performance rights. Those are separate. They are sync rights, and are not the responsibility of each corps, but rather DCI, who sells and profits off of the sales. The large expense of securing the sync rights for every piece for every corps on the media is exactly why DCI does not sell those anymore (for the current season). But regarding BD - if securing the performance rights (which is the responsibility of each corps) is the reason that they announce late, why do they always announce in the beginning to mid-May every year? Is it more likely that they don’t secure those rights every single year until then, are do that they hold off on announcing until that time?
  14. Nope, been around the activity since 1985. Are you new to the activity? The BD crowd has sworn for years up and down, left and right from what they understand that the BD staff has shows lined up up to three years in advance. I know for sure securing performance rights does not take three years. Regardless whether BD literally has shows all lined up years in advance or if that ‘s just an urban myth, why is it that they always announce in early to mid-May? Is it that the performance rights just happen to all come in and get finalized by then each and every year, or is it more likely that the rights get approved and paid for throughout the offseason, and BD chooses to do the annual reveal at that time (with BD C always coming first, then BD B, then BD A)?
  15. I find it harder and harder to believe every year that this is the case. If a corps staff really knows what their show will be almost a year out (and in some cases more than a year out) - which we keep hearing - I’m not convinced that securing performance rights takes almost a full year to get for an entire show. Blue Devils are a corps that we keep hearing has their shows lined up several years in advance. So magically they seem to always secure the performance rights around the beginning to the middle of May? It looks more and more likely that a corps delays announcing out of some strange idea that it will generate some sort of buzz.
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