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  1. I remember relocating down to the 50 about 20 rows up for their Finals encore that year. That first hit was one of the loudest acoustic sounds I have ever heard (and I have heard a lot)! Will have to check this out now that we’ll all be in need of a fix this year. Thanks for posting.
  2. Just wanted to mention that she is a radiologist and not an epidemiologist - may not quite be a leading authority on the subject.
  3. One thing I don’t understand (and this is an honest question - no trolling)... Why is the reaction now different than when H1N1/Swine Flu was around in 2009 - 2010? H1N1 was more deadly, yet the reaction wasn’t anywhere close to what is happening now. Not trying to be political either, just an honest question.
  4. Really unique sound - love First Circle (and the time signature 😀), and Heat of the Day. Was introduced to First Circle via ‘85 BD on the PBS broadcast. RIP.
  5. Thanks for the insight! I was only thinking of scholastic groups. Been around the activity for a long time, but I had no idea of those circuits. Obviously I knew of the activity association with VFW and American Legion, but I didn’t know there were non-scholastic bands involved there as well. Thanks again for covering me on the “learn something new every day” quota for today :)
  6. Not exactly a fair point. The Summer-long, nationwide marching band circuit has never been attempted. The original MBA Summer Championships was not nationwide nor Summer-long. No other example to compare against. Just becuause something has never been attempted doesn’t equate to the market has decided.
  7. Does anyone know if George Hopkins (or anyone else) actually submitted a formal woodwind proposal in the past, or was it just talked about? Is the the first time that a woodwind proposal got formally submitted?
  8. I don’t think 2019 Ronald Regan H.S. band looked like mass confusion.
  9. Nice win yesterday Bloo!! Love this show - can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds!! Forgive me if this has been posted before and I haven’t seen it. Does anyone know (or can point me to a list) of ALL of the Beatles’ song references in the show? Dean Westman mentioned in the Tour Premiere in the theaters that there were 19 total songs referenced. Their website only seems to list the “major” songs used. Thanks in advance!
  10. Don’t forget to factor in the places (1st or 2nd) of the ties. So you now have: 1: A 1: B 2:C or 1: C 2:A 2:B 1: A 1: C 2:B or 1: B 2:A 2:C 1: B 1: C 2:A or 1: A 2:B 2:C Then the last possibility that you mention: 1:A 1:B 1:C
  11. Or BD any year (recently) - they’re really good at hiding it. Definitely the trend these days.
  12. Right, so does “economics” though, and we don’t say we’re studying “econs” - lol!
  13. Not a problem - as long as you stop using the word “maths”. Hate that 😀.
  14. Technically not an equation - no = (says the math major 😀). A typical line chart result. It would be more logical for the results to look like this (not sure how to embed the picture directly): https://apexcharts.com/javascript-chart-demos/line-charts/basic/
  15. Thanks for the reply. Sure, but by roughly the same amount every day, every year? Wouldn’t a fresh set of judge’s eyes with different opinions on the performance, and a blank sheet every night yield some swings up, then down, then up, then down, etc. throughout the season? Yes, there are SOME swings like that - but it is almost rare. My hunch is that the judging is not as “fresh” every competition as we would like to think it is. I would love to hear more thoughts (particularly from anyone who has done judging in the past).