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  1. Nice win yesterday Bloo!! Love this show - can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds!! Forgive me if this has been posted before and I haven’t seen it. Does anyone know (or can point me to a list) of ALL of the Beatles’ song references in the show? Dean Westman mentioned in the Tour Premiere in the theaters that there were 19 total songs referenced. Their website only seems to list the “major” songs used. Thanks in advance!
  2. Don’t forget to factor in the places (1st or 2nd) of the ties. So you now have: 1: A 1: B 2:C or 1: C 2:A 2:B 1: A 1: C 2:B or 1: B 2:A 2:C 1: B 1: C 2:A or 1: A 2:B 2:C Then the last possibility that you mention: 1:A 1:B 1:C
  3. Or BD any year (recently) - they’re really good at hiding it. Definitely the trend these days.
  4. Right, so does “economics” though, and we don’t say we’re studying “econs” - lol!
  5. Not a problem - as long as you stop using the word “maths”. Hate that 😀.
  6. Technically not an equation - no = (says the math major 😀). A typical line chart result. It would be more logical for the results to look like this (not sure how to embed the picture directly): https://apexcharts.com/javascript-chart-demos/line-charts/basic/
  7. Thanks for the reply. Sure, but by roughly the same amount every day, every year? Wouldn’t a fresh set of judge’s eyes with different opinions on the performance, and a blank sheet every night yield some swings up, then down, then up, then down, etc. throughout the season? Yes, there are SOME swings like that - but it is almost rare. My hunch is that the judging is not as “fresh” every competition as we would like to think it is. I would love to hear more thoughts (particularly from anyone who has done judging in the past).
  8. Why is it that every year the top corps start the season in the mid to upper 70s, then each show adds about 1.5 - 2 points, magically ending up in the upper 90s by season’s end? Every. Single. Year. Honest question. It’s almost as if the judges pull up the scores before a show, and say, “Ok, what was <insert corps name here> at yesterday? Alright, need to put them 1.5 - 2 points higher tonight somehow. Here we go...” And if a corps has x days off from competition during the season, when they return, their score will be (1.5 - 2) times x points higher. I get it that every corps works on their show in between competitions, and that’s why their score increases. But shouldn’t there be more volatility in between shows? it seems to me that mathematically, if judges are not the same from show to show (which I know, sometimes they are) and they all started with a brand new blank sheet every night, it would be close to impossible for the scores to be as linear as they are every year throughout the season. Or would it??
  9. But all of these issues that you write about aren’t new - this started probably 25 years ago. This surely didn’t just happen at Zionsville 2019, right?
  10. Correct, but once that Drum Corps World edition showed up in the mail in the Spring, you had a good idea of what a lot of the corps were playing. So the way corps release show info today is definitely not like it used to be.
  11. I know what you’re saying, but that isn’t the way it used to be. The Super Secritive Nuclear Codes Not Release Anything Until the Last Possible Nanosecond stuff is a recent phenomenon.
  12. Correct. However, I wasn’t thinking just about the switching of instruments. Yes, that has been done before. I was thinking of the much bigger gap in switching from woodwind to brass (and vice versa) than from switching among the brass family.
  13. Didn’t Marian Catholic High School in BOA do a show recently where the brass switched instruments with the woodwinds (and vice versa)? That’s pretty innovative...
  14. And I three bet you - include the drum majors, and teach the guard and percussion enough to be able to play a few sustained chords...😀
  15. Because drum corps don’t win in the court of public opinion - they win on the field with the judges.