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  1. I believe that the one corps to do BD visual + the visual we all want = Crown 2015. But they lost to BD, so everyone changed it up to be less DCI and more BD + BOA. It almost didn’t happen, but with Bloo winning with hella electronics, and BD always placing so high in GE... what are the other corps gonna do? Either way I’m still enjoying DCI.
  2. You picture that because JD Shaw (brass arranger for the early 2000’s through Spartacus and I think til ‘10?) is now with Vanguard. He’s freaking amazing. darnit.. I meant to quote the guy who said when he closed his eyes he could picture Phantom. I’m on my phone and not bout to go through searching. HAPPY FINALS NIGHT!!!!
  3. Soooo... finally saw BD. Congrats on the Zingali next month. Wow.
  4. Full recaps posted from the DrumScorps app
  5. Carolina Crown: that hornline is ridiculous again. Shows growing on me! The ending is soooo abrupt :(
  6. Cavaliers: hmmm.. I dunno what to think about them quite yet. Much more enjoyable than the cadets though
  7. The cadets: great job by the MM. they're performing their hearts out. worst show design I think I've ever seen. Ever.
  8. Bluestars were great. mellophones are on another level colorguard demand is crazy.
  9. thanks poppy. I'm actually going to Daly City (it's only a 15-20 minute drive).
  10. Show day!!!!!!! Anyone here in San Francisco? I can't believe we don't have a theater showing it :(
  11. So excited for tomorrow after tonights scores! I know it's not a prediction thread, but I think: Bloo Crown BD SCV Cavies Cadets BK Bluestars Phantom Crossmen Academy Boston Good luck to all!
  12. Cadets brass and percussion were amazing! That show was just so poorly put together. Soloists stood there the whole time. ONTO VANGUARD!!
  13. How this show scores higher than Academy in GE is beyond me.