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  1. We need a Land of Fire and Ice show featuring music by Icelandic artists.
  2. I have my yearly liver and onions at Shapiro’s on Thursday of finals week
  3. I’m excited to see and hear Crown bring the myth of Prometheus to life. Hopefully, they won’t take it as far as eating their own livers. Loving what I’ve seen and heard so far.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/share/v/h9jmLGWuwL3CmBtb/?mibextid=WC7FNe I’m looking forward to hearing this piece in the future. Here’s a very short excerpt.
  5. The General Butler Vagabonds were a fun little corps that punched way above their weight. Perhaps the first corps to use individual costuming with their Les Miz show.
  6. The cider vinegar really does make a difference.
  7. If I were a MM I would, at the very least, want to know what’s going on with bingo revenue. Maybe the members should organize a sit down protest in the middle of visual block.
  8. I couldn’t find a topic strictly dedicated to their ‘24 show. I’m thinking last year’s placement was an outlier. Their talent was top six imo. Hopefully their always talented guard is given a book that is achievable or surpassable on Saturday, August 10th. Happy 60th Anniversary, Blue Stars!
  9. Creation of the World. Finally! Great piece of music.
  10. Finally! Finally a corps is doing “La Creation du Monde”!
  11. Here’s a quote from the attached article. “The event’s teardown will happen much faster than the buildup. Ferguson said that, as soon as the last race is over, crews will start draining the pools and leave the venue within days.” https://www.ibj.com/articles/meeting-and-event-planning-guide-nobodys-ever-done-thi I’m assuming above ground. It doesn’t need to be as deep as a pool that also has a diving area
  12. I’m going to be optimistic and predict the renovations will be done on time. Don’t most contractors face fines if work isn’t completed by the agreed upon date? The work only involves resurfacing, correct? Seems like that would be a straightforward job.
  13. Aren’t there other forums where you can twist yourself into a pretzel to make a lame “ oooooohhh scary George Soros” post? DCP ain’t it
  14. Rightfully so. Don’t forget your comment about VK’s cymbal line that you eventually apologized for.
  15. The post was quoted by waliman4444 on Tuesday right below the original (since deleted) post
  16. Great question. I’m looking forward to the responses. Don’t forget about the groundbreaking work he did with Star and Blue Knights!
  17. Didn’t he have some sort of golden parachute he hand wrote which was written into his contract that the BoD rubber stamped? I recollect maybe reading that on here.
  18. It’s kind of sad a couple guys on here respond with the ‘confused’ emoticon over the sa of a 16 year old. There’s no need for confusion, it’s quite black and white. No more shame. I’m proud to speak out.
  19. It’s not really the flex he makes out to be. No 15 yo teenager has the brain or emotional development to consent. My “Me Too” moment occurred when I was a 16 year old drum major marching in the Lacrosse, WI Octoberfest parade in 1977. I was accosted by a drunk woman who proceeded to feel me up and then called me a little f’n f****t when I didn’t respond to her to her expectations. No one came to my defense, as a matter of fact people egged her on. If it happened today I would own the city of LaCrosse.
  20. First of all, you haven't gotten a response and you are jumping,ping to a huge conclusion here Alumni groups are ALL ADULTS. Soundsport groups DO background check staff, but the participants are all KIDS. DCI doesn't;t background check the performers either because they are kids. They all complete safesport. What else do you expect DCI to do? Do you have anything to do all day rather than stir up drama here? And what does any of your post have to do with the cadets bakruptcy. Why do you insist on turning every thread into a "DCI isn't doing enough and doesn[t care". Either use the quote feature correctly or delete those last paragraphs. The way you posted it looks like it came from Terri. It’s not attributed to the original poster. Thanks
  21. People either never knew or chose to forget Blue Stars were a DIII/A60 powerhouse.
  22. This should ultimately result in growing their programming. The Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra undertook a similar study 20ish years ago. Since doing so they have purchased their own facilities (it’s yuge!), increased their donor base exponentially, grown their programming to SEVEN! orchestras. Kids have access to programs as diverse as bucket drumming to an internationally touring orchestra and everything in between. https://myso.org/programs/
  23. I think it was made of wood. It had a “hey kids, let’s put on a show” quality to it.
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