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  1. You got this! It may take multiple attempts but you’ll eventually become a non-smoker. I tried numerous times and it finally worked for me on 12/24/18! A Christmas present to myself. I just guess I was ready. Going cold turkey works best I’ve found.
  2. Blue Knights ‘08 had some fantastic front ensemble writing. It had some color, understatement and musicality. I think the feature was Debussy or Ravel. Not sure, but it drew me in. Anyone know the arranger and whether they’re still writing?
  3. I suggest the op strap on a glockenspiel and march up and down his driveway if he’s pining away for the good old days.
  4. Wasn’t the Interstellar Suite in ‘89? I think they did Petrouska in ‘88.
  5. Do you remember them coming out with an unusual quad setup early season? I recall something that looked like aluminum cookware used as quads that they ditched after a few performances.
  6. I’m curious as to how many of those under 40 are asymptomatic. I’m all in favor of reopening things if we have widespread testing and contact tracing in place. I would be encouraged if that’s what people were demanding with their protests.
  7. Strängnäs from Sweden toured the states three or four times.
  8. I would have argued with you back in ‘93. Lol. Now I’m not too concerned about people’s taste in shows. I just want to see everyone back on the field.
  9. In his defense the local newspaper is The Kansas City Star. Lol. He also coughed up a lung in the same broadcast. You think they would have edited that out of the vhs version.
  10. Trust me, there were plenty at the time who didn’t care for it. Now everyone raves about it.
  11. One of my best memories is watching Colts and Star rehearse at DeKalb hs for DCM championships. Colts made DCI finals for the first time and we all know how legendary the Star show was. Watching Star rehearse was jaw dropping. They were so focused. It was also a great way appreciate their show. I can proudly say I “got it” and I loved it. It was disappointing to watch them perform that night and only receive golf claps.
  12. If you think it’s butter but it’s snot. Yeah, I’m still 12. Lol. Gotta defend my Wisconsin dairy producers!
  13. Lol. It’s a new virus. You really don’t think it’s going to be around in years to come?
  14. Are you trying to make a comparison? We don’t yet know the scope of Corona virus deaths. Also, deaths from automobile accidents don’t increase exponentially.
  15. The props might not be that expensive but transporting them is a big expense.
  16. Kansas (Sky Ryders) a couple years in the late 80s. What about Kentucky? I can’t remember if Southwind ever completed at DCM championships. Not to be confused with DC - Midwest in Whitewater.
  17. I fail to see the threat. There’s no “or else”. And if you do rebut this, I hope you will have the balls to tell me face to face at Finals, if there ever is another Finals.
  18. Bluecoats are also staffing an event space/bingo hall, correct? I wonder how much of their 2.5 million budget is payroll.
  19. Thank you for posting that. Hearing Myron Rosander talk about going into the light was very emotional. Now I have to go back and listen to the 2002 Glassmen after hearing that background music. Cheers!