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  1. Spirit has been undergoing one of the best reinventions in DCI the past couple years. Their shows shout Spirit without falling back on what made them great in the past. They’re still producing shows with that old Spirit swagger that are fun for the members to perform. Best of all they are remaining relevant. Keep on the same path!
  2. Colts were in my top five but you know when the Colts jump on the hell wagon the concept has played out. Lol
  3. If they can be as confident, tenacious and persistent as a Girl Scout selling cookies, watch out!
  4. Blue Knights Crown Blue Stars Colts Madison (go ahead, shoot me! Lol)
  5. I hope they just go about things without making a big deal about going coed. Just design a good show. The last thing I want to see is a show designed around that subject.
  6. Because Star had so many championships under their belt? All of one.
  7. Seems like kind of a backhanded compliment to me. Why not just continued enjoying what the staff brings to BK?
  8. I think they used them in the Circle show. (oops, answered already)
  9. I see you’re one of those people who go out of your way to be outraged. You’re no different than those of whom you complain.
  10. It’s funny how we all react differently. The soft ending gave me goosebumps. For so many of us the Jack London books were our introduction to serious literature as kids. The narration at the end was perfection imo. The narrator sounded a bit like Donald Southerland.
  11. Their age limit is 14-18 per their website. I’m thinking they allow recent high school grads. If not, that seems awfully strict.
  12. It was a hot mess when I saw them at Whitewater but you could tell it had potential.
  13. I didn’t scroll through to see if anyone mentioned SCV. Early 2000s? I remember the guard being dressed in brown. New Era Metropolis?
  14. Too many alphabets. I think you’re missing a Q in there somewhere. Lol
  15. Gender dysphoria is recognized as a disorder not a mental illness. Big difference!
  16. Shapiro’s is a nice brisk walk from the stadium, gets your blood flowing after sitting. I get my yearly fix of liver and onions on Thursday. Don’t judge! Lol
  17. Have a fantastic run tonight, Spirit. Show us your crappy seeding doesn’t matter.
  18. Didn’t the tops of those shakos flip open when you pressed the brim?
  19. A little something in my backyard. It’s an intimate little chapel brought over from France stone by stone.
  20. I see the mailing address is still the Blenski home.
  21. With this idiotic pregnancy talk it seems like some of you had your psycho sexual development stop at age 12.