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  1. That is a very well written statement. I’ve found SCVC’s shows every bit as entertaining as the A corps and at times even more so.
  2. That always bugged me. There is a corps director from a now defunct WI corps who would preach “class”. If you have to mention that you’re classy, you’re most likely not.
  3. There’s the Adult Survivors Act that was passed by the NY legislature. I don’t think anything exists nationwide.
  4. I feel 2013 BK is underrated. They took the drum corps classic First Circle and made it their own by letting it breathe and groove in their own unique way.
  5. 2010 (their best show ever imo) was a single American composer, Michael Kamen.
  6. I would love to see the Aungst family go to an Open Class or lower placing World Class corps. Thom has nothing left to prove as a top arranger/educator and it would be great to see him nurture a “lesser” inexperienced line to greatness.
  7. So, anyway. Cascades. Welcome back! I hope they have a good turnout at camps.
  8. Checking in from the Fresh Coast 👋🏼 That’s great news! I hope recruiting goes well for Cascades!
  9. I hope they come back strong competitively as well as being a safe place for the members to flourish. Their 2021 show set them up well for a finals placement had they not sat out 2022.
  10. I just found out that Divide and Conquer means something else in the computer programming world. I’m used to it meaning pitting groups against each other and then going in and taking over.
  11. I don’t think anyone came close with their 7-12 predictions. Great season top to bottom.
  12. There’s no one directing people where to go. I KNEW it would be a cluster**** with the new ticketing procedure.
  13. I like that it’s a nod to the sunburst. Subtle touch.
  14. A trickle of sweat The back of the head He always does this Now the foot is dead Hint - Their highest placement ever.
  15. The 6-10 race is more exciting to me than the top five.
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