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  1. They did something similar with the monthly price increase last year. I remember it being 29.99 in one window I had open and 49.99 in the other. Whether it was just sloppiness or a calculated plan, obviously I chose window #1.
  2. The movement skills of the whole corps are by far the best they've ever had. Watching a rehearsal vid, you can lose track of who is the guard and who is the horn line. All the dance and expression is adding so much with the little moments they keep creating.
  3. The BD kids have been talking about the challenge of this in the videos at least as far back as 2015, when they all went running after the witch and then had to plant and play really intricate stuff. This year's show has an even tougher spot, with the huge "hurricane" in the beginning, where they are running flat out in a circular pattern while doing upper body stuff for a sustained period, and then have to go immediately into the opening horn moment without screwing up the attack. Just like the show designs themselves, the varieties of demand have evolved to be much more complex. The standard used to be moderately difficult physicality overlaid on moderately difficult playing = hard. Now, in addition to that, it could be extremely difficult physicality just before extremely difficult playing = hard. By splitting the two elements and making them adjacent, each part can be made more challenging (run faster, play more notes). It adds more options to the design toolkit, without being any simpler.
  4. And to announce the corps the kid is now with? So people can connect the dots about who it is? What possible benefit could that have for the alleged victim? Very unfortunate situation.
  5. Interested to see how this plays out. Reading the report, something seems a it. Especially the apparent enthusiasm to return to the organization where the alleged trauma occurred and leadership was allegedly negligent in its response.
  6. I feel like this may be the most rifle work the BD girls have ever done. It's usually been more of a rifle-boys/sabre-girls split. There have been times when they've all done both, but generally not always the hardest work. Everyone started with rifle in 2017, but it was toned down a bit and the really advanced stuff was done by the boys in Bumblebee. As many of us predicted at the beginning of the season, the judges now want lots and lots of equipment work, so BD said "fine, we'll do that AND still out-dance everyone else." The sabre "fireworks" in the ballad are another example of the Chandler magic for visual/musical perfection. When you see that, you can't imagine anything else that would more perfectly capture the sound and feel of the music. It's similar to what they did in the 2015 ballad, but even more effective here. They remind me of upside down drops of water hitting a pool. Also, can we just talk about how much we love the tap shoe bit? It's going to bring the house down at Finals, in part because the battery kids have SO much fun with it. The choreography as they pass parts back and forth is a riot and they are really playing it up.
  7. And while all are improving and polishing, BD is unique in the amount they create on the fly as they go along. So much of it is composed in place from idea sketches that I think they are actually better off when they can be away in bubble for a while. Nightly slugfests are just a distraction. They'll have enough of that in a few weeks.
  8. Being under the radar in the Northwest worked out pretty well for them in 2017...
  9. Word on the grapevine is they try really hard not to cancel the show because of that Voices of Liberty vocal group thing they do at the encore. Those divas do NOT like to be rained out.
  10. I would be shocked if they go forward. It's been pouring nonstop for hours and the radar shows a constant stream being fed from the Gulf side.
  11. I live about 5 miles from the stadium and currently can't see out the window it is raining so hard so, yeah... These are the "new normal" late-day extreme firehose storms we get.
  12. Their Doors/Flats/Slants/Platforms this year are extremely well thought-out. They are four different props in one and give them so many versatile options for what can be done with them. At times even the raising/lowering of them to different angles is used as an effect as well. Smart, smart, and very simple design. I assume some sort of different graphic/color will eventually be added to them.
  13. That was 15-20+ years ago. With climate change we are now getting extreme and unpredictable storms on a frequent basis. It's usually the afternoon, but a lot more come out of nowhere in the evening now. Last year, there was multi-hour weather delay for the show, and the forecast today looks pretty grim, with near 100% chance at 7pm and 50% at 9. Since it is a smaller lineup this time, I'm passing on the probable opportunity to spend several hours under the stadium with band kids again. 😂
  14. This sort of thing is actually becoming a bit of a big deal with all the tosses everyone is throwing these days. A friend's daughter, multi-year Crown vet, just had to drop out after suffering her FIFTH concussion and recovering more slowly from this one. Obviously she is heartbroken after so much work to get there. She also said all the guards are dealing with similar problems. With the new emphasis on health and safety, maybe some sort of unobtrusive helmet for use in practice is not as ridiculous as it might seem. Back in the day, we didn't throw the things as high as they do now, and with outdoor practice conditions always changing, there is a real element of risk involved. In other news, I just returned from a week in SoCal, but kept missing the corps because they were always in a place I had just been. Excited BD came out on top last night ( but not surprised). I think it will be between them and Bluecoats - most creative and engaging shows.
  15. That distant cry of anguish is Joan of Arc when she saw this video.