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  1. NakedEye

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Claiming to be boxed in by being "forced" to use classical music has always been a cop out. It is some of the most powerful and effective music ever written, with a huge range of intensity, speed, emotion and nuance to choose from. There is no reason you can't present an entirely modern theme, set to a score from 1910. Lack of imagination and creativity is the problem, not an insufficient genre. Most artists will tell you that the best ideas come from working within parameters. It provokes you to come up with unusual solutions. So let's see more of those and less bellyaching about not enough tools in the toolkit.
  2. NakedEye

    Blue Devils 2019

    It is likely that, and I do remember when they only went to Finals every other year if that often, but, especially since this is so well coordinated between BD and SCV, I wonder if there is another contributing factor. Both these corps are, by design, largely minors, and with the current climate, is it worth the liability to consistently take them on a national tour? They really have nothing to gain by it and can provide a great educational environment to the younger kids during a compressed season, saving costs and minimizing exposure to risk in the process.
  3. I'm not sure the Pioneer organization can survive this. This is not a 10-time World Champion like Cadets which, even when organizational problems were rampant, had a reputation for producing best-of-the-best competitive shows and highly accomplished alumni. They have been a known quality product with legions of passionate followers. Pioneer has been Blenski's personal pet project for decades, in the competitive basement during their entire World Class stint, and has had a reputation as a place kids did one season and got out quickly. With his entire family being the board and his public responses to this situation....jeez! Would there be anything left if those individuals are somehow extracted? It has all the makings of an ugly fight and entrenched people drunk with power over their tiny kingdom. Acheson is not looking good in this either. No matter what kind of "oversight" they have done during the season, after what happened in April and the huge national exposure it got, DCI needed to take dramatic action on any other problems that cropped up. Instead it comes across as more of the "we watched and hoped it would be ok for the season." Insufficient. So much more housecleaning needs to be done. These Blesnki types were allowed way too much oversight-free reign for way too long. I vividly remember having to interact with him during the '94 Division II & III tour and couldn't stand the guy. Came across as rude, arrogant and self-important.
  4. NakedEye

    Stealing other corps stuff...

    Despicable? Let's keep some perspective here. There was big news in April that actually WAS despicable, but this dumb kid prank certainly doesn't rise to that level. The BD management is second to none in professionalism, so don't be surprised if the "hammer drops" hard on whoever is determined to be responsible for the lapse in judgement and the resulting embarrassment to the organization. They might even be made to write a 5,000-word essay on the dangers of mascot stealing!
  5. NakedEye

    Blue Devils 2018

    I would like to see them end on a real high energy note next year. They have been doing "glorious warm and fuzzy wrap-ups" since at least 2014 and I think they leave some crowd frenzy on the table a bit. The finale this year was moving and very appropriate to what they were doing with the painting, but it allowed for a pretty truncated applause moment. It's been a while since they have done an intense finish, so maybe time for that?
  6. I can't speak to the detailed musical analysis, but I do get where you are coming from with this line. For whatever reason the last two SCV shows have not been able to fully engage me, where I did really like the Spark of Invention and Force of Nature ones that preceded them. There is nothing that can be directly faulted with the overall designs and this year the execution was certainly off the charts attention wandered in both of them about 1/3 in. Perhaps it is the high technicality of them? Gaines/Koter were known for that with the Cavaliers shows as well, and they are mostly remembered as being visually stunning, but not really "get to the heart" programs. Or just a matter of personal taste. I was a total mushy sap for the Carpenters' music in Blue Stars, and I'm sure many would roll their eyes at that!
  7. NakedEye

    Post Tour Laundry Day

    The one constant in drum corps, that can never be changed by electronics, singing, or different instruments, is the “ripe.” Always has been and forever shall be. I think the modern, breathable fabrics have helped some, but there is only so much you can do with the heat and athleticism. It was even worse in the days of wool uniforms. You really didn’t want to be downwind of the Garfield Cadets... The good news stink too, so you get pretty immune to it!
  8. NakedEye

    Post Tour Laundry Day

    Gasoline and a match? When stink gets into fabric, it rarely wants to move on. When I was on the Magic staff, we had those purple tuxedo jackets that were made of a heavy brocade, and could be dry cleaned only (great planning there). The stench during the season was unbearable, and even after dry cleaning they didn't smell like roses...
  9. It did and it was also a large, heavy one in the end zone that wasn't marched over frequently with high-velocity drill. They got on it twice, but it was during the "acting" phase, where they could pay close attention to it.
  10. I don't know what would be the best solution, but what seemed to swing the most this year were opinions about content. With more than one guard, rankings could go from first, to sixth, back to first again over a series of shows, depending on who was judging. Of course execution can affect content scores, but if the performance wasn't a train wreck, what do you do if someone says your writing is good one night and terrible the next? Two opinions at the major events may help to even out the peaks and valleys a bit, making it easier for staffs to plan necessary corrections/improvements.
  11. I don't like tarps because no matter what is printed on them, the glare from the lights makes them largely unreadable in many cases, so a waste of expense and effort, but that said: The smart way to go about regulating them would probably be to set a minimum square footage/dimension area. Smaller tarps seem to be much more of a problem than larger ones, as they are much easier to kick up/dislodge with an errant foot placement than ones with more surface area. The Cavaliers' ones were so skinny that they flipped up easily and were impossible to position the same way twice, so marchers couldn't properly anticipate where they would be on the fly. I'm disappointed in their staff on this one. They were a problem as soon as they were added and I don't remember one show all season where at least one kid didn't have an issue with them. Troopers had some trouble with those small circle ones last year as well, I think?
  12. Two guard judges at major events. The groups are all achieving such levels of excellence, with different approaches to choreography, that judge preferences for one style over another seemed to be more an issue. Weird, dramatic swings in placement from event to event all season.
  13. Actually, a collection of moments was kind of the point of the show. Sections that set a mood for each of the four characters, who are then brought together to reside in the painting during a cohesive ending. By nature, some of the transitions had to be a bit jarring because they were musically and visually illustrating different personalities. In some cases, they used visual transitions instead of musical ones to improve the flow. They gave themselves a really difficult task of attempting to convey so much distinct information in such a short time, but it was generally successful and most seemed to understand the Reporter, Criminal, love interest Woman and Army Guy. And then you see them in the painting and think of them in a new way. Pretty fun stuff.
  14. NakedEye

    2019 Predictions!

    The stage was massively important to me because it covered up that stupid Colts helmet.
  15. NakedEye

    Blue Devils 2018

    Congrats to the corps for keeping the unbelievable streak of first and second place finishes going! And congrats to the guard for yet another finals night win and taking 2 of the 3 nights this year. If only the semis sandbagging hadn't occurred, that final average might have ended up differently, but what incredible performances! Dreams + Nighthawks will be one of my favorite BD shows because of all the creative risks it took, the enormous entertainment factor, and how it made us think differently about a painting we thought we already knew. Pure magic.