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  1. Nooooo! Beyond his wonderful talent and distinctive writing style, he was always extremely kind to me at Magic and made me feel recognized and appreciated. A good guy who helped create some truly revolutionary shows. πŸ˜ͺ Very sorry to hear this news.
  2. The high cam version may or may not be out there now... It's also a 🀯
  3. So who gets to count the guy who was in both BD and Boston, or does he count as 1/2 an ageout in each? 😁 Apparently the story with that is (and you can see him in a Boston uniform in the BD ageout picture) he was an alternate with BD all season. Boston had a mellophone hole, I'm assuming late season, and BD sent him over to them. So Boston didn't have to do their final shows with a hole and the guy got to perform on the field for championship week - a win/win for everybody, and just a pretty cool thing.
  4. DCI officially called it a three-peat. End of story for whatever delusional asterisk lovers are out there. The ironic thing is, if anything, it was even more impressive than one in non-worldwide pandemic times, because to get the second one, they had to assemble an almost entirely new corps, after two years of inactivity. That makes it worth at least the equivalent of a five-peat. πŸ˜‚
  5. All of your observations are good, but I have a take to add on Boston. My feeling is their design detailing "broke" a bit, which is what ultimately separated them from the upper 3. Part of it is some of the character roles they defined with the costuming and props got blurred. The horns and drums were dressed as the ocean, and often made wave forms, etc. The guard and pit where dressed in period sailor clothing, so those are the human characters encountering the ocean, and the guard especially acted out these roles. The props were either random platforms, or, when assembled, the ship. Much more abstract than the very realistic pilings on the front sideline. The whale was either the large tail flyover, shapes in the drill, or the solo dancer. So here's where it broke: once the ship was assembled, pieces of it were still sometimes moved/opened so people could pass through it, cancelling the believability of it being the ship. Members of the "ocean" were sometimes standing on the ship for features, etc. One minute the whale was a tiny dancer, then a giant tail flyover sinking the ship, then a tiny dancer again, being carried off by a sailor. It may sound like stupid stuff, but those inconsistencies can be enough to put cracks in the illusion they were trying to create, and you didn't see that in the upper 3. Everything BD did reinforced the cut outs theme. I've watched the final run over and over and there is just constant body shaping choreography everywhere. Bluecoats had a clear distinction in look and movement style between the garden/flower section and the "priests" section. Crown had the horns/drums as sort of the knight army and the guard as the court around Arthur and those roles didn't blur. So I think maybe a bit more design troubleshooting to go with their stellar performance level may keep them from getting tripped up again.
  6. I may have just watched β€œnot” the show 6 times in a row. Seeing something new each time. There are so many tiny choreographic moments everywhere that fly by. I was likely too busy screaming when it was live to fully appreciate how epic that run was. My goodness...THE GUARD. All sections were probably about as spotless as is possible to make them. Simply amazing!
  7. Cadets did do that risky β€˜86 show, though, with the giant hornline and almost no color guard, so that opened the door a bit. I think BD has a very large ageout class this year, so will be reloading. Of course they won last year with minimal vets, so who knows! My gut feeling is Bluecoats will punch through.
  8. Roughly 125 pair short white socks. Used less than one complete season.
  9. Corey handled that interview beautifully when he was thrown an oddball question. The emphasis on being a good person first is something that a lot of people need to hear. It really does explain their success and how they handle the pressure as well. When you focus on the big picture, the daily stressors carry much less weight. Congrats on a masterful show, season, and final run!
  10. Bloo is definitely owning that silver! Just catching up after server timeouts. Crown did not seem to have a great run, yes?
  11. That Mandarins show is one for the ages, and they got it really clean!
  12. Meh. It's the same saggy sourpuss legacy crowd who moans each time. You can see their faces in the seating when the cameras pan the audience. But, they are on the way out... From what I could tell, BD got a fantastic reception nearly everywhere throughout the regular tour, where there are many more younger people and more recent ageouts. They have been very smartly starting to create shows that resonate with these demographics, with the anime music and such. Such a great offering to have something so fresh and modern, juxtaposed with Joni Mitchell and Incident in Jazz. That really introduces kids to great material from both present and past. BD is in it for the long term. Re:Rite of Spring, despite being brilliant, was a bit of a hard sell. But this year? Come on! It is the most fun, upbeat, jammin' show on the field. If some can't enjoy that because they choose to live in a crankiness bubble, well, bless their hearts.
  13. And deserved, sadly. The kids really put in good energy, but the staff dropped the ball on a technique program, for starters.
  14. Bloo with the last minute stealth attack yet again!
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