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  1. Its a beautiful piece. Start so serene almost a haunting quality, like its taking you on a journey so tranquil and calm, very peaceful at rest, then it gets happier in a grand entrance way like dancing in unity, it transition into a little chaotic crazy environment where its turns into drama and as the drama fades or subsided it goes back to where it started from to being serene again.
  3. Lol... Even though still........., even though i am very confident in BD, I wouldn't want say such a thing right now until all shows are out on full display, lets not get ahead of ourselves, the competition will be fierce i strongly believe and let us not discount the rest of the field by the sounding of that technicality of a statement(which can come off as politics) if you know what i mean, which many criticize whenever BD win over their favorite corp. But i have to end with saying, GO BD!!! FOREVER BD! Long live the dynasty.
  4. Gonna be interesting on the direction they go ..... Oh hell yeah, it's always interesting every year to where BD goes
  5. It's like old news now, a classic that never shine with so many criticism telling them how to perform. Like can you say to the standard how to be the standard ? how can you keep telling an overwhelming successful dynasty how to be king in its domain, dominating with excellence and perfection in whatever theme they chose. BD have a well rounded organization that is a head of itself and just keep on coming at you. The day we see all that going and start getting old and they losing that quality in the organization to the point it start affecting the shows they do and performance they give is dropping below, then we can start worrying and give our own critical opinions in telling them how to perform. Its very clear when they step out on the field who they are
  6. Yeah. It should be another steller year for the drumline. I just want to see them winning brass this year and take back color guard caption award. I am hopefull for something new we never see, believing last year show was not a one off but is the significant show to usher in a new eara for BD. I really and truly want them to keep on the musical pathways they've trodden Ballad wise, for the last few years and last year musically driven show with the concept.
  7. Bump. Devils thread always so quiet until spring training. Where are the reporters ? Lol.
  8. Without even blinking or think Star 91 Is one of my favorite show ever if not my favorite overall. I love that show so much, I watch it so often it never gets old to me. Such a brilliant show.
  9. For 2018 I want all top 6 going head to head, not just 3, not just 2 , but 6 with great themes, fantastic music with amazing sounds, unbelievable spectacular visuals, emmaculate performances, giving the judges a real struggle to score them well from each other, they are all separated by half a point. Or top three having a three way tie for gold for the very first time ever! Is that too much to ask ? ????
  10. This year I don't want to know much like last year before the premiere of the first show, except for the theme and music when announced. I want that first impact hearing and seeing the show for the first time. So any leaks of rehearsal music recording and overall rehearsal run through I will stay away from but I'll read whatever is shared here or anywhere else and definitely whatever they put out on their website and social media.
  11. Wow I miss this place! So BD February camp this weekend. Is there any little nuggets of what this weekend camp look like and sound like so far, Any little thought or thoughts ? ?
  12. I think so too... they always have but in the way they did in metamorph is just so juicy and really mesmorizing from that enchanting ballad to that spicy jazz piece is two of many more of moments throughout the show. No one does jazz like the devils omg, juat so good. I was never a fan of jazz until I met the devils, they pull me into that world especially classy classic jazz. But I have to add that Scv 2017 jazz piece was really one of my favorite part the show, I love it! I feel like I want to see a lot more jazz, The devils giving me a jazz fever.
  13. Alright. What a wait.. and how many years you have left ?
  14. Congrats!!!!! Have a ton of fun and take all the valuable lessons to enrich your life and relationships. Which corp? May I ask.
  15. Well you my friend the only answer for you is go watch the ENTIRE 2017 BD360 episodes then, on top of that then figure out what the 60th Aniversary year meant, then take all those and compare the meaning of everything BD puts on the field. and so what if they put things on the field to show, its called a show, it is suppose to, if your competing within any competition that you have to put on a show, how would you do it. Isn't it also to gain most points possible to enhance and catapult to the highest. I dont see the point of thise things you picking at because every Corp does things their way to give a show to viewers loke it or not, but also playing to the sheets. It doesn't matter what you want to say nut every single corps does it and also play to the sheets. YES 2014 and 2015 great shows but eventually if they keep doing that then complaints will be oh it's getting old and formulaic. But o agree they could still designs shows like those. However this year ahow was meantvto be the way it is. It has everything and very entertaining... its celebrating show, it is suppose to show off whatever that means.
  16. Yes NakedEye, isn't that just really intriguing to even think about. Chandler mind is so artistic, his way of thinking is beyond nornal and his creative level is genius. I really just want him to unleash it all year after year and keep pushing the members. His eyes for details makes alot if sense and just remarkable. That team though! I know its not him alonw its a team, I give big ups and props to them. But I am so looking forward to what's coming for the coming years.
  17. I am still soaking in the finals from last night... still not out of it yet to even think about next year. Let me say now, I think they are gonna be taking some more risk in the coming years. I get that feeling and sense that some unusual shows coming, as well as themes of ideas they have in thier rep to explore. I just hope they keep it brilliantly musical as this year but keep evolving it. Last night shows was like the beginning of a new chapter for the organization. Theres no slowing down on BD, who wabts to see them desolve will be disappointed because that wont happen at least for a very longtime. New leaders inline to take up the mantles, fresh young minds will take over, unbelievable talents that understand and knows the BD way. And I hope for BD to get that three peat under its belt soon. I HOPE....
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