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  1. Vance

    Madison Scouts 2017

    I"m not going to say anything anymore about Scouts 17, except a warning to all of you guys... and it's not a bogus hype! Their opener blew my mind and the final run through this morning gave me the chills I haven't felt since the 1990's... And the way Scott Oliver shaped the music... OMG! As a member of 1991 BD, I felt the style of Scout's opener is like a mixture of 91 and 95 BD closer. Come out of the gate like gun slingers... F'ing Glorious.... I'm still feeling the goose bump! It has style, little avant-garde jazz phrases, bunch of FFFFFF blow aways... And more importantly, something that have been missing in recent decade, aggression with anger. I can't wait to see the finish product, judging by what I have seen, this show will be a home run!!! You guys are in for a treat!
  2. Vance

    Madison Scouts 2017

    I just came back from the camp site and I realized a mistake was made, they have one 15 year old, a vets who I was staying with gave me the wrong info last night. To be honest, I was actually excited to hear the Scouts having some younger kids because I see no reason why they should be rejected based on their age if they're capable, something I experienced back in the day. But one thing I will say is, their opener is a home run and the ballad is unbelievably emotionally driven! The opener is really intense and the shaping of the balled reminded me a lot of 91/95 BD's ballad! This is show in my opinion, have a deep Madison root within. Their brass caption head is pretty awesome and was doing a great job running the rehearsal, over all very efficient and effective. I think you guys will be in for a surprise!!! Also they have a new group of marching staff with plenty of experience from another world group and they have been working the kids hard to clean up their feet. From what I have seen, you'll guys will be in for a treat! I have always wondered about the rehearsal schedule of the Mid West and East Coast groups during winter. West Coast groups are some what spoiled with the nice weather they have. And eye opening experience.
  3. Vance

    Madison Scouts 2017

    Depend of who drives the activity. It seems like BD, Crown and BC are the one dictating show designs now a days. For one I'm not a fan of giant scaffoldings because I have experienced that with the Riverside Community College way before DCI got into it, but if it works and show flows well, I really can't complaint. To experience Madison cam this weekend is a huge eye opener for me, a mesmerizing experience!
  4. Vance

    Madison Scouts 2017

    When I marched 1991 BD, there were two 14 year olds in the group, and both of them marched all the way till 21 and they have 4 DCI rings. BD no longer allow that because they have no problem recruit from all over the world and they also have B and C corps. It's actually quite common to have younger kids in world class group, you just see less now a days.
  5. Vance

    Madison Scouts 2017

    So I'm adding some icing to the cake....Their opener is from Bartok with some interesting Advant-Garde jazz. I like what I'm hearing so far. For those who remembers the end of their 1997 show with that glorious 45 second FFFFFFFF hold, with the drum major picking up his camera and took bunch of photos of the audience jizzing all over themselves in the stadium??? I told them it's time to bring that back!!!!
  6. Vance

    Meehaphone Sighting!

    Kanstul is still making them, so I'll leave that market to them. My goal is to create and explore a new market, I think what I'm doing can achieve that. What's missing with the traditional key is the soprano bugle and contrabass sound. The trumpets sounds very thin and their smaller 4/4 size tuba is being buried by electronics. That's why the sound of modern day drum corps is hallow. All you have to do is listen to 1986 Blue Devils and 2017 Blue Coast, you will be able to tell the missing element. As for the horn, I played the original megaphone with 91 BD, and my latest creation actually plays a lot better in tune. This is a prototype, the question is if I can get a group to play them, so I can put it through production.
  7. Different type of horns suits different type of music. If you want to hear a very nice concert band on the field, Yamaha is the go to horn. . However, if you intend to play Malaguena, Spanish Fantasy, Malaga, or La Fiesta, those Xeno will not do the job. Perhaps that's why drum corps no longer play these type of adrenalin pumping, angry music. The activity have definitely changed, but a lot of things eventually go retro when idea runs out.
  8. If that's the case, why is Jupiter still in the game? Why is BD still with King instead of using Yamaha? In my opinion, Yamaha have nothing on Kanstul, but very few groups uses them. Until the day Drum Corps International becomes Marching Band International, the desire to hear the bugle sound will never go away.
  9. They are on two valves Kanstul G bugles. They got two sets about two years ago and they will continue to use the two valvers unless there are no manufactures left. They have spoke to me about a year ago asking me if I can produce them if Kanstul go under. I told them "Let's hope Kanstul survives and thrives." If that happens, I can produce them. The factory I work with is very capable,
  10. Vance

    Madison Scouts 2017

    The Scouts have been with Yamaha since 1984, it will take a lot of convincing for them to drop Yamaha for my horns. They are curious about my products since many of theirI alums are using it. My Bb soprano bugle is becoming very popular among DCA cats, so the Scouts have seen my horns and expressed their curiosity. I do know that the staffs were at Bands of America two months ago to see Ayala HS's performance, to get a better understanding of the sound, presented in Bb form. There are two problems I'm facing. I cannot compete with Yamaha because I don't have the funds to furnish a whole line as a sponsor, and I don't know if the Scouts is getting their horns free, or they have to pay. And The biggest concern/challenge is the fact that it has been a generation since DCI abandoned G bugle, so the younger staff may have problem hearing/understand the bugle sound. I'll be taking a trip to visit the Scouts this weekend, I have made a lot of friends in that area since the founding of my company, maybe I can have a chat with the staff/director.
  11. Vance

    Madison Scouts 2017

    I heard the Scouts' opener and they are going for it. They have return to Advant-Garde Jazz with some serious power. Looking forward to see them return to finals.
  12. Ayala High School of S Cal at BoA this year, they're not a drum corps so the power isn't there, but you can hear the Soprano bugle over tone, with the upper register ring/buzz not heard on regular trumpets. There are also two small drum corps using them. The Raiders and Highlanders. So far I have produced about 80 of these horns, most of them are sold. Half of them were sold to DCA cats and regular trumpet players around the country. They love the versatility of the horn. There is a World Class corps rehearsing with them last camp, and they requested to use them again this upcoming camp. If they end up using it this season, I will make an announcement.
  13. Vance

    Meehaphone Sighting!

    Came across this thread. Very interesting. I played the Meehaphone with the 1991 BD and I love the sound. So I went to work on a 3-valves F version, and I had it done couple of weeks ago.
  14. Raiders were very successful with my Bb soprano this past summer and I expect them to excel to the next level in 2017 with a bigger group. I was fortunate enough to have WBA (Western Band Association) champion Ayala High School on the Bb Soprano Bugle this past weekend. They took delivery of 24 horns last Wednesday night, and had about 4-5 hours through Thursday and Friday rehearsal and performed with the horns on Saturday night. It was a ballsy move but their assistant band direct Jim Rogers prepped them properly prior to delivery. I am very pleased with the result. Sample one: They didn't have enough time to do a full warm up, and I was only able to capture this video on the run. You can tell a few younger players had some problem adjusting, but over all I was extremely satisfied to have captured the final 20 seconds (before they tune the whole band). It was glorious!!! Again, please allow me to emphesize on the word blending. You can hear the Bb soprano blended much better with the mellophone, not sticking out like a sore thumb. Sample two: Their actual performance. Clearly there are issues to be iron out but from moment to moment, you can capture the old school drum corps sound! Also with my Mellophone and specially designed mouthpieces, that was probably the best sounding mellophone section I have heard outside of DCI! Here is a semi good news. Couple of world class corps have contacted me. They want my Bb soprano... Just a matter of getting out of their contract with big corporations... Keeping my fingers crossed.
  15. I forgot to mention. Yes, I am producing a 5/4 Marching Tuba based on the old King K90. The Kanstul Grande is also being used as reference. The reason it's taking a long time is because I'm producing a sousaphone at the same time, so it pushed everything back a few months. As for marketing strategy, I'm not going after any World Class corpsl. Yamaha, Jupiter and King got that covered by offering those groups free horns. As a boutique company, I don't see the point of fighting the big guys. As stated, my goal is to supply DCI Open Class, DCA, Sound Sport, high schools and colleges. Raiders was a good experiment to hear my Bb soprano on the field and they did a fantastic job. Even though they only had five players this year they sounded like ten on the field. They did buy 12 horns and is expecting to have 12 players next season. The next experiment is with Ayala High school from California. They are the Western Band Association Conference champions on numerous occasions and will be attending this year's Bands of America Grand National in November. The assistant band director Jim Rogers is the Baritone Soloist for BD in 1993/94, and soprano soloist in 1996. They will be featuring my Bb soprano with 24 players so I'm hoping for a good recording from BoA as my press material. I can't wait to see them in action. They will be getting the horns in mid September.