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  1. Ediker

    2019 Predictions!

    Never too soon to make predictions
  2. Ediker

    2019 CORPS NEWS.

    Corporations, churches, Boy Scouts, the film industry, and universities, are a few of the many types of organizations that have had to manage these problems. It did not end them, and it's not going to end DCI. Though there will be obstacles and missteps along the way.
  3. Ediker

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Great clip, @wigwam. These are the Navy Seals of the brass world.
  4. Your experience is valuable to this conversation. If Tricia wants to speak to Dan about her findings, it's as much an opportunity for him as it is for her. Anything (even if its risky or uncomfortable) that can provide useful info toward preventing harm and fixing problems is a good thing, imho.
  5. It would be best for D.A. to talk with Tricia Nadolny, one-on-one, as she requested. He can insist on bringing legal representation, if it seems risky. The fact is she has important information, possibly stuff he should know ASAP. That would be good leadership.
  6. One would think that Dan would take the opportunity to talk with her about her findings. She probably has more hard facts than anyone else. It can be done without putting him in a vulnerable position.
  7. Ediker

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Like Boston's guard, he sure can catch!
  8. Conjecture? No. It was obvious bias, pure and simple. Doesn't matter anyway. He did not succeed.
  9. Those of us close to that tight competition will always remember how he dramatically dropped Cadets' GE Visual score at finals. It's no surprise that he has close ties to SCV.
  10. Is this the GE Visual judge from 1987 Finals?
  11. Ediker

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    A lot was right with both of those shows. Musically they were top notch. Coordinating the strong sections into a unified total package is what can put them back on top.
  12. Watching that video is like seeing Sputnik go up.
  13. Ediker

    Looking For Some Advice

    All this talk of corps and auditions gave me a dream that I was somehow eligible to reinstate. Tried playing in the dream, and chops were still mush
  14. Ediker

    Looking For Some Advice

    Audition season has begun! Many corps hold virtual/video auditions. Browse the sites of the corps that interest you. Do not worry about embarrassing yourself. The staff at the best corps will want to be helpful, and guide you toward where you will be most comfortable. They know that after 2-3 years of good experience in the activity, you could be exactly what they'll want. The worst they will say is that you are not ready for them. @LabMastergave you some great things to consider: cost, style, history, etc. Have fun with the process, and enjoy corps shopping and auditioning! We'll all look forward to hearing about how it goes.