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  1. The Florida Rave The Dentures The Wandarins Pacific Crust Pacific Chest
  2. It would be heartbreaking if the tour gets cancelled. The demands of tour, and close quarters would be a recipe for more trouble Wonder if there is a way to save the season. All corps stay in place (if they can), stream regular performances, instead of judging, everyone texts a vote American Idol style.
  3. Good to know. Yeah, it’s just going to be a wait and see.
  4. Personally, I liked the way they used the barrels, a lot!
  5. They completed three solid seasons, and have achieved some great things. Boston’s first wave of change has finally crested. No one feels the need to hype or predict. The only things left to know will be evident on the field. In June, we’ll see if they are: - recruiting/retaining the most experienced MMs? - taking artistic risks by creating GE in a variety of unexpected ways? - innovating (and even leading) the activity? These are their next challenges, which are business as usual for the best.
  6. Boston has done the in-your-face stuff very well, but to the exclusion of other types of musical effects. If these new staff bring variety to the sound, and can widen the scope of musical effects, it will be a very good thing for the corps.
  7. I mean, in the shows. For example, Goliath counts as one for 2019. The other two years had more than one “deaths” in the shows.