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  1. I like your ideas, @PopcornEater1963.
  2. Fixed that for you. Membership and recruiting is way too complicated as it is. No member corps would approve that.
  3. Wasn’t there some new rule (2017) about no staff change announcements until after Labor Day?
  4. Like Crown, they maintained their position. [looks for the ducking behind wall thing]
  5. Troopers uniforms: Yes! I’m so glad people are mentioning this. Best uniforms by far. Bad###, dark, fit the show, everyone looked good in them… I want one. Best ending: Crown and Troopers Best ballads: BD, BAC, Crown Crowd response: Troopers, Colts, Phantom, Crown, Bloo (Boston: the audience was too busy holding their breath for the 900 consecutive rifle tosses) Favorite soloist: BD’s Carnival in Venice. Total earworm. All summer she nailed it except for the same one note… until finals weekend when it was spotless. Tough solo. Gutsy performer. There were many great soloists this year… this one just stands out for me because of her grit and persistence. Best body move: SCV when everyone did a dive somersault. Honorable mentions to Bloo brass’s entrance with all the leg moves, and Boston’s left field low brass crawl dance toward the 50 at the end of Snake. Best props: BD. Simple concept, always looks good. Versatile and well used. Best performance energy: Bloo’s keytarist added a lot without taking anything away from the other musicians
  6. Because there was no surprise emoticon. I’m surprised that such a big event and venue does not have a better staffing solution. There was inadequate admission, concession, and security staff… and completely unnecessary staff members operating the elevators (ffs, I can push my own button… they’re literally doing nothing else, except taking up space and making the process slower).
  7. Say what?? The LOS staff are volunteers? How does that raise $$ for local sports? Does DCI or LOS make donations instead of paying the staff?
  8. followed the DM? Many front ensembles are notorious for listening instead of watching the conductor. They often have their eyes glued to the tone bars.
  9. Yeah, who knows how the numbers land. That is definitely a lifelong memory for these MMs… wonderful moment for them.
  10. Can’t help it… I love watching The Troopers this year. So much style, impact, and total bada##ery.
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