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  1. Boston has done the in-your-face stuff very well, but to the exclusion of other types of musical effects. If these new staff bring variety to the sound, and can widen the scope of musical effects, it will be a very good thing for the corps.
  2. I mean, in the shows. For example, Goliath counts as one for 2019. The other two years had more than one “deaths” in the shows.
  3. Five pages of this sticky topic and no fights! Was a little relieved when one started.
  4. I remember liking many of the ballads. OTTOMH, favorite ballads so far: Cavaliers Crown Bloo Santa Clara (does no one else like this?) Phantom Pacific Crest Music City
  5. Anyone serving/eating crow after finals results?
  6. Big gasp/groans from crowd. One of the brass players did NOT catch his horn!
  7. Great run, Cavies! Best ballad this season! Awesome visual design, color scheme, etc.