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  1. Being able to juggle multiple demands, under pressure, with changing priorities, and, yes, being judged (both objectively and subjectively), are all part of a quality education that prepares young people for what they’ll face as adults. The sporting aspect of drum corps is what distinguishes it from the many (easy to come by) musical exhibitions.
  2. @Liahona, it’s time for you to do us the honor of creating the 2022 thread!
  3. Any show fielded this year still bears the residual influence of decades of scoring.
  4. What we are seeing today is THIS generation’s style. My generation, with its innovations like “total concept shows” and breakneck drill had its heyday (and irritated the previous generation). If a style doesn’t do it for you, no need to worry! It will change again soon enough… and, sometimes, “what’s old is new again.”
  5. The ship has been righted. Cadets are back in style. They dusted off some of their greatest hits, and have a corps with the talent to deliver them.
  6. However many brass there are, they sound like more! Big big sound.
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