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  1. Ediker

    DCI survey

    Leave it up to the individual organizations. Doubt many would go for it. There are less heavy-handed solutions to the risk of lawsuits.
  2. Ediker

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Because you won't be there, or they won't?
  3. Ediker

    Caption Awards

    It feels like there is downward pressure on scores for any previous year's champion. Doubly so if they repeated. If there were a way to evaluate performances without such biases, we'd probably be very surprised with results.
  4. Ediker

    Best Reprise Closer?

    SCV 1988 opening and reprising Music of the Night
  5. Ediker

    Your 2018 Top 6

    Didn't they have props earlier in the season? Not that I'm a huge fan of props, but it was surprising to ditch them mid-season. 2016 checked a lot of boxes... atmosphere, fun, emotion, proficiency.
  6. Ediker

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Great interview. Great member. What's an illusion pass?
  7. There was tremendous quality in the activity this year. Finishing at, or near, the previous year's finish was a big accomplishment. Climbs such as Mandarins, Spirit, and Blue Stars were pretty darn impressive.
  8. Yes, while Boston’s overall concept/design was better, they were not going to catch Crown’s top notch brass and percussion, this year. Visually, Boston is clearly headed higher.
  9. Tricia Nadolny is headed west, carrying a giant shovel.
  10. Ediker

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Hey! This is the 2019 thread!
  11. Ediker

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Imho, what powered Crown's rise was how obvious it was that the designers REALLY LOVED the activity. They created shows that appealed to a younger generation, and made sure to include plenty of stuff we dinosaurs could appreciate. Re-creating that formula will put them back on top.
  12. Ediker

    Your 2018 Top 6

    Not to mention how much Blue there is!
  13. Minor league exploded because of the value provided. The total cost of a family outing to a MLB game starts well into the 3-figures. Student priced tickets, as @Tim K suggested, is a good idea, but I'd be concerned about it creating a buy/scalp business with higher markups than regular tickets. Doesn't DCI offer group discounts (say, for band directors) bringing 20 or more? There often seem to be such groups at many shows.
  14. It's an apt comparison made by @N.E. Brigand, baseball to drum corps. Two points stand out: the need to change to widen appeal, and the big disparity in budget that both baseball teams and drum corps have between competing units. Baseball is considering changes. Drum corps has had many. It was a seismic shift for drum corps to phase to b-flat instruments. Another big shift was adjusting the summer schedule to not interfere (as much) with school band seasons. Doing both made it much easier for students to participate and raised the average talent level in the activity. Drum corps seems to be in a new hey-day. There may be fewer attendees at shows, but more are watching online and in theaters. Maintaining a given number of fans requires that adjustments be made to increase appeal. Existing fans don't live forever. Much like baseball teams, vastly different budgets/resources between drum corps has a big impact on competitive viability. Football has a more level playing field in this regard and it enjoys more uniform popularity (and success) across different regions of the country than baseball... not perfect, but better. Success fuels interest and fans. Not advocating for anything, just observing.