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  1. I counted 11 times it was used opening night. Yeah, easy fix.
  2. I get the whole beneath the surface thing but, yeah, the props and plexiglass aren’t going anywhere for me yet.
  3. There seems to be an advantage for an east coast corps going west for the season.
  4. Wow, five more days until they debut. The rankings are missing them!
  5. Just trying to break down why drum corps does not have the same "on any given night" quality of football.
  6. Also, football is a game... both competitors are on the field trying to score points. Drum corps is more a demonstration of design and proficiency, with only one team on the field at a time.
  7. In football, one scores by running, passing, and kicking. It's way, way, more complex in DCI. Football is scored on things that happen immediately, unpredictably, and moment to moment. Drum corps is scored on many layers of things, some of which develop over many months, and change very slowly.
  8. I don't see @queenanne_1536as putting down the corps or members. She/he's more calling out the staff and designers. Everyone appreciates what the MMs are doing, and everyone (who's not a bitter competitor) is rooting for them. No need for her/him to quibble about that. There is nothing wrong with her/him calling things as she/he sees it. It's being done respectfully, even if it's not what certain homers want to hear. The judges are doing this every night.
  9. I love the corps, yada, yada. I'm also fully prepared to dish out criticism when it's called for. The corps hired this staff... and with little to no oversight of what they produce. They were given a free hand. If Boston's management is not calling them out when they don't dig as deeply as the competition, then WHO WILL????? I love the staff... go way back with some of them... and enjoy the energy they've brought. Wicked Games was an excellent show. Total turnaround for Boston. The GE was there. S. O. S. had many great qualities, but felt like the designers were resting on their GE laurels, instead of charging into new territory. It did not lead the activity, like last year's medalists did. Goliath is another great show. Total step up from a technical standpoint. There was obviously a lot of thought and work that went into this production. However, there is not the level of artistic risk, and GE variety, that this set of designers is capable of.
  10. I watched multicam tonight. Nothing fancy about my setup. Old laptop and basic ear buds. Sound was perfect. What is everyone hearing that sounds bad?