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    York White Roses-1966-1970; trumpet (sop bugle).
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    Blue Devils and Bucs
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    Blue Devils-2014; Crossmen-1994.
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  1. Their schedule for Thursday says you can watch from 10:17 A.M. until 11:30 P.M.
  2. Great point. I sure hope you are correct. If Flo indeed stays on through the announcement of scores then that would include showing Bloo Alumni.
  3. That is interesting-that they are required to go through the repertoires and synopsis of each show that they are judging. I wonder if they often comment on how far a corps has deviated from the original music ? I would guess that if they do, a majority of the time it would be a positive comment-that is part of the genius of some drum corps arrangers and show designers, IMO.
  4. That is a great point. The Visual judge used to go backfield while judging and get a whole different perspective than what we spectators in the stands were getting. Somewhat the same as standing down on the field right in front of a corps. You will see and hear different things from that perspective. But then again, the judges in the stands are getting our view, but they still could be seeing and viewing different things than we are at any given time. They might even hear what we hear but in a different way with their more trained ears.
  5. No, I hear you, but I am just playing a hunch at this point. You might well be right.
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