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  1. I for one echo your sentiments. And I know at least a few others who do also. It is a tough time. I will continue to watch "old" shows. I have just finished all 8 or 9 seasons of Inside BD360. They are very informative and fun to watch. I highly recommend it in these times.
  2. For what it's worth-yes it is. But me and my sons are NOT in a band.
  3. Hey Garfield, Jeff's getting us off-track again. Jeff you are like Arnold in Book of Mormon.
  4. Actually to be honest it was ALMOST the Reading Buccaneers.
  5. Jim-ask Zup (Bob Zarfoss) about me sometime when you are both at a Lancers get together. He will fill you in about my days with the York White Roses and ALMOST the Hanover Lancers until big time softball took over.
  6. No problem. It is a shortened version of my 1st and last names.
  7. I agree 100%. Thanks to the extra help that BD is always willing to put out there in 1 form or another, I have found it easier to understand what BD is doing as the summer goes on. They really "share" their thoughts through talks or especially BD360.
  8. The reason for the thread, the Ghostlight segment on CBS was well done and interesting but for me when I hear the term Ghostlight my 1st thought will be Blue Devils 2019.
  9. Thanks skevinp-you just said it ten times better than I could. You summed it up beautifully. Just for the record though I am a man, an old man and an old but enthusiastic member of Friends of DCI since '83 and an even older fan of Drum Corps since my 1st show in '64.
  10. Anybody else see the Ghostlight segment on CBS Sunday Morning? They did a 10 minute segment about Broadway Theaters and their use of a ...GHOSTLIGHT. How prescient of Blue Devils. Now-were they prescient of Broadway Theater or Drum Corps? I guess they were inadvertently warning us that BOTH would go dark.
  11. There is a podcast about Star currently on youtube. I stumbled onto it a couple of days ago. I think it is titled Drum Corps History Podcast-Star of Indiana.
  12. Try some Louis Dowdeswell on youtube if you haven't yet.
  13. Rudy, I do the same. Try on youtube-Tower of Power's 40th Anniversary rendition of "Time Will Tell" at around the 53 minute mark I think. You will love what the trumpets do in the background. What a ballad that could be for BD.