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  1. After the show we caught some good "guard" practice at Club Les Girls.
  2. Because of the reverb we decided to drink at least 1 Molson product per corps. After 3 corps' and five Brador's we were feeling no pain or hearing any reverb. Brador was their malt liquor.
  3. We were told that the field had to be painted green because of the brownout.
  4. My group loved Orlando and the Orange Blossom Trail. We went to "guard" practices every day. Funny thing though-their costume changes only went one way-they took it off but never put a new one on and they only tossed 2 things.
  5. Agree to an extent, but I much prefer the seating in LOS. The Club Level in MB in Atlanta is not steep enough. You, I bet, would really have trouble seeing over or around those in the row in front of you. I am 6 feet tall and I was having some trouble.
  6. After watching BD360 for 2019 I get the feeling it might be the opposite for BD. They really seem like they are simply out there performing and having fun with the knowledge that that they are totally prepared for what they are about to do. At least that is how it comes across to me.
  7. Very nice George. Sounds somewhat similar to some Ron Nelson works.
  8. Agree on that. But this year was my 55th with this activity (been to finals 45 years) so I can relate to a long time ago.
  9. Sex cymbals-I can't believe I did not come up with that. That is my kind of humor. Very good Terri. If your name would have been Hung I would have given you a very well Hung.
  10. Being a brass guy the only corps that ever had cymbals on the field that I took notice to was Velvet Knights back in the day. Go back and take a look at what those cymbal players were wearing-they could have gone straight to Hooters and worked a shift after walking off the field.
  11. Had to look it up but yes of course it is a Babs song. And typically-what a treatment she gives it.
  12. Sorry about that. Now I am confusing BD's opener and closer. The closer was Since I Fell For You that had that unique ending. Not sure if that was a Babs song or not.
  13. Completely agree with you on all of that. And I will add this: the Babs closer and ending (Happy Days Are Here Again) to that '88 BD show still remains as the most unique ending to a show in my 55 years in this activity. What pressure for that lone soprano soloist.
  14. call me at 717-586-6575 I have 2 for Sat. on the 50 asking $250