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  1. Not to mention hot dogs at the Atlanta Dome-used to be $2 each-last summer they were $1.50 each.
  2. I was part of a similar situation at finals also. Thanks to one of them, we now have a multiple texting combine ?? which allows us to communicate all year-and as it turns out that is what we are doing. I highly recommend it and it sounds like it would be great for your group also. I guess you could call it conference texting.
  3. I'm with you George. Just drank the last of my 15 year old Macallans. Note to a good friend in PA-I don't have any Lagavulin in the house.
  4. As a veteran I say Thank You and ditto on those sentiments to all other veterans.
  5. This thread-Uniform Uniformity-for me it should be looked at by Major league Baseball. That bugs me how on some teams you can have at least 5 different variations within the same "uniform". Mostly it is the length of the pants and the amount of socks showing. There is no uniform uniformity in MLB.
  6. Actually I did too, but I'm not sure what the majority is saying.
  7. Agree-one other some might add-Cadets black unis.
  8. I like your sentiment, but I disagree with your other main point. I think it is now totally up to each corps to choose whatever is in their total package including dress, music, etc., etc. We will get used to it after a show or two.
  9. However, when I googled Fans Against Untested Fabrics-they are alive and well and thriving. Google it and see what I mean.
  10. When I googled Color Karma Corp. nothing came up with that full name or anything close to the description of a uniform company.
  11. Thank goodness this proposal is for 2021. I heard that 12 corps' so far have already ordered their Color Karma Corp. uniforms for 2020.
  12. Nice going-you beat me to that thought. Bluecoats last year.
  13. Piccolos are somewhat similar to screaming trumpeters-one is usually enough. Or at least one at a time.
  14. The Stone Age-Fran you are really dating us. No, but back in the late 60's at least that was the prevailing thought in my area. But then when band camp came around a couple of us that did march came in ready to go while we could hear many others say-I guess I better start practicing again now that summer is over.
  15. But that was part of the overall discussion, that woodwinds would require another bus or two so I think we were all taking for granted that the member total would be increased.