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  1. Stop: standing still while playing , mostly between 35 -35 yd, front hash to sideline. I’m very over that staging. I’m not asking for 14 min of tradition drill either...just move and cover more of the field. Start: taking more chances and having amazing wow moments. Even Casual fans remember big moments or great elements in a show. Don’t be a snooze fest that no one remembers afterward or at a regional where you just blend in and were forgettable. Give us more reasons to jump up and cheer mid show! Continue: signature moves that give you a little identity and the alumni go crazy for. Z-pull, conquest shots, crown drill, and many more. Edit: ALSO please stop sustained mellos to build to a climax. I need a year off from everyone doing that.
  2. Ok everyone we get it. If everyone had to chose a corps that they are NOT a homer for then these lists would be VERY different. Cavies, crown and BD homers especially since you are the ones saying “not even close”... who did you like other than your beloved?! You know who you are. Show some appreciation for someone else!
  3. 1st. Cavies 2nd. BD 3rd. Crown Honorable Mentions: BK, BS & Spartans
  4. I disagree. The champions just had tap shoes in the their hands like puppets and they also played modern pop about cheese. and that won. The entire Bloo Beatles production was a cheesy show. they had a bow and encore. I think the design team knows what they are doing.
  5. Boston’s Guard was the first Corps to repeat since the Cadets did it in 93/94, other than the Devils who have had two separate streaks of 3 or more. If Boston can threepeat they will join BD as the only ones to ever do it looking at records back through 1972. They only have about 5 ageouts so they at least have a fighting chance going into the off season.
  6. I understand your sentiment here and it’s a good one. But PR hasn’t won best color guard for the season since 1988.
  7. Is this another topic dedicated only to bickering about the Cadets? Don’t think we needed another one.
  8. Hahaha no my name is Dennis. Thanks Patrick643 for doing all that work each week this season! It made the season more fun to spend time each week analyzing numbers 😉
  9. Anyone know what the HUGE 1.0 penalty was for?! That’s quite a big one since entering the field early would have only been like .2
  10. Wahooo. Congrats Spartans! I knew there was something special when seeing them at the East Coast Classic. They came out with swagger and talent delivering on a smart show.
  11. Anyone have a video of Spartans this season they can message me?! Alumni dying to see! There’s nothing on YouTube which is crazy and I loved their show when I saw it at their first time out for the season.
  12. I wouldn't want Kristensen doing finals or semi finals. Only been a Percussion judge 7 times this season at small shows and hasn't had a first look at most corps (except west circuit). 7 times is a lot if it had included at least one bigger show.
  13. YES! 2002 Boston show about america shortly after 9/11. Couldn't agree more. 2000 Red was also a moving show.