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  1. I think the Cadets article on this Zoom reunion suggests Holsinger helped frame the 1993 Cadets closer, for example.
  2. God, how long will this thread get with 4.5-month head start?!
  3. The guard in the closer is my favorite from Cadets. Starting when they appear from behind the walls, just perfect sync, and they look like they're having a blast, too.
  4. Both were wonderful performances and made solid efforts to reach the audience. I loved what Bluecoats were doing, and really liked what Blue Devils were doing. Blue Devils have been putting out what may be considered more audience friendly shows since 2014 or so, relative to 2008 til then. (Ok I'll just say friendly to me) Blue Devils "sterility" has been argued about for decades. For me, it doesnt work in recent years.
  5. I love Les Mis already, and I was pretty giggly happy about how SCV presented it. Particularly the color guard, WOW! They get my vote. Power of 10 is 2nd, due to the musical performance.
  6. What do I know, but hey I get to be king, so... Here's what I'd change: Phantom Regiment 1989 - There were some weird mistakes in SCV's finals performance, at least what the video allowed me to witness. That, plus Regiment's brassline, gives them the edge. In most ways, SCV 1988 was the better show. Cadets/Cavaliers Tie in 1992 -- The only knock I have about Cadets at finals was the tuning. And they were given a brass score reflecting that. Other than that, a perfect guard, a wonderful drumline, and a level of GE that was really amazing -- all great reasons to tie a Cavies corps
  7. I've been a big fan of Metropolis, so that gets my #1 vote here. Side x Side is among the best musical ensembles this decade.
  8. I actually don't love most of these, weird! My favorites -- Bluecoats 2019, then As Dreams are Made On. Then probably Tilt and Inferno.
  9. For my favorites, it's Angels & Demons, then E=mc2, and after that it's a bit murky for me. Probably Babylon then Felliniesque.