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  1. My son said the corps is extremely excited about this evening....fully knowing, however, it's just one contest with a partial panel with a long way to go. That said, they are certainly off to a very nice start. They compete four nights in a row starting Saturday night in Allentown...their only such stretch this season.
  2. Good luck to all of the corps tonight ... and a special shout out to Spirit for their first show of the year. Texted with my son earlier and they are super pumped.
  3. Spirit actually arrived in Kingsport, TN, early this morning, and will be there through tomorrow evening before heading north to PA for the Thursday contest in Moon.
  4. Today is Spirit's last full day (and night) in Stockbridge, GA. After practice tomorrow morning and afternoon, they begin the trek northward later in the evening. Looking good in those uniforms (to me at least). I know they are incredibly pumped for their first contest in Moon, PA on June 28. Safe travels, Spirit.
  5. They will debut them tonight at the Concert in the Park in Atlanta.
  6. That would require a .... Boston-esque rise in placement versus 2017. :) I know they're focused on putting out the very best product they can on the field, and that's all they can do. I haven't talked to my son much, there's been some texting during meal times and such. He is enjoying himself - staff is great, no complaints whatsoever about food (quality, variety or quantity), and he's bonding really well with his section-mates. The first week of camp was rough weather-wise (lot of rain and storms), last week was better, this week is more unsettled again. Hoping any precipitation holds off whe
  7. So it looks like we'll (likely) see Spirit eight times on FloMarching: Sunday, July 8 - DCI Orlando Sunday, July 15 - DCI Midwestern Championship Thursday, July 19 - DCI Central Texas Saturday, July 21 - DCI Southwestern Championship Saturday, July 28 - DCI Southeastern Championship Saturday, August 4 - DCI Eastern Classic Thursday, August 9 - DCI World Championship Prelims Friday, August 10 - DCI World Championship Semis
  8. Thank you and CrownBariDad for the warm welcome! I am going to pass on advising his section because ... that will narrow down the possibilities and I don't think he will be thrilled that good ole' dad is commenting on DCP. I will say he is very excited about move-in today and had nothing but positive things to say about the Spirit staff in his interactions with them during the camps this winter/spring. Looking forward to a great DCI season!
  9. First post for me. Father of a new Spirit (and first-time DCI) member. Excited for him and the corps this year. Hopefully on an upward trajectory. Been following the activity for 5 years now. What these young men and women do on the field is beyond amazing to me. Wishing everyone in the activity this year - members, staff, the many volunteers, judges - a healthy and safe 2018 DCI season.