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  1. Corps like BD definitely depend on all of the other corps to do the heavy lifting for them. They aren’t interested in education or development. They want already finished products. It’s a tough one because of course kids want to win it just kind of sucks for the corps who do take the time to develop kids into excellent MMs.
  2. I pay for tuition, I volunteer, I pay for corps meals, I spend a lot on airfare for auditions, camps, travel to and from shows, at least 20 nights in a hotel directly related to corps activity, much merch, Flo, all of the purchases at the truck stops. Sometimes I pay for a hot, private shower at that truck stop, too.
  3. In both 2017 and 2018, at least, they had the closer on the field before they left Colorado. I mean, I sat there and saw it at the sendoff show. They did not have their real closer last year. It was filler. They completely re-wrote in PNW. posted from the DrumScorps app
  4. Yikes. The Colts are the litmus test for suckage? Do some of you even hear yourselves? Crapping all over The Colts and Scouts because the Scouts are two points behind them? If marching members need to be told to avoid these forums because some of you can’t control your verbal diarrhea, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your contributions.
  5. Then “Hurt” will give you all the feels.
  6. Look at you remembering there are more than 6-12 groups of kids out there competing. How refreshing.
  7. LOL! It’s neither death nor resurrection. The show follows the cycle of the sun. Dusk, night, morning.
  8. Yes, they are ok, and thanks to BK, got to Nebraska just fine.
  9. How can it be a surprise when everyone is talking about them and expecting them to finish Top 12? They really aren’t the underdog this season.
  10. Then you misread because we were talking about BK, not BD.