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  1. Crown - Gabriel's Oboe. The only ballad that affected me emotionally. I noticed that the audience at every show I attended was very responsive to that song. I also loved it visually, subtle but effective. Elegant.
  2. I thought that Phantom was awesome tonight. Crowd up here in the nosebleed seats loved it!
  3. Live, Crown was amazing! The echo in this stadium is really distracting though, especially with the top corps.
  4. When I asked my son the same question, his answer was "That's above my pay grade."
  5. Watched a live feed of Crown - they were amazing. Just finished.
  6. I'm selling two tickets for DCI Orlando on July 6. Paid $140. PM if interested. Section P35, Row D, Seat 17 Section P35, Row D, Seat 18
  7. I was in the stadium last night and the Cadets really had some sound issues. Vocalists mics didnt always work, soloist mic was in and out, and you couldnt hear the low brass in their featured sections. The echo of the drums was like a loud boom sometimes. I think a lot of the corps had issues with timing and balance because of the acoustics and electronic issues. High energy, though, and really fun to watch! Cadets were the first group to perform that the audience jumped to their feet to cheer before they even finished.
  8. Awesome - thank you! When was the last time they did it, do you know?
  9. Forgive the question, but I'm a newbie - I guess the Z pull has some history with the Cadets?
  10. Thank you so much!! That was awesome! How did they sound live?