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  1. He has a BM for Julliard, though. It makes him very knowledgeable in music (like people on this discussion board, including myself, don’t have a degree in music).
  2. It’s funny how “when is it too much” has been a question since the beginning of DCI, but the “it” changes about every five years or so. And yet, DCI magically thrives.
  3. Yeah, the names change, but the sentiment stays the same. Anyone who wants that should go get it, but I never cared about that in my marching career, and certainly don’t remember anything about scores from my dci days.
  4. I think he (or she) is talking about high school bandwagoners, jumping from corps to corps year to year as “the next unbeatable thing”. You know, that timeless thing that has happened since the beginning of dci.
  5. I guess the real question is (if Spirit is the 12 spot) “can they make their show better than Spirit’s?” Probably not. Spirit’s show is designed and performed better, and still has significant things to change with the show.
  6. My age out year (Spirit 2007), we were 15th in both brass and color guard and still made finals. It’s a GE game, baby.
  7. Sure, it’s more relatable I guess, but still fundamentally terribly designed.
  8. Let’s be real. This year’s PR show is infinitely worse than last year’s, and last year’s show was unwatchable. I feel bad for the corps members. They don’t deserve this.
  9. I saw these guys in Birmingham tonight, and absolutely adored them. Obviously a well taught, mature corps. They should be proud of what they are doing.
  10. So, you can both walk away happy, completely convinced of your rightness! ‘Merica.
  11. I’m sure you aren’t. Personally, I think it is used much more effectively now than when I aged out in 2007, and I’m all about effects being used as effectively as possible. As far as the concept itself, I’m pretty neutral. Good is good.
  12. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion of your personal enjoyment of the use of scatter drill. With the high use of scatter drill in today’s DCI and the rewarding of it through scoring, the judges clearly disagree.
  13. Absolutely! Some of the most impactful moments in DCI history (off the top of my head, SCV 1989 Music of the Night climax) were impactful because they were developed musically, visually, drill-wise, to make that arrival that much more satisfying. If done right, and there are many modern examples of it, scatter drill can play a part in creating such moments.
  14. Absolutely! Not be insulting to Edirker, because I know it’s not what he is driving at, but scoring is not an applause-o-meter. Does crowd reaction matter? Of course! It’s one part of the equation, but not the only factor.
  15. Well, sure. Scatter drill is used a lot as transitional material to a climax.
  16. Honestly, it’s not a matter of opinion. You see in the scores it being rewarded when designed and executed well, and debited when not.
  17. You’re actually right on both counts. Ideally, this is judged on a “corps A achieved at this much of a spread higher or lower than corps b” system. So, with this mind, what happens on the west coast is independent of what happens on the east coast, or whatever region you choose to use. From a fan’s standpoint, the practical use doesn’t matter until they all meet at a large regional. From a corps’ standpoint, the most useful information comes from both the tape from the judges and the one on one feedback.
  18. You’re good! It’s hard to text tone.
  19. This happened all the time when I was marching a million years ago. The tape is way more valuable than the number this time of year. It’s where you can determine the substance of the criticism.
  20. Those are the problems you want at this stage of the season. It’s so much easier to clean your execution than your show.