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  1. It made me laugh too!! Looking forward to great things from Madison and Crown next year, my two favorites!
  2. Agreed!! They had a great year and everyone loved their show. They have much to feel good about. Deciding the placement of the top 6 had to be very difficult, they were all so good.
  3. I'd like them to try something jazzy next year. Like some of the old Madison Scouts shows. Just for a change.
  4. I can't believe he intended to be hurtful, he just did a stupid thing. He is sorry and has made multiple apologies. which seem sincere. How about everyone just forgive and forget.
  5. He apologized, he knows it was a horrible mistake. I say let it be and lets move on.
  6. The members sold that show with their energy their performance excellence. It was amazing to watch.
  7. All I know is, I’ve never seen a more energetic and electric performance than I saw from Crown tonight. I can't wait to see what they have planned for next year.
  8. I’m always depressed the day after finals. It’s all over till next year. Its like fall, when everything is dying.
  9. OMG Crown!! You sold that show tonight! Made believers out of a lot of people! Multiple standing ovations, the crowd ate it up! C Congrats on an epic run!
  10. Sorry, BK show does nothing for me. It’s a total snooze. guess I’m shallow.
  11. Prelims GE1 had them 3 3 3rd GE2 had them 7 5 6th semis GE1 5 4. 4th GE2. 7 4. 5th So my point, if they judge the same thing, how can the guy with a music background consistently rate them so much lower than GE1 judge. The difference especially stark on prelim night. Its just all so subjective. It seems the show designers are being judged more than how the members perform. Wish it could be tilted the other way just a bit.
  12. Ok, so how come the GE 2 judge, with a musical background rates them so low, both night, as compared to GE1 if they are looking at the same thing. 7th place both nights for GE2?