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  1. In my view, the 2018 concept was not strong but rather confused, and yes, vague.
  2. Wow it's quiet! No news for almost a month??
  3. What was really amazing, we were all kids from the local area of Great Bend KS, a very small town. Mrs Opie taught us all how to play the "right" way. She was an amazing instructor, and she took no prisoners. I wish they had hi def video and better audio recordings back then.
  4. So is this confirmed or just rumor? Maybe they will add to other brass sections.
  5. I find DCI's actions disappointing and heavy handed but I will still attend shows and support the two corps I contribute to financially. I'm hoping DCI realizes they screwed up and does something to fix the mess. If they do nothing, I might consider not renewing my friends of DCI membership next year. It's probably time for a change in DCI leadership.
  6. The music was OOTW, the visual was cluttered. Still should of won high brass IMO.
  7. Hoping for the best too, but with no real changes I'm not overly optimistic. Time will tell.
  8. How about we all donate to help with the medical bills. https://www.gofundme.com/rally-for-wade-freeland
  9. There's lots of pot stirring going on around here.
  10. By the way, I have an extra ticket to all three nights in Indianapolis. They are great seats, in the "friends of DCI" section. Section 241 row 9 If anyone is interested PM me and make me an offer.
  11. I give them credit for trying new things, and I've enjoyed the last two year's shows. However, veering a tad towards conventional for next year might be a good...... change. Because change is good.