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  1. I got to see them in person, amazing!!
  2. I clicked on some of your links, they want me to log into facebook. I don't have a facebook account so I guess I'm out of luck.
  3. Most of us were from the area right around the small town of Great Bend Kansas, Sandra taught us how to play. An amazing teacher and great person!
  4. I gave them money, but told them I dont want a helmet. I have enough stuff in my house already.
  5. How is Crown doing financially? Their website says they need help now more than ever. It sounds somewhat desperate, so I sent them $1000. More than I could afford now, but I put it on the credit card. I'll pay it off later.
  6. I made the biggest donation I've ever made. I don't really have the money but I put it on my credit card. I will pay it off later.
  7. I guess they are focused on trying to figure out if there will be a 2020 season.
  8. Hopefully this will all be over by June. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
  9. I'll have to try that. I also have those clorox wipes, I wipe everything in the cockpit down with those before I touch anything. Call me paranoid, but I don't want to catch this thing and I have to spend a lot of time in JFK and LGA airports in New York, where they have the most cases.
  10. I'm an airline pilot so I have to spend a lot of time in airports and planes. This corona virus has made me very worried about going to work!! I've washed my hands so many times I fear my skin may sluff off.
  11. Can someone summarize the new rules that have passed? Will we be watching marching band on steroids with woodwinds next year?
  12. Can someone answer the question. Is DCI going to allow woodwinds or not? I need to know if I should stop planning to attend DCI events next summer.