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  1. I want someone to do a Vanderpump Rules theemed show.
  2. I just have to tell you what a huge fan I am of your '85 show. I marched Jr. Scouts in '85 and you guys were a complete bag of crap in June. But, by God, at finals you were just spectacular. To this day, that show is not only one of my favorite Regiment shows, it's one of my all time favorite shows, and THE show I consider to be the most underrated. You should be so proud of that show and what you all accomplished over that summer. It was so incredibly demanding and just marvelous. SUTA (even though I have no F'ing idea what that means)!
  3. Yep, but it's not good for the activity. Especially when the top corps get their way and policy after policy is put in place to keep the top corps the top corps.
  4. Just putting it out there that 1996 is so underrated.
  5. This has been happening since the 70s. There is no fairness in competition, and corps are forced to spend massive amounts of money to try and win. The list of corps who folded because of spending to try and win is massive. I don't know how anyone could look at the number of corps and the decreasing audience and say this activity isn't dying. And, yes, it is a decreasing audience. There are around 20-25k people at finals, and a good 6,000 or so are participants. That's less than when I marched over 30 years ago. DCI doesn't help this. The corps should not be running DCI.
  6. They could make a lot of things uniform. The top corps are the ones with power and things always work out in their favor. They care little for the activiity as a whole and only care about remaining at the top. Championship fees Performance order Budgets It's al geered towards keeping the lower corps down and keep the top corps in the top. Remember when Boston protested the G7. Well now Boston is one of those selfish corps. Well they are all signing their own death warrant. The amount of money these corps spend to stay at the top is not sustainable, and Vanguard and Cadets are proof of that. This is just the beginning. I sometimes wish the lower tier corps would break from DCI and form their own circuit in which fairness in competition and overall health of the activity were the overridding principles.
  7. Yeah, I think this activity can't be judged, quite frankly. So much politics in the mix, too. Back when I marched the playing field was much more even than today. Today, there is no fairness in compeition in this activity. I'll chat here some, watch some shows online, but I really don't suppor the activity anymore. Stanford 2018 was the last show I've been to and I don't plan on going to another one anytime soon.
  8. I was at Stanford in 2018. I was at that show sitting in the Vanguard section. It was wonderful seeing all the happy alumni after them beating BD for the first time since 2007. Such a long draught. I knew that night they were going to be champions. That show was unbeatable.
  9. I'm the biggest Vanguard fan. Was at the show in Seattle in 2004 and jumping out of my seat when you all beat BD. It was such a great show.
  10. This show is probably in my top 10 off all time favorite shows. It was really magnficant. The first time I saw it, I was not a fan because it was so modern. But, it really grew on me and complexity here was out of this world.
  11. You are absolutely right. Thank you for pointing that out. Bump was amazing. The Bluecoats are amazing. They've had my favorite shows in 2019, 2022 and 2023. I just love them. I like modern drum corps for what it is, but I certainly miss the musicality and good drill.
  12. Yes, the Cadets look like the won't be back, but this is just the beginning. You can't be competitive without spending a ton of money, so corps have a choice - remain a lower tier corps or spend, spend, spend and fold in the future.
  13. We've had more visabiility in what's going on with Vanguard and the Cadets than other corps. More corps are going to be forced to take time off because of the extremely high costs of running said corps and the lack of interest in this activity. Within 20 years the whole activity will be gone.
  14. To me, modern drum corps is all about the visual. That's why I'm still involved in the activity. Since 2010, there are only three shows I listen to: Crown 2013 and 2015 and Vanguard 2018. When I want music I look elsewhere. It saddens me that really good music has left drum corps. I'm not sure why one can't be true to the original composition and still have content. To me, playing actual music is more difficult than playing technical exercises in a Hooked On Classics type fashion for 10 minutes is.
  15. Really? Bluecoats did a Beatles show without any Beatles music. I know I'll get shot for this, but it's true. It was, actually, my favorite show of 2019 and I felt it should have won based on it's merits and the extremely high performance levels, but it wasn't musical at all. The musical elements of the show were just a technical exercise with the Beatles music as an underlying component, overshadowed by the vast and endless runs. That's not music. WHAT THE BEATLES HAD WRITTEN IS MUSIC, and Lennon is a much better composer and orchestrator than the Bluecoats music staff. I don't mean to rag on the Bluecoats, because they are not alone. EVERYTHING is written for the judges and nothing is written for the fans. There is no musicality today, or there is rather very little. If the Bluecoats just played the Beatles music without all the runs tossed in all over the place, they wouldn't have scored as well because it wouldn't have been deemed as having as much content. But, it would have been a hell of a lot better. I quite enjoy modern DCI but musically it doesn't hold a candle the golden era. Listen to Regiment's 1996 opener and how it just built and bulit and built over 4 minutes to it's thundering conclusion. THAT is music. THAT is musicality. How the hell can a corps achieve that today when they are playing 15 different pieces in 10 minutes and the hornline is only playing for 4 of them?
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