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  1. Got confirmation today. Sec 139 - still not with the cool kids.
  2. I am so sorry you have had this difficult news, and send prayers and hopes for your sister’s treatment and recovery. Glad you can be with her.
  3. I have read this several times regarding the succession, but as the Queen’s uncle never had any children, who theoretically might have inherited the throne, it isn’t altogether clear what might have happened had Edward VIII remained on the throne. Certainly your point that Elizabeth at her birth was not expected to become Queen is true.
  4. As we lost 2 members of our Finals week party due to our negative experiences as attendees, those if us remaining decided we get so little benefit from being Friends of DCI that we opted to purchase Super 3 packages and to donate the money we used to give FoDCI to some of our favorite corps. We soon received an email from the DCI office asking to confirm whether we truly intended to stop belonging to FoDCI, or whether we had made an error in ordering. I confirmed we were only ordering Super 3 packages, and that if they were interested, I would be glad to provide specific feedback about what had led to our decision. I got a brief response email: “Thank you for letting us know.” By the way, we never received a survey about our experience at Indy this year. Although it’s disappointing to learn that DCI doesn’t care what its fans and supporters think (or maybe just me 😂), I am feeling positive about no longer supporting DCI with donations. I really miss Kathy, who was let go from DCI early in the pandemic. She was always engaged and helpful.
  5. Sorry. - do the corps have blocks for sale yet? I checked 5-6 corps websites and saw none. Thanks!
  6. Do they currently have tickets available for 2023?
  7. They implemented the structural changes for 2022.
  8. From watching the “Blue” episode of “ The History of Art”, one of the source inspirations for the show, from a distance the blue tarps have a resemblance to the raw mined lapis lazuli stone, so that before reading your comments, that was my best guess as to what they represent - but it could be completely wrong, as the the stone is very hard, and the tarps, not. Dreams and fabric work well too.
  9. Come on, it was one night, one tiny little show, not the whole tour! And it’s not like they made a 20 year commitment to LOS for their biggest event of the year, or anything. If they HAD, it would have made sense to make it their business to figure out how to make things run smoothly there.
  10. That is fair. However, they have a better chance of successfully identifying and addressing issues if they collect first-hand reports from customers. Hopefully they will send the survey to attendees this year.
  11. They seem to have effectively taken off Finals week too based on my experience. And I am sure they are accepting ticket orders this week. They are closed tomorrow. They could have asked me to put my concerns in writing do they could be recorded and they could give a response at a later time. I recognize stonewalling. Please feel free to contact them and report your experience.
  12. I just had an unproductive conversation with someone at DCI office when I called to report our group’s experiences with stadium entry issues, extremely long concession lines, and behavior of unticketed fans in Friends of DCI section. She said they were aware of the issues and would be taking steps to address them but couldn’t say if DCI would be making a statement. She said that DCI had staffing on site to address seating issues but that it was “limited” - having attended 3 sessions, I can report that “limited” meant nobody in my section, ever. They did not give any specific steps they were planning and seemed to want to deflect the concerns I was raising, without any attempt to take down specific information about what I was reporting or offering to follow up. If anyone gets information that DCI is taking any of this seriously, I would appreciate knowing before the renewal deadline. Thank you.
  13. In several of the comments on DCI’s FB post announcing the delay of the show start, people said that DCI staff directed them to turn around and get in the line. I never saw anyone purporting to be acting in an official capacity, other than someone ushering INpact families to the gate to get in to see their kids perform, but I arrived at the time of the snaking line, and S Capitol Ave sidewalk was packed.
  14. Unfortunate that it came to this, and I am rooting for some positive change at PC, but I will note that @George Dixon and @Poppycock called this during one of the regionals.
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