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  1. So many of his scores were perfection. We have lost a giant but are fortunate to have his rich musical legacy. Every time I hear part of the Cinema Paradiso score I wonder when a corps is going to put it on the field, particularly the love theme as a ballad.
  2. Fantastic night I will long remember. A salute to all the corps, and congratulations to all the winners and medalists. Way to go Blue Devils - you earned gold against the fiercest competition ever. Kinda wish there were some ties. Crazy close scores.
  3. To alleviate some of the tension from waiting, I am excited to announce the RCH Award for Achievement in Giant Airborne Pieces of Fabric goes to ... JERSEY SURF!!!!! Sorry, Colts, but you were a close second.
  4. As a reader of DCP since 2013 who now cannot shut up, thank you to all the corps - MMs, staff, volunteers, parents, donors, to judges and DCI and its staff, and anyone else I missed - for an incredible season. Good luck to all the competing corps tonight except BD - break a leg, Devils. I will cheer loud for all of you and enjoy every moment. Thanks too, DCPers for your passion and engañen for and with drum corps, and for the education and entertainment you have shared here. I have learned so much from all of you and will continue to do so. Have fun tonight, everyone!
  5. Looking forward to cheering for Bloo at the epic throw-down tonight. Judging is way beyond my pay grade, but I look forward to enjoying and celebrating the magic of The Bluecoats, be it once or twice more. Thank you for this amazing ride.
  6. Congratulation, Pacific Crest, on your well-deserved placement and score. Thank you for the magnificent show - so happy to see this giant leap forward, and may you ever glow brighter in the future!
  7. I understand the sentiment. For me, I see my role as supporting all the corps and figuring out to love what is special and praiseworthy in each show. It definitely takes me longer with some than others. I am happy to say I achieved my goal this year and had a wonderful time tonight watching 25 shows. I have not been successful every year.
  8. I had a blast tonight, again. Let’s do it again Saturday night! Gonna be crazy - so many battles going on should bring out the best in everyone.
  9. What a great run! BD rose to the challenge and did what they always do - ensure there will be a worthy champion. Looking for blue smoke tomorrow.
  10. This is such a wonderful example of what is great about drum corps - honoring history by sustaining that bond and friendship. Such an inspiration.
  11. BD and Bloo - two shows both timeless and of the moment. Both worthy champions. I just enjoy them and leave it to the judges.
  12. Bloo - another rocking magical show. This may be unstoppable at this point. Such high performance levels. They deserve those GE scores, too.
  13. BD - the movement of all of them is otherworldly. Seemed to me like a hot run. Were tempos up a bit? Just stellar tonight, if only the closer were a little more something. I am pulling for them for the win tonight.
  14. Crown - wonderful. Great to have percussion as a strength to complete those sort winners. Just got to write and perform guard book to match and be more than a fine auxiliary.
  15. Cavaliers - no show is more packed with jaw-dropping visual moments. The velocity of this show is incredible. And so sweet to listen to. Insane that this show is not a medal favorite but we are living in amazing drum corps times.