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    I am on admin team for Bushwackers. I myself have marched indoor guard and currently coach
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    Crown 2015
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  1. Dover DE is at Delaware State, Glassboro is at Rowan U and the Sewell NJ is Washington Twp HS...
  2. The most depressing part of our night in Bush land... 😕
  3. After receiving an email that Roku app was not up and running, I actually was able to log into my smart tv, so it must have been fixed faster then they org said which email stated by next week. Last week I just used hdmi cord from computer to smart tv for viewing on big screen
  4. I saw them, the digital screens. Is it wrong to assume that this investment would be used multiple years moving forward? It's like a programmable digital backdrop.
  5. This news coupled with the 12-15 age to be fully vaccinated before move ins could even bring in a few more younger recruits for corps struggling to fill up.. good news!
  6. I think we as a country will all wind up at the same place with openings at some point, perhaps 4th of July?... the vaccine efforts are everywhere and moving forward and increasingly including more individuals. I am totally perplexed by NJ and the increased cases and the fact we are the most restricted as far as openings and mask mandates and have 30% vaccinated.
  7. As for staying on topic... I will have 2 fully vaccinated members going to their 1st camp 4/10... definitely encouraging for a productive season. AND farmers almanac predicts unusually warmer drier April and May for Pa/NJ area then years past
  8. It was the circuit city guy that reported the pocono paintball trip shooting findings on the digital camera the brothers returned... that was when I left approximately 5 mesgs that my roof was still leaking.
  9. Fort Dix, I remember. Those brothers were out to repair my roof the day before their planned attack... my house and family are in the FBI reports... obviously we had no idea what was going on
  10. With benefits of not being judged and not having the constraints of performing to the top box the ability to entertain and use the field in a whole new way would be innovative and grow the possibilities for the corps to be 360' for all spectators to enjoy.
  11. The mega site has a questionnaire that you fill in and it forwards you to an appointment schedule if you are eligible to receive. I work k-12 my son works for essential shipping and my daughter is in food delivery service and my husband has preexisting conditions. So we were all refered to schedule appointments upon filling out the mega site form for Camden County.
  12. My county has opened up vaccination appts to anyone who lives and works in Camden County NJ., particularly the "mega sites" about half the people I know have gotten 1st or have appt set for dose 1. Both my marching members will be fully vaccinated by April
  13. Not gonna lie... I was kinda jealous watching FFCC kick off indoor 2021 .. it seem unreal to be watching real inperson colorguard shows... no such season here in NJ
  14. Camden county NJ has opened the mega site up to all who live and work here thru online scheduling.
  15. I didn't think you thought they weren't deserving. I dont think everyone even in a pandemic can wrap their head around quitting or dealing with the stress of how hard it will be. I would hope people didnt start smoking in all this, people have preexisting conditions some self inflicted, some not. I just try to believe that people are trying to do the best they can with hand dealt.
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