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  1. The framework is there for reservations and potential bookings of stadiums and housing all with a possibility of money back guarantee in cancellation in contract. Guidelines are obviously dictating what will be permitted come summer 2021. My own personal feelings are if we make it to spring training all systems are a go even if a modified season.
  2. I was at a MB non competitive show yesterday 5 bands in total, all small groups... they mask up on busses and when not playing, no extra busses, and venue provided port a pots (is that a safer choice?) Next week I'll see a 9 band show some larger groups so it'll be interesting. NJ is up and running in most sports and activities, life is cautious but moving forward.
  3. With anything virtual I would expect a lot out of Flo with many insider access and behind the scene extras to be added in to a deluxe package if we cant get into the stands.
  4. Nj has rapid antigen tests on the way available shortly... the "bubbles" will work for limiting exposures of groups and I have found camps and colleges are taking dorm reservations for summer as long as you are "tested and contained" to 1 dorm.
  5. I do believe the auditions and winter camps will be virtual. Each drumcorp can possibly go into their own "bubble" and precede with learning a show... not sure of the performance capacity venue it will be displayed in but worst case is virtual on Flo, next best a localized regional? For all we know finals will happen but by appointment only in the stadium coming in with and leaving with those who are with that group, members, staff, supporters
  6. Facilities are the main issue right now... especially in schools... I have been told no outside groups til Jan 2021 and indefinitely by some locations. I am not sure how indoor auditioning is gonna take place in 2-3 months unless something drastically changes. Privately owned domes are more concerned with capacity percent standard, like 25% of total capacity limit up to 50/100 people... so it's not impossible to find space but currently a challenge and more costly.
  7. Oh wait... I totally missed the "virtual " part of I&E... oops lol
  8. It seems like the more planning an event takes the more likely they are to cancel even far out. I could see if DCA was planning an outdoor event but not anything indoors even 3 months out, its sad really..
  9. I am curious to see what happens by Labor day weekend... especially for DCA