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  1. 2022 pricing for 8 week New York YMCA overnight summer camp for youth : $2.000- $ 5, 000. Field trips beyond the camp are extra cost, specialty training instruction not included, medical assistance if needed, additional cost, other hidden costs. Elite accommodation 8 week overnight summer " stay put " camps for youth costs between $7.000- $10,000 year now in 2022. https://www.vocationaltraininghq.com/cost/overnight-summer-camp/
  2. Cost to play Ice Hockey..... Beginner levels... $2000- $2500 season Intermediate level player : $6.000- $7.000 season Traveling AAU Youth Hockey, Advanced Level: $10,000 -$12,000 season Are ice hockey youth (ages 8-22 ) all from " upper middle class families " ? Oh heck no. While some are, most are decidedly not. https://bshockey.com/how-much-does-it-cost-to-play-hockey/
  3. Both. The cash is accepted as legal tender in all 50 states.☺️ On a serious note, its not that unusual for music writers in MB 's or Drum Corps, WGI, to write for units that wind up in performance scored competition with one another. Many have, over the years. Truman Crawford, Hy Dreitzer, Pepe Notaro, Larry Kerchner, etc in the 60's, all the way to recent times where, for just one example, Michael Klesch wrote the music for Crown and Academy.
  4. Condolences to his family and friends and to the Blue Stars Corps.
  5. Yes . I recall hating those stands steps at College Park stadium ( Univ Maryland ) . Very steep, imo . But great vantage point to watch . Boston 2000 show did develop nicely during that season .
  6. Boston Mgt did not give up on that 2016 Corps and its marchers either when they were sitting late season in 14th place. Mgt could see the staff and marchers were working hard and making at least some headway in performance late. So the Mgt decided to match the marchers commitment to not be the first Crusaders Corps to fail to make Finals since 1st making Finals in 1999. The Mgt took the unprecedented step at the time late that season to " invest in them ". Boston Mgt decided to rent out indoor Lucas Stadium when they went to Indy for practice. its not chump change to do so. The video above is at Lucas, last day of practice there. Its the last song they played there at that practice... and inspirational for them, my guess. Boston Crusaders then went out and delivered inspired and improved performances at Indy Championships week, especially with the important Semi Finals performance, thus retaining their continuation of Finalist qualifications, and thereby becoming one of just 3 other current DCI Corps to have successfully retained DCI Finals status since 1st attaining it ( other 3 being, BD, SCV, Phantom Reg. ).
  7. DCI in retrospect in their formative years might have been better off adopting some variation of the NCAA model of regional competition where corps competed there in the summers and then the top 2-3 corps in the Regional there ( north , south , east west , maybe Midwest ) would send 2-3 top finishers there to the Nationals where then these Top 10 or 12 would compete there . Or sone variation of this model . The model where all the Corps seemingly cris crossed the country wily nily , never really made sense to me . Oh well ,,water over the dam now .
  8. For all that travel cost for that 1 show to and from Michigan , Boston Crusaders finished 2.25 points in back of Bluecoats , and the Cavaliers were closer to the Crusaders in that show in Michigan ( 1.85 points ) than Boston was to Bluecoats . Crusaders had to get back to practice right after that it looked like , as there really was not much to show in placement success either for that time and effort to go there and back .
  9. DCI lost a lot of member Corps in the 1970's when unanticipated soaring costs of fuel, food, housing, insurance, and borrowing costs with interest rates on loans soared to double digit levels, and other revenue crushing factors took hold. DCI has changed considerably since the 1970's. DCI will likely continue to evolve and adapt both on and off the field in the coming years and decades, imo. So long as thousands of schools and colleges close down for classes in the summers, and thousands of marching band instruction rooms/ halls/ gyms are closed for 10-16 weeks in the summers, there will likely always be summer offerings by DCI, imo
  10. WGI already does this format though. Small units... brass, percussion, guard, indoors. There will always be a need for summer competition of units, imo. DCI will not vote to do " theatre stage " shows in the summer , as the visual/ guard folks in DCI will nix any such proposal to do so , imo.
  11. This 2023 DCI schedule was put together knowing that transportation costs, ie fuel, food, etc are soaring due to inflationary pressures, energy costs. DCI was supposed to fold during the pandemic we often read here and on other social media, but actually rebounded about as well as could have reasonably expected, imo. Its far more likely that the soaring costs of fuel alone that followed the Pandemic likely made DCI go conservative with their shows for 2023, imo.
  12. Oh yes.. forgot about that, you're right. 👍(. I 'm sure over the decades a few others did a similar " multitask " like this). Boston Crusaders Sr's long time DM Jack Laselva ( retired recently, marched BAC in the 60's, playing soprano ), also conducted and at some exhibitions also took up a soprano bugle and played a solo.... likewise very good on it.
  13. Speaking of Cadets... the 1977 Cadets ( old school ) had the DM temporarily come off the podium, and play brass in a trio for the song " Echano"... . we pick it up at the 6:43 mark to the 9.43 mark ( all 3 are pretty good, imo, for BITD ), then back on the podium.. haha!
  14. 2023 Boston Crusaders schedule : https://bostoncrusaders.org/2022/11/2023-tour-schedule/
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