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  1. if so, then the written press releases from Corps and DCI that state they promote and maintain a " safe and healthy" environment for marchers and that they " have a zero tolerance " level for abusers in Drum Corps are in reality mere empty and hollow words.
  2. Not sure DCI understands quite yet that their initial press release of probation, but without demands for removal of personnel, including removal from competition during the probation period is not working well at the moment. Its hard to see how SOA would be able to field a competition Corps this season when parents and marchers are reading/ hearing what occurred. ... and the seemingly tepid... at best.... response to sexual assault and other disgusting behaviors there. DCI should be the entity to shut SOA down for the probation period. It should not come from prospective marcher, parent, donor attrition that sends SOA to the sidelines for this season. I thought DCI told us in press releases the last 2 years that they take reports of sexual assaults, sexual harassment, adult- marcher relationships that lead to intimidations, and reprisals upon marchers and on grossly improper behaviors seriously . About how vitally important marcher health and safety was to DCI . Really ? The DCI response seems slow and weak at the moment to me. Very disappointing, as I thought they would have had a far more stronger and appropriate response to these serious violations than what we have read so far from DCI.
  3. Not sure. Getting back to the original focus here, ie Spirit if Atlanta.... if DCI can remove Corps from competition due to use of overage members and mishandling Corps finances and IRS filings, it seems perplexing that a Corps can remain in competition status for 2022 and without removal demands of staff for what seems to be much worse transgressions, ie sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimidation, and the non reporting of the incidents to DCI in a timely manner as required by the new policies DCI put on place by DCI just over a year ago.
  4. I did not state that DCI did not like the Troopers. I did state they did not like the Corps Manager there in that time period. I stand by that comment too from my personal observations between him and DCI. The fact he mishandled the finances and required IRS filings in a timely manner was certainly indefensible and warranted his removal, imo. But for the record, if DCI applied the same standards requiring removal of Corps Managers for mishandling the Corps finances and/ or failure to file IRS taxes in timely manner, we would have had dozens of Corps and their Corps Managers sent to the sidelines by DCI since the 1970's onward to this very day.
  5. Good question. I don't know. I did read that penalties are not spelled out with any specific penalties for violations, and as such, DCI has wide latitude in the penalties they mete out for infractions But I'm not up on how DCI does things internally. Never have been.
  6. Well, if true ,THAT " other side of the story" needs to come without further delay, as not only is SOA on the brink, so isnt the entire DCI for taking a major PR hit with the now alleged " one side of the story " that the public is currently hearing and reading about here and elsewhere.
  7. I believe the year was 2006 when DCI decided they did not like the Corps Manager of the Troopers so DCI banned the Troopers Corps from competition performances for the following season. DCI made them reapply for return to DCI Competition, but only until DCI found the Troopers replaced their Corps Manager. His transgression ? He allegedly mishandled how the Corps finances were utilized by the Corps there. He was canned, and the Troopers got their finances in order sufficient to reapply for return to DCI's good graces and allow them back on the competition field after being booted to the sidelines for a season by DCI for the financial impropriety. So its rather perplexing to learn that apparently financial missteps will get you removed from DCI, and your Corps sent to the sidelines for a full season, but acknowledgments that sexual assaults, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, victim retributions, took place in a Corps on its youthful marchers is apparently deemed not as severe of bad behaviors by DCI as financial missteps by Corps Mangers, when we look at the SOA penalty meted out by DCI, and with no apparent demand of personnel to be removed from the SOA as one of the conditions of their probation. DCI needs to rethink their initial probation terms here to SOA. My guess, they will. And sooner, the better. But... time will tell.
  8. Some Corps should play Paul Simon's " Slip, Slidin' Away " for when they march over the tarps.☺️
  9. Yes, good point now that you mention it. If asked, ( not that they will )my vote would be for Pedro.
  10. Everythings goin' down the drain, and sinking fast. I dont want to throw water on this, but might we have left the door open for this ?
  11. A little bit more macabre and extreme regarding talking too much and/ or not keeping a secret on happenings. ( lol ) 🙂
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