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  1. They can just borrow some from Phantom they have to many anyway
  2. Sitting last night in the a theater in So Cal with 3 band director friends of mine whom I marched with in the 70's we all thought in the end Academy got Hosed last night
  3. But it's to early for BK's show to be complete , not till next week
  4. This was a topic you discussion on the vehicle I drove for a t op 12 corps the first season and it was pointed out that Vanderbilt has more Butt holders then MTSU so it was decided after 2014 to continue using Vandi with some tw eaks such as the Corps parking nightmare from 2014
  5. Yes there will be Color added to the props if they were white with the intended colors added the color would be lost in the white. I am no longer traveling with the Corps but wouldn't be surprised if it pops up in Winston-Salem
  6. Last I heard from battery staff was they were hoping to have the new guy in for Houston which will help the battery and overall group performance. There are areas in the show where that snare starts or enhances the book. Once the missing brass players are in that will really help the visual program, when a member of any section is out it affects the movement of the props . They take 2 performers to move them a lot of the time so if someone is out then vis staff has to get another MM to change what they would normally do in the vis program to move the prop which influences every aspect of the show vis , music and effect
  7. The new snare to replace the guy that left 4th of July should be on the field for the Houston show , now is just a matter of getting the injured horn players back on the field and contributing and recovering from the most miles this corps has done for the first month of the season in awhile.
  8. Read back a few days, today was the first non show full rehearsal day the corps has had where a block has not been altered due to weather since July 6th
  9. Ensemble is at 6 , run will be around 8 tonight

  10. As a person that travels as a volunteer with the Corps I would like to comment on the days leading up to Minneapolis. The corps rehearsed on the 5th , 6th and 7th in Massachusetts, Buffalo and Michigan City . All 3 days rehearsals were very productive though as anyone who has marched knows 9-10 hours traveling for 3 days straight will wear you out quickly. On the way to Indiana the brass bus broke down in Ohio which cost the corps time to condense from 3 to 4 busses so also a shorter amount of rehearsal time plus the fact that there were heavy storms in Indiana which left the fields unusable so they were able to get a small bit of individual sectional movement and brass work in but with another long bus ride to Minneapolis on the night before the show I think the MM's were pretty gassed. The results of the show in Rochester is a better reflection of where this corps is and with good weather and a solid week in Iowa leading into DeKalb I expect a quality performance from the Corps
  11. I am putting this out there to anyone that may know of a Corps in need of a Volunteer non CDL driver for this summer . I have driven for Pacific Crest 2013 and SCV 2014 and looking to get back out there this summer . I am retired and available all summer so if anyone knows something please drop me a line on whom to contact or they can get ahold of me . Thanks . Calvin Laub Anaheim Kingsmen 76-77
  12. I remember walking in with SCV IN 2014 and being blown away by the crowd . I really liked that facility