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  1. RIP Troy. I'll always remember your double flag antics during the hot summer days. You were an outstanding individual and will be missed!
  2. Unfortunately, that might be the case. My God, it was glorious though!
  3. Yup. I heard a bunch of their original 2020 material from the hornline, and it was incredible! Hopefully that makes it to the field in 2021!
  4. Jeesh, I see a lot of bickering around here per usual. Looks like a bunch of quality corps will be going to Indy this summer. Everyone stay safe. Can't wait to see who comes out to entertain us next summer.
  5. Grilled cheese sandwich made with butter flavored Crisco and fake cheese.
  6. Correct, not a complete statement, but it's the gist of things considering it is off topic. As far as the season. Good assessments.
  7. The new world order is taking advantage of an opportunity to forward their agenda and take over the world. We'll be getting rid of cash soon and the monetary system will be allowed to collapse as the wealth transfer to the elite is almost complete....
  8. That's not the whole picture. The middle class hasn't been a beneficiary of those numbers.
  9. Water? Like out the toilet... (Shameless "Idiocracy" movie reference....)
  10. Hmmm. Cavies aren't going to change their status. They already have two other co-ed groups in their organization.
  11. Wouldn't matter if they DID participate in Open Class. They'd still end up in finals just like Magic of Orlando did. That WOULD hurt their income though.