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    Cavaliers, Santa Clara Vanguard, Bluecoats, Crown, Blue Knights, and others too from time to time and show to show...
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    Star of Indiana 1990
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  1. Stars start out louder, Cavaliers add over time, Colts start louder and raw. All valid ways to produce sound.
  2. Saw the show streamed. Cavaliers were much improved over last night.
  3. I don't disagree, but social media has enabled criticism without tact, grace, and humanity. Things you wouldn't say to someone's face are said with impunity online, and that's a problem.
  4. Here's the thing: I actually enjoy BD's show this year, so they're doomed. When I like a show of theirs, they don't win... Like, every year.... Sorry guys! (haha)
  5. The danger is that if they place too much lower, they will lose the level of recruits that they currently enjoy. They had hundreds of auditionees last year. I don't want to say the number that I've heard because it's not for me to say, but it was quite a bit, but I have to believe that they will lose the older auditioners if they keep having to tweak the design over the season. Plus people get turned off early and don't give it another read after the design has been "fixed." It will grow into something by the end, but the drama up until then is tiring to read. Anyway, best wishes to everyone, but I hope people will give the changes a chance. The show reads much better in person. The ballad is great. The opener is getting better and better. The ending will be addressed, just like everyone else's end. All good.
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