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  1. Honestly, I would be disappointed if you didn't call it like you see it. It's early days though, so we'll see what happens.
  2. Bluecoats will be your medicine. They've got an awesome show.
  3. Possibly, but guard is strong, brass is strong.
  4. Whelp, Just saw some Bluecoats videos. Part of what I saw is what is the technical parts I saw them working on a little bit a couple of weeks ago. In the context of being in the show, it is fantastic! What a cool show! Well, the sections I saw are incredible! This design is already something fresh and new for drumcorps! I haven't seen that from any other corps yet, so these guys just became my front runners....
  5. Wow, Bluecoats, you're the corps to beat in 2022!
  6. Mandarins are in good shape this year! I like the show, mostly. I don't care for the singing too much, but there are some good bones on the show. I don't imagine they will drop. The rest is up to them.
  7. This show has good potential, but they're coming out of the gate a little slower than many thought. I look forward to seeing a finished product.
  8. The uniform looks ok, but my god, why does everyone have to look like a version of BD? The uniform style is reminiscent of BD uniforms past, and Cavaliers are playing "Bent Knee" without bending their knee marching.... I think the Cavaliers look and sound VERY strong for 6/24/2022, but they've given up a bit of their visual identity recently. This show is going to score really well, imho.
  9. I'm sorry, I just saw a video of Cavies; after seeing SCV and Mandarins last night, and BD from a couple of days ago, I'm feeling pretty good about Cavaliers' competitive prowess this year.
  10. ...from what I saw of Cavaliers versus BD and SCV, I'd put Cavaliers up on SCV by a couple of points and ahead of BD by a point right now. All are sloppy and skeletal shows....
  11. Pacific Crest needs to add Phantom Regiment's evil Witch Queen to their list of props!
  12. You never need to apologize, wonder person. I'm just flashing back and reminiscing about DCP past... I do believe we echo some of the sentiments of the greater crowd growing fans, so that's probably a valid concern about the Cavaliers in the past, I dunno.
  13. I will say that I recall several people on here critiquing the Cavalier's bent knee marching style as being incredible dirty, and comparing it to Blue Devils and Cadets specifically in selling their idea that bent knee sucks... ...I also recall that many posters said they didn't play loud enough to be scoring so high in brass... I also remember the screams of all the visual "tricks" the Cavaliers used to score higher such as rolling on the ground during their '05 show, and of course their standing still while playing difficult music. I remember this all very clearly. I remember this as they progressed through the later part of the '00s
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