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  1. There's no reason for his comment at the moment.
  2. Media drop very soon. Interesting to see what buzz it generates...
  3. Thank you! It also reminds me of Skeletor from Masters of the Universe (He Man) movie from last century too.
  4. Hornline put in a lot of work this weekend and sounds great for March! Not hyping but things are good in all sections. Guard really is getting good member numbers and have exciting plans to help with their movement technique. They should start off better than last year. Percussion just won, and are full. Horns are full from what I've been told. Specific shout outs to tubas! They are tight. Hornline is moving well. No show announcements. No hype. Just positive vibes. They ate well too.
  5. Facebook? Do people still use that? lol Ok. I went there and saw some pictures. Mission accomplished.
  6. Where do I find out how SCV's camps went? How was it attended, and all the usual camp stuff? This is all about their organization but I'm looking for SCV 2024 related information, not this. Thanks!
  7. I think the visual additions will help them. It is a crap shoot and most of this stuff depends on the design. I liked them musically last year and their guard was soooo young and inexperienced, but at the end of the season scored well. I think good things are in store, but we won't know much until a few camps have been under their and other corps' belts. Lots of corps in their scoring range had better seasons last year other than percussion, and then there's SCV. My hope is that 5-9th will be competitive and keep it exciting for all the corps.
  8. Fishers high school was incredible and underrated at last place in finals. Saw them live about 4 times this year. Too bad Vandergrift and Tarpon Springs didn't come, but Avon, Carmel, Hebron, Mason, Woodlands, and all the bands were just incredible. The brass playing is sublime, and the woodwinds play a lot of intricate music very well. This is as close to a national champion marching band contest as can be. The huge trend this year was outstanding soloists and small ensemble work. Blue Springs had a fantastic soloist. Hebron had incredible herald trumpets and brass in general. Mason had incredible woodwind soloists. Fishers was no slouch either with that bass trombone feature and Christmas show. Just tasty music. 4 of these finalists were from the Indianapolis suburbs, which blows my mind.
  9. I know several high school kids marching in finalist corps.
  10. Also, DCA's not thriving either, as they've turned to DCI. OTOH, marching band in the Midwest looks like it's going gang busters if my attendance to BOA and ISSMA, OMEA, KMEA, and Mid-States' circuits is anything to go by...
  11. Me too, but it's close to home for him, if I remember correctly. Time to get that genius back into the game!
  12. Make sure they file their charity designation right for NC or there will be hell to pay from a few posters on here.
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