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  1. Shake shack is over priced, but tasty.
  2. Yea, Californians are crazy about it.... I want to go to Vegas again and get a Shake Shack burger, then combine it with an in N Out burger. It's a thing to do .. Have a blast at the Katy show, wish I could be there!
  3. 1st time.... I've brought people there and they turn their nose up to it ... I've tried so hard to like it, really!
  4. I've tried over the years, but it keeps getting worse the more I try it.
  5. Icky.... The more I eat it over time, the less I like it....
  6. I'll have to tell Chuck you're all making these jokes. He'll get a kick out of it!
  7. Still do, but they've given the other designers a blueprint for success
  8. Working on my S9+ in the browser. Not an app, but it works fine. Best wishes.
  9. The show has been on there, but has recently been taken down. YouTube has gone too corporate and is shutting down small creators. DCI would be small potatoes there too.
  10. There's a place in the ballad near the end where the hornline makes an acute triangle form near the front. One line blends in with the front line. The line blending into the front line just begs for a four count bicycle step there.
  11. I think that the show would be fine in classic uniforms. They've made some changes to the show that are dirty, and I'm not a huge fan of the current marching style, but it is supposed to have cleaned the feet. Everyone complaining about the old marching style got their wish... I'm not completely sold on the visual package, but the show is wonderful and emotional. They'll bloom later in the season. Hornline is wonderful.
  12. Maybe they would be better, but not my business if they can hang with the expectations of the group. I didn't mention second hand smoke. I just assumed that smokers would go off and smoke away from others. We get it. You hate smokers. I don't want to be anywhere near them indoors or near a window either, but I'm not going to be militant about it if they don't interfere with me.
  13. Just keep in mind that this is still a subjective activity, and things are going to be looked at through a specific lens. So, it's not math or science, it's a person looking at a set of criteria on paper and assigning a number based on their interpretation of the sheets. ....or not. I don't think there are any conspiracies happening this year as much as the sheets and tastes have shifted. ...but this activity, figure skating, Ball room dancing, and many others definitely are subject and objective at the same time. Therefore, not perfect.