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  1. Have heard that in all the security training (from protecting personal info to active shooter and anti-terrorism) I’ve had over the years. Not going to be able to stop it but there are ways to make it harder and ways to protect yourself. Sad part is number of people who think “can’t stop it, so why bother”
  2. Still remember the DCA Prelims trip my sister and I took. This was when Prelims and Finals were same day so early Sunday morning. Pull into a closed strip mall and guy asked with a smile on his face “you here for the show”. When I said yes it was “PRIVATE LOT MOVE IT OR GET TOWED”. So we parked on the street right in front of him. 😈 Leaving putting stuff in the car and happened to look up. Someone pulled out without looking and car coming up the street took all the chrome off the side of that car. Can still see the chrome strips flying up like little missles. I kept my head down, jumped in and said to sis “we didn’t see ####” as the drivers were getting out and 😡
  3. IMO it isn’t a question of trust but a matter of keeping eyes open and trying to think ahead of people who would do this. but…. I worked 40 years Department of Defense and got 8-10 different types of security training every year. So I’m biased as hades toward security measures. Even kicked in a few times while on vacation which freaked my wife out “how the …. did you notice that?” 😳
  4. Never played Bb bugle but going from 2v to 3v was great. With the right arranger it really opens up what can be done musically.
  5. If directed at me, just giving people warning there might be stuff going on behind the scenes. Done more parades than I can remember and know I’d appreciate a warning. Also lost an ancestor to murder so this hits in a special way. And would not want anyone else to go through it.
  6. And some wacky packs out there are twisting this into yet another conspiracy to suit their sick purposes. Actually think this is on topic to drum corps considering how many corps do parades. Can’t even parade without watching your back
  7. See some places are cancelling or thinking of cancelling because they are afraid of copy cats.
  8. Oooh I like that better. “Check out what the leaders are doing.”
  9. Yankee had to google “bottle tree”…. Ohhhhhh…
  10. With my blunt ways (getting worse as I get older 😬) I’d send a copy of the email to DCI with “remove me from all mailing lists INCLUDING DONATIONS, the enclosed email explains why”. Friend felt an organization wasn’t doing what they were supposed to with a HC family member. She almost sent the yearly pledge card with $0 back but it got worked out (so far).
  11. Give us more $$$$ not that it will help eh? Sounds like when my one college started sending multiple donation requests each year. Told them “send me ONE a year or I’m done donating, your choice”. Yep days “of you owe us so fork out” is over.
  12. Feel your pain, retired start of March 2020 with bunch of trips planned. 3 weeks later Crap hit the Covid fan. Then it was “ok in 2021”. Now it’s “ok in 2022” I start the trips. Just got Covid booster this morning (not quite 65 but young lady doc recommended). So as protected as I can be hope hope hope hope
  13. Search under “kanstul” only thing that comes up is a trombone case. Search “baritone” and System Blue and others show up
  14. Had freeze up issues with Box5 at times and running WiFi might account for it. Thanks for the info.
  15. True but since that was already discussed I didn’t mention it. Keep thinking of that crappy George Preppard movie “The Blue Max” (slightly different design) where he was a WWI German pilot.
  16. Googled to check but Maltese cross emblem was also used in WWII. Medal was called the Iron Cross. Irony is that was Crossmens feeder corps name in the 70s.
  17. Oh yeah 1965, drove my parents nutz with help of Hanna-Barbera. And still a toon head…
  18. Hey I’m the one old enough to get that reference…. And I ain’t Morocco Mole 😆
  19. Lol didn’t get internet access at home until 1997. Kicker is I worked IT but that wasn’t network or PCs…. (Unix and databases)
  20. Lol can’t see it and doesn’t tell you name of the group. And I thought my job worried about information security. 😆
  21. Is that still around. Looked and can’t find it
  22. PA is really anal and out of date with the drinking laws. Don’t know of any bingo places that serve booze. Last I knew “private clubs” like American Legion Posts could have smoking. But ones I know only allow it in the bar area. And of course the big casino near me has booze and smoking “areas” in the main casino. Smoking “areas” as everything is open and smoke doesn’t stay in its area. 🙄
  23. So if a corps can have bingo, games of chance, etc…. Can they have smoking in the building? No smoking laws killed a lot around me as lot of smokers felt that was about the last place they could go to be social and still light up. No smoking so… why go. Having worked corps bingo in the “light em up” days. 🤮 Two degrees out and leave coat in the car so it wouldn’t smell like a cig. Then drive home with windows down cuz can’t stand yourself. 😫 And on some nights could barely see other end of building and it wasn’t that big
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