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  1. Year please???? :sshh: Any other info on '05, already got the new chart for the "green guys" :P . Dang can't believe I'm so close to two years in a row doing corps again WOO-HOO <giving $1 to Homer J.>
  2. * sigh * I'm a Sr guy but miss Black Diamond Regiment and Belvederes from up in Schuykill County, PA (Coal Mining Country aka Black Diamonds). We had a weekend camp at Indiantown Gap when one of these corps was there and serenaded each other after 10PM. For my Senior 70s fun, just check out the "History of the RCA" thread I started on the Senior Historic forum. :)
  3. Kevin did you know Joe Moxin (Moxim) from that time? THink he was a sop player. Joe and I lived in the same dorm hall at Indiana Univ of PA in the late 70s.
  4. OK Fran my middle age (non) memory is kicking in. I can't remember anything about '76 retreat and I was there and sober. Anyone care to fill in the details without starting the flames.....
  5. In '78 we were running neck and neck with another corps and lost to them at the Lewisburg (Bucknell) show. We had a bunch of members from the Lewisburg area due to another corps folding so this turned into a "home town" show for us. Also the Bucknell show usually has one of the more emotional crowds in DCA. We play off the field and as we're going out of the stadium I hear voices RIGHT behind me (I'm in the next to last row). I turned my head and there must have 100-200 people following us out of the stadium (and totally ignoring any corps still on the field). Bunch of them are yelling "you guys got #####", "what a ##### job" and "PLAY SOME MORE". We ended up doing a mini concert in the parking lot for that crowd and anyone else who left to stadium to see what was going on. Man that felt good. :)
  6. Also used as a way of showing your "displeasure" of your corps placing. The rule was you had to keep moving when playing out of retreat. If we "disagreed" we would march with a normal sized step until we got in front of the stands. Then we would go to a half step (but still moving) and point our horns into the stands. We usually picked our loudest song to do this. Great stress reliever.... I've been to shows where people stayed for the playing off just to see what would happen. "<name of corps> must be PO'ed about coming in 2nd. Let's stick around to see if they do anything".
  7. Talk about Brother Dave kicked off another flashback with an ex-YR in Westshore. On the way to the Reading "clap show" in '84 (it's starting to come back Jeff) both buses stop at a MickeyDs (where else). For some reason one of the sops (Ron Garris(on?) has his uni pants on. He goes to pay at the counter and realizes he can't get to his wallet which is in his shorts under the uni pants. Being a Drum Corps vet he just drops his pants where he is standing to get to his wallet. Because Ron is right at the counter, the woman who took his order can't see his shorts and thinks Ron is in his skivies or worse. The look on her face was "What do I do first - call the cops or clean my pants". I was in the next line and had a great view of the fun. :P Think Trees' quote was: "Yeah, Westshore's back"
  8. Did Danny have smoke coming out of his ears AND flames out of his eyeballs? Or just the smokin' ears :P
  9. In the late 70s Westshoremen marched Olds Duratone (dull finish) Baris and Contras. The rest of the horn line had the "shiny" finish but don't know if they were Olds. But if Olds wasn't making mellies back then, they would be shooting themselves in the foot. PS - Everything was piston/rotor in those days.
  10. Oh, oh :P We have an ex-Rocket playing Bari for the Lancers. I'll have to bust his chops at the next rehearsal. :P Seriously we have fun talking about "way back when". Asked the same question on RAMD and came up with another ambulance and a carnival truck (Gemany). The answers are getting most interesting.
  11. Think I remember the 'fro and the beard but can't remember both at the same time. Yeah, the memory goes when you get older. :( OK time for a Frank F. story. When we were at New Orleans Frank bought a Transformer type robot toy for one of his nephews. Thing was about a foot tall, really loud ugly color and shot missles out of his chest. The sick thing was the tips of the missles stuck out of the chest and the robot looked like he had a really bad case of hard nipples. We were in the motel parking lot and Frank shows it to us and in a combo robot and kung fu movie voice says: "This... is.. Shogun warrior.. Muck Chuck ####a You. I kill you will my secret weapon". Then he shoots off one of the missles. He might have said something else but we were laughing too hard to hear it. Just hope the nephew had as much fun with it as Frank did showing people. Man we never cracked the top 5 during my days, but we still had fun.
  12. Cabs had steel drums but each guy only carried one. Mats had 'em but each guy had two. And Wally was at the '75 Mount Carmel exhibition when one of the Mats steel drum players keeled over on the field (first freakin' show of the year). Paul Geiger and I were standing at the fence around the 40 yard line and it happened almost in front of us. The corps was moving into formation for the concert number and the guy just crumpled. Bunch of guys ran up to help and were talking to him but it looked like they didn't know how to unhook the guy without hurting him. Guess his back just couldn't handle the weight. All during the unhooking and getting the guy off the field, the Mats were blasting out their concert number. Whadda a freaky scene that was!
  13. With apologys' to whoever wrote the "Mr Ed" song, but #### I couldn't resist. :P Because of a response in another thread I found a way to combine two of my favorite activities, Drum Corps and Old Cars. Can't afford a real antique car or start a corps so I'll have to be satisfied with free info. :( Back in the 50s/60s some corps used a hearse as an equipment truck. As a card carrying member of the Antique Automobile Club of America (since '75) I'd like to hear more. Following are corps I know of who used hearses. Can anyone add to the list or give more detail? Reilly Raiders - whadda surprise with their Bad Boy reputation George Washington Carver Gay Blades - overheard this one time at practice Reading Buccaneers - Bee-o-ti-ful picture in History of Drum Corps provided by Donnie Sollinger Westshoremen - at least Jeff sid so ;-)
  14. Let's see now, one (only one) bass drum, couple of snares, couple of tenor drums and..... OK, how many cymbal players (AKA plate bangers) back then..... AND NOTHING ELSE..... But I do remember a set of double drums used in a few parades in '74. Looked like two single headed bass drums laid on their side and bolted together. #### they even looked heavy.
  15. LOL, didn't know about that one.... Hearses were also used by Reilly (figures if you know that corps image), George Washington Carver Gay Blades (maybe the only all black Sr corps) and Reading (great pic supplied by Don Sollinger in History of DC Vol II). Hmmm, think I'll start a thread on RAMD and here and see who else pops up. Did I ever mention I've belonged to the Antique Automobile Club of America since before I discoverd Drum Corps. :P
  16. Ahh, the old blue beast that the corps had approx. 75-83..... It was actually a refridgerated van which meant the inside wasn't nearly as roomy as it looked on the outside because of the thick walls. There was a thermometer on the outside that was totally rusted (couldn't even read it). Benny asked my dad to look at it because dad was a auto mechanic. Dad took one look and refused to go near the truck since it was so beat. If the truck was parked downhill on a step hill ever now and the trannie would lock up. Benny would crawl under the truck with a hammer handle and big hammer and start beating "somewhere" until the trannie unlocked. Used to scare the #### out of Paul and me because we thought the truck would slip and roll over Bennie. The only seat in front was the drivers seat. Benny put an old metal trunk down on the floor so Paul G and I had a place to sit. Surprised we never got pulled over in the five or so years I rode with Benny. Friggin' spare tire was buried in the middle of the van portion. We blew a tire coming back from the Coal Region on I-81. God must have been the only reason that truck never rolled. Took us about 90 minutes to unload half the crap from the back, change tires and reload all the crap. PS - Before I forget, Benny used his pickup truck (with cap) in 74/early 75 to haul the drums. Can't remember if everything fit.
  17. We took him to life?????? We took him to lunch!!! Geez and we didn't even drink our lunch. Maybe that was the problem :sshh:
  18. Oooh Messers Ream and Drumzx..... In case Steve hasn't seen the man (and his big ##### smile) lately, Mr. Bob Sprenkle is retiring. His last day is Friday, I have his home email at work if anyone wants it. We took him to life today and I told him that since we paid for his meal he can't ###### UN-retire. ^0^ The "Cycle of Life" err, "Cycle of Work" story is this: Bob found out last week that another x-Westshore drummer is working on base as a contractor. Some guy by the name of Skee Derr. ... as one drummer exits, another enters....
  19. LOL where is it at now? Drove down the alley Sunday and there was a sign saying "Mechanicsburg Recycling has moved to ?????". Totally forgot about the graffiti. *sigh* need a picture of that truck beofre the logo totally fades away....
  20. OK got the scoop on the DVD problems from cutie pie Melissa at Circuit City. Least I think he name was Melissa, I wasn't exactly looking at her name tag. :P The problem is the type of blank CD disc used for recording. Most used types are (write once) and RW (rewriteable). Then there are the funky -R, +R, -RW, +RW standards for DVD use. I have no idea what the #### the +/- mean but that's what I was shown. I showed Melissa(?) the corps DVD and she couldn't tell the format because the label (with Hoovers mug) covered the type of disc that it was. Our old DVD player didn't say anything about + and - so it doesn't handle these types. We just bought a cheapo ($60) Zenith DVD that handles the weird ##### +/- discs and now we can see the corps DVD fine. (turn on Jack Nicholson voice) Every freakin' time ya get near a Drum Corps it ends up costing more and more moola....
  21. Haven't been back there for a while but yeah it did. To be more accurate, they just never bothered to paint over anything. I'll have to drive down that alley next time I'm in the area. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  22. Speaking of trucks, Mechanicsburg Recycling still has one of the corps trucks parked at its place near the G-Man. Made the mistake about 10 years ago of asking the guy about it and he almost ripped me a new one about what a piece of crap that truck was when he bought it.
  23. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> All I can remember is Ricks brother Carig calling and melting my phone lines with how Larry sold the equipment and the corps was dead. And, oh yeah, something about burning a big "W" on Larrys front lawn with salt. Next time I heard anything about the corps was running into Frank Filipelli the afternoon of the Hershey show (think we were watching Sky rehearse). Frank "invited" me to join the parde corps which was going to meet at the Island the next day. "Invite" as in - "Hey ######, we're starting a parade corps and need bodies. So get your ##### ### to the ##### Island #####". And for anyone else reading, no offense was meant or taken. It was Frank being himself (and one of my buds..)
  24. Ohhh crap, now I remember doing a show at Reading but not sure if 84 or 85. And I have no idea if it was standstill as I was carrying the American Flag and couldn't watch the show. I'll have to dig out the pics of the corps taken after 84/85 Prelims to see what year I had the AF and what year I carried a saber (not THAT'S a scary thought).
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