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  1. I don't think school districts (anywhere) will allow corps to stay or rehearse at their schools anymore. To much money to disinfect before, during and after. No housing and no rehearsal sites mean no more drum corps! I know this is not what you want to hear and some will attack me for saying this (I know there are more intelligent people out there) but I think it will cost to much money for the corps AND schools. Just ask some school districts and you'll get your answer.
  2. Two things will happen.....On November 4, 2020 Corona Virus will be eliminated OR......It will get worse and all drum corps, winter guards and marching bands will cease to exist! Schools will not allow groups to enter their property whatsoever o competitions cannot be held in gyms or stadiums (no rehearsals on any school property). Since you can't have fans at any professional sports venues...NO fans at competitions.
  3. I remember going to Lackawanna for Championships, ususally during the Baker Victory Carnival
  4. Us NYer's always hooped Squires would do it after Purple Lancers.
  5. Remember when the Geneseo Knights were beating almost everyone in early season and then didn't make top 12 while the other corps. that they beat, did?
  6. Open class isn't regional as they all travel around the country to compete. Back in the 1970's (for my era) corps stayed in their area. We were from the Buffalo. NY area so we did Upstate NY, Western PA, Ontario and sometimes Cleveland area. That was our region.
  7. Was Vengeance a Canadian corps? I thought they were a corps from NY. The name was changed from the Niagara Frontiersmen. Not sure why the change though.
  8. This post came back 11 years later? WOW Imagine if Charioteers had continuity and started in June like others!
  9. I'll probably have some mad people here BUT.......I have always (most of the time) sided with DCI corps but I am going to say something that may not be happy to most. If DCI wants the support of fans and alumni who can donate money, they (corps) need to listen to what the fans want! They need to NOT go against all those fans from the decades past. I don't think we/they want the tic system in judging and a Color Pre, but music that they can hum as they leave the stadiums. Just throwing it out there!
  10. If DCI put out recordings for us to hear from the 1970's and 1980's? What a grand gesture that would be!!!! Just saying!
  11. I started marching in 1971 and the last show I saw was at Batavia, NY, late in the season (maybe end of August or start of September). I remember Blue Rock was suppose to be there but pulled out and replaced by The Mark Twain Cadets. I believe Boston Crusaders, 27th Lancers and possibly Kilties were there too. I do remember two of our members left our corps to join St. Joe's but I am not certain. Back then you had to have a release.
  12. If DCA does what they always do (two or three years after DCI) the DCA 2022 season will be canceled! Now I say that as a joke and I am sure Allen and the corps director will b e smart real soon and cancel the 2020 season as DCI and the IOC have done. Lets look at what schools may do real soon in not allowing extra groups to enter their schools in the winter or summer. It's going to happen.
  13. Schools may not allow corps to stay in their schools anymore! How many corps use a school for their weekend camps now?
  14. Not sure if this was brought up.....Schools may decide to keep their buildings shut down over summer to clean and sanitize. Also, This may go on into May and , I hope not, June. If it does happen how can corps spend money on a shorter season with less rehearsal time? I realize no one wants to shut down but I think DCI and DCA will have to make a decision soon. I'm a teacher and we probably won't see students in the classroom till August when the new school year begins. If the schools start turning down corps to stay in their schools while on tour, where will they sleep and practice?
  15. Is it DCI or is it the top 12 plus corps who brought the changes and voted for these changes decade after decade. It's not the DCI executive director but the corps reps who bring forth the changes and then the directors who make up the board who vote.
  16. I seem to remember Beverly Cardinals, Mello Dears, Buckeyes, Marion Cadets and Royal Coachmen. Maybe others. Anyone remember or have scores?
  17. Gee I never paid dues. We did fund raise and also had a lot to do with the NT Open and our Sights and Sounds of ... annual show
  18. Wow!!! I marched in the early 1970's, we did OTL, Concert, Color Pre and exit, etc but that was back then. DCI came and changed the game. That was a good thing! The quality is better today. Technique is better today my friend...WAY BETTER! I know you don't want to hear it but it's the truth! Yes my marching days in the 1970's were fun but if I were 18 again I would love to do what these young people are doing! If you don't want to watch it then why are you here? If you don't like what it has become, why are you here? There are many of us older people who appreciate what these kids can do today. What I really want to say is.....Don't spoil this activity for the young people that do it today. Go watch/listen to something YOU enjoy and stop bringing down the activity that young people still do! I'm not a fan of the NHL's or NFL's rules that have changed over the decades but SO WHAT! It's still football or hockey! I liked when hockey players didn't have to wear helmets but I got over it and it's okay. If the changes in DCI or DCA bother you then watch something else! We can't all be happy. Think about what the kids today will say about their activity in 40 or 50 years! Your name really says it all...LONGGONE! Yes I agree!
  19. Have you truly listened to these kids playing today??? running 16th notes at tempos unheard of back in the day! Better yet, have you listened to recordings in the 1960's and 1970's with bad intonation/overblowing? Now listen to today's brass players. NO COMPARISON!!! Oh and let me add all themoving that they do. Call it whatever you want because it's your opinion and that's okay.