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  1. Crackers, Crumbs, Cupcakes, Billy Jacque, Titdach, Judach, Hoyntner, Stella, and probably more but it's been over 40 years!
  2. So just read a little blurb about the corps in DC History I and it said that DCI was their 18th show in corps history. So that answers my question. It was the quickest ascent into top 12 from a corps birth until 1985 and Star of Indiana
  3. Was 1972 the Bleu Raeders first year as a corps? I had seen them at US Open that year and loved them and realized 5 days later at the first DCI Championships that they beat out Garfield and St. Andrews? So were they a first year corps?
  4. "...determined to make Pioneer a great corps...." (RB) So what effort was made in the last 30 years to do that? This corps has been in DCI since , really the beginning (1972), and yet the corps used the same them year after year. I do recall seeing The Thing and they played Seals and Croft "Hummingbird." Nothing Irish about that BUT I still remember after all these years! The judges and the fans have reacted to it for decades and there was RB still saying do the Irish thing again. While corps across the country were changing there ways and being successful, there was Pioneer, dead last in World Class (hey that rhymes).
  5. If anything, this post brings about good discussion! Back in the 70's it was Get kids off the streets and put them on the streets (parades). Today it would be get my kid off the XBox One please and make him/her active. Have to take cell phones too LOL Like that'll happen
  6. Of course other established corps could start feeder corps
  7. Hey I got 2 pages and we're not talking about GH or RB . Listen , I knew what the answers would b but wanted to get some discussion going that was different!
  8. Before I start my day today I had to jump on DCP just to toss out some thoughts..... Can we say that the 1960's and maybe more so, the 1970'S, were the biggest for this activity? Well back then there were more corps and shows across North America every weekend. One didn't have to travel a day or more to see a competition. In my home town (North Tonawanda, NY) we ran 2 shows every summer ( Sights and Sounds of [insert year] and the NT Open). Both shows were packed on concert side. We could go to shows in Toronto area, Kitchener area, Rochester, Syracuse, Angola, Sheffield, PA, Hammondsport, NY, Corning, Binghampton, Oswego. The last two years of our corps we started in May going to Canton one weekend and then to Michigan for two shows Memorial Day weekend. There were always enough corps to give fans their money's worth. DCI traveled to different cities every 2 years and could make it affordable for corps near that city. Today we probably have 40 total corps (my guess) and who knows who they are anymore because each year they have new uniforms with different colors. The music is stuff no normal person knows, whatever happened to the theme from "The Midnight Cowboy?" Soon we'll have a scaffolding with LED lights, huge amps and every horn and drum mic'd. The field will be covered by HUGE tarps with Broadway style props and scenery. Just my thought....why not bring drum corps back using the local/regional corps. DCI could boost their likeability. Provide workshops for want to be directors, business managers, etc. Why do new corps have to shoot for the top? Keep the kids local.
  9. Other than the Purple Lancers and the Squires, what NY corps was next in line with score and placing? Was it Cadets of Greece? Rochester Patriots? Gauchos? Avant Garde? L.I. Kingsmen?
  10. I guess you could say up to this past year.....Imperials of St. Patrick/The Thing/Pioneer.
  11. Are there any corps who HAVE NOT made top 12 but have participated in DCI since 1972?
  12. I wonder if "She who shall not be named (CB)," has any intent of going after the person she ranted about!
  13. Fist fights between corps and I am sure sexual assaults also occurred except no one did anything back then. This stuff was probably worse than today.
  14. What trust can we, the fans and also young adult members have in DCI as well as the corps, have that each and EVERY corps will be monitored during camps and throughout the season? Obviously the corps can't police themselves and DCI at this point can't do it either. We won't know what corps will look like membership-wise until probably July. What if young people and parents decide the activity is not safe. Maybe marching bands (BOA) saw this problem and can be the solution. School districts have strict rules and guidelines in place. Drum corps and DCI really don't! Since April 2018 we have seen some pretty sad news about the activity that we all grew up with. I got involved at the age of 11 and enjoyed marching and playing and growing up with friends of all ages that I could trust and still trust today. I am still shocked that an organization has a director who has allegedly sexually assaulted young women for almost 40 years and another director who didn't do his job and take care of his kids and add the other directors and staff members who have up to now gotten away with terrible behavior. YET a corps director who spoke the truth sees his corps chances of being in Open class shot down. Evidently the TRUTH does NOT set you free in DCI! Yes GH will probably get his in the end but RB and others will walk away unscathed. Corps will either rebound or just go away. My guess is we won't see Pioneer and Oregon Crusaders ever again. As much as I love drum corps I believe the articles that have been written are truthful and accurate. When GH is charged with crimes and it gets out nationally, drum corps or the current governing body will pay a very heavy price. I wonder what corps directors are doing to right the wrongs. Is 1971 going to happen again? Will we see a new Drum Corps governing body? Is DCA the answer? I would think that they have been making sure that their house is in better order. Just tossing some things out there.
  15. 2 World class corps out and one less OC corps that may have been in. How many corps (so far) does that leave? Also take out SCVC and BDB because they won't be on the national circuit. Are tickets more this year? Is it worth the price plus add travel expenses to go to Championships? Fans fed up with the mess that has been created. Possibly less participation by young people. Maybe the old way of a weekend drum corps with a 5-10 day mini tour at the end isn't so bad. Maybe the local drum corps thing can work someday.
  16. I hear "you're hurting the young people!" Well, how many marching members make a salary for what they do? None of them! Who is getting paid? DCI, Corps directors and staff. The kids get absolutely nothing for the crap that a lot of them put up with. Those kids in Pioneer went through a lot of garbage and who reall gets hurt by the ban? The kids. The staff members will go to other corps and RB has made his money and he can sell off the equipment. I will also say this......a corps director speaks the TRUTH and his corps is not allowed status in DCI BUT a corps director commits sex offenses and it's ok the corps can exist and still compete. Did I miss something?
  17. Well, when a teacher or a policemen lose their job because of making poor decisions, they lose their pension/retirement and we all say, "Well they deserved it!" So why should we care if RB loses anything? Same with GH, although somewhat different. However, when you are a corps director and deal with young people, in particular, there are ways to handle situations and you have to make decisions in the best interest of the child, NOT the best interest of the director!
  18. The saddest thing of all is that Roman Blenski has not taken responsibility for what happened to the corps! He should have stood up and said, "I screwed up and I am sorry!" Then he should have stepped down, backed away and retired from the drum corps community. Doesn't appear that will happen. I highly suggest that other drum corps circuits give this man no avenue for running a corps in their circuit. What's more sad is that children were involved and his decisions involved them. If I made mistakes like that as a teacher I would NEVER teach again! My license would be pulled and no state in the US would hire me. But this guy thinks he can do whatever he wants.
  19. Maybe the answer is for someone, in the Milwaukee area, who has a clean record and NO friendship with RB and family to start a corps.
  20. Satan can recite Bible verses too. Reciting them is one thing and living them is another!
  21. When I was in Rochester Crusaders the management had a plan in place to keep the minor separate. I applauded them for what they did WAY ahead of other corps because a lot were students of mine. Mike Linton, and Dick Hoppe were on top of it back then!
  22. As far as the excuse that is was 6 years ago and a lot of living done....I say BS!!!! I can recall things that have happened 50 plus years ago with accuracy. One knows darn well what happened 6 years ago! Idiotic decisions were made with minor children involved. How much of a moron would one be to hide someone's record of pedophilia and/or sexual assault? Step back and look at the big picture! These decisions weren't mistakes, it was the good ole boys circle. Every director from Crossmen, Pioneer, OC, Kilties and other corps should be permanently banned from DCI and DCA!!!! DCI needs to re-organize and quick to salvage the activity because I don't think this story will be over any time soon. Wait for the next bombing run!
  23. In light of the current article concerning DCI Corps and DCA corps discussing and making changes?
  24. So after reading the article and reading all the posts something I remember from the RAMD days about a particular female (She who shall not be named) making accusations concerning a DCI hall of famer. This Bomb we read now maybe one of many. I marched with a kid in the 70's who came out with a bombshell many years ago in the Buffalo News, that his uncle molested him. The kid later went on to have a successful company then committed suicide. The man in question was a part time staff member and police officer. This will only get worse I believe!