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  1. 18 new exercises have been added to bring the total to 40! A new rolls category has been added along with additional exercises for flams, paradiddles, accent tap, basic and multiple strokes. Available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad and is available for free.
  2. Thank you for catching that. Seems to be a problem on mobile but desktop version is fine when clicking on the links.
  3. I've been working on this app for several months and now it is available: Here is the Facebook page if you want to see some videos of the app in action: ​Here is the YouTube page to see the app in action:
  4. Scouts just posted recording of their 2012 show on their iPhone app. Very cool!
  5. I think it looks like what most mobile websites look like. I also think that it is far from garbage. For myself it gives me the info that I want.
  6. So how much would an insurance policy cost? Would you be willing to add the additional cost to the ticket price?
  7. The drumline feature was really cool and the bassline was great! Just absolutely loved it.
  8. Wow... that felt really weird. First time I have felt an earthquake.
  9. If you are an alumni or fan please consider supporting the corps financially through the $100,000 "JOIN THE CORPS" Campaign. Entry level support starts at $70 alumni / $100 booster. More details can be found here: GO SCOUTS!
  10. Back in the day (early 90's) RAMD was the only place that you could find drum corps scores. The only way you could get scores were if someone went to a show and reported it back to RAMD. Once in a while you got lucky and someone typed up the caption scores! It is actually quite amazing how things have changed in such a short while. Now you can actually watch video or listen to a corps show and track its progress throughout the summer. Back in the early days of RAMD there was just no way to do that. You had to rely completely on the RAMD community to get your drum corps fix.
  11. The Mapex drums project really well. Very nice sounding drums. I'm not sure if it is the tuning but the Dynasty drums that PC was using sounded really punchy and hard to hear.
  12. With most organizations the Board of Directors approves the budget that is created by the Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for controlling spending and insuring that the organization is financially healthy. A corps placement is the most visible part of an Executive Director's job and that is how most fans judge the performance of an Executive Director. How the corps does on the field is only one aspect of the Executive Director's job. A Board of Directors has to see beyond a corps placement to judge how well the Executive Director is doing. Financial health, retentio
  13. I just spoke to one of my former colleagues at the PBS affiliate in St. Paul, MN (he is their membership fundraising manager and marched with the Riverman in the early 80's). He said the last year DCI was on PBS was 2003. DCI has not offered the broadcast to PBS stations since then. I would bet that a number of PBS affiliates would be willing to broadcast DCI again. Probably not live or during early August (PBS affiliates are doing heavy pledge broadcasting then, hence the duop shows) but probably the condensed version that DCI was offering in the earlier part of the decade.