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  1. I don't think you have to get much, and I don't need much to get into a show. I just like well crafted arrangements/compositions of music. Music itself should tell its own story and the visual is just complimentary. Blue Knights 2006 was one of those shows that I loved. It didn't tell a story. Dark Knights was centered around "dark music" and it was effective while the music did what it was supposed to. I seem to remember them doing well in the effect caption.
  2. The plumes will be okay. Hang them upside down or lay them on a surface and they'll dry out. They might be fluffier than how they were, but the plumes will be okay. Most of those plumes now adays are made with that fake mylar--it looks like real feathers but it's really plastic. Either way plumes is not what I'd worry about.
  3. I liked the Blue Knights 1997-1999, 2002-2003, and 2006-2007. The stuff they were doing from 2006-2007 was very nice in terms of orchestration. Some of the best Barber and Shostakovich that I've heard from corps that have done it, band, or orchestra.
  4. There's nothing wrong with a random or out of order appearance. It should be that way at all shows.
  5. As for getting a music teaching job, they (some employers) often like to see drum corps experience (some employers will even say top 12 experience) if you're applying for a HS position that has a marching band. I know many educators who did not march corps, who have landed jobs at some amazing programs, and are doing a great job. You don't need to march corps to fill that space on a resume. Heck, I didn't march with a top 12 corps, and I'm still a successful educator, because of what I learned in many arenas. I marched two seasons, met great people who I am still in touch with, I learned some useful pedagogy, but I didn't consider it to be the end all be all. As a clarinetist, I'm also now a great low brass specialist when I have to be. Drum corps was worth it for me. I'd march again if I had it to do over again.
  6. DCI had an application for scores last year. Not sure where it went.
  7. Also factor in transportation costs to and from camps if you are not local. Flights, bus, car, etc... That can add up to about as much as the corps tuition if you are having to take flights or etc each month to the camps. I always had about $200+ for tour--didn't always need it, but there were times when you will want to eat at a nice place on a free day... or etc.
  8. Emerald Regime is plagued by the 13th place curse again! for the 2nd season in a row! Lets hope the changes they made can bump them up even more in their semifinals showing! Emerald Explorers sitting in 10th is good, but not healthy enough. Lets hope their changes are worthy of a raise! Overall glad to see both corps advancing!
  9. Probably a little more time than it is now. But it would certainly make for some interesting competition. It would allow a lot more flexibility across the board.
  10. GE is going to be a hard one to pick this year. Phantom, Cavalier and Blue Devils have been all over! Normally it is clear who is going to grab what caption in GE. What would make DCPI interesting (and probably will never happen) is if we were allowed to pick corps for the subcations within captions.
  11. At this point, if you don't make the changes--you in a sense lose them...
  12. Tri-Color may have roller coaster ride seasons, but they'll never finish 20th! This Founding DCPI corps has always had what it took to push up into finals... Nearly missing it two seasons in a row, then earning silver, and bronze medals.
  13. Anyone else see that Velour Knights and Kosmos had identical scores!!! That is interesting, considering they must be using different captions.
  14. Tri-Color has certainly made their way back up in the ranks! They'll be staying in the mix too... All three corps are setup very well now, and with the changes put in this week things will only get better!