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Uncle comments...

As they came down the hill to the stadium: Look how big they are? All those kids are from California?

and: What is all that stuff they are wheeling in? I remember when it used to be a couple of bells, and they marched on the field!

After they finished the opening impact statement: Holy S***!

several times: OMG! That was just incredible! I have never seen anything like that before!

At the end when I told him they had been coming in 4th place: way there is going to be 3 better than them!





I thought this show was magnificent. The color and back drops pop so much greater in person. Powerful emotional statement after statement throughout the program! I think they have enough room left to medal with this show. I am sure that going on first did not help them tonight from a scoring perspective. The crowd really responded at all the right times, a long loud standing O.

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At the end of the run, JT asked them about doing another one, and if the lights were causing problems. It was decided that a second one was in order. After a good water break they got a pep talk abo

Since I'm lucky enough to have some time off this summer, I headed out on my second annual pre DCI East tour. The plan is to see nine practices, five shows, and two webcasts over the next 10 days. So

SCV... Uncle comments... As they came down the hill to the stadium: Look how big they are? All those kids are from California? and: What is all that stuff they are wheeling in? I remember when it u


Uncle comments:

When they first came on the field: Where do they get the money for all this equipment?

After a drum break: They look smaller than the last drum line, but they play a lot louder!

In the middle of the show: Who is the blonde guy down front there, their leader? He is really into it!

and: I don't like the big colored wind bag things, they just seemto get in the way.

At the "fake ending": WOW that was really loud!



I think it is getting to the point where the props are a liability rather than a positive design feature. They just can't seem to move them with consistency and precision. There are times it looks like they are on their way to loading an equipment truck in the lot rather than performing with them. Maybe the indoor environment will help. If they can get past that issue, I think they have a shot. The rest of the show is being performed at a very high level.

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Uncle comments: Wow, how do they travel with these stands all across the country?

and: How come the guard doesn't have uniforms?

and: Is this corps beating Carolina, is that why they are booing them?

He also eally enjoyed the throwback military style sections of the drum book and the parade segment.



Coats just keep hangin in there. Enjoyed their performance tonight. Still trying to figure out the red baloon story as it moves through the show?

Went out for a break so I missed INT. Some great views from behind the stands in souvie alley!



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The Champs:

Uncle Comments:

When they came on the field with their poles: I don't like them already!

During the flugel solo: Wow, that is beautful. Reminds me of Chuck Mangione!

At the end of the show: What was that? That's not drum corps!



My first live view...WOW really so much going on, just like recent years. Mass chaos perfectly coordinated! Really glad I get to see more of them this week, there is a lot to see! They are starting to perform this show at a level that will be very hard to beat. There still are spots that present more potential. I'm sure they will take care of that!

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Uncle comments: Is that really their uniforms?

and: They aren't as loud as the others we have seen



They are getting some nice effect at a couple moments, like the pyramid and the presto chango flags at the end. Unfortunate draw for the brass following BD. I wish they would get more out of the uniform change.

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Uncle comments:

At opening brass impact: WOW there we go!

At end of Nimrod, (when they got some standing from the crowd): "I can go home now, they are my winners!





They are starting to unleash the brass in some spots, and with great effect. I was eagerly awaiting Queen Joan. Although it's getting better, they need better and more integrated movement from her in appearance 1. I think many still didn't see her then, as there were alot of gasps when she came out for the second time and the murder.

Keep pushing PR!

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Thanks for the great pictures but you lost me at South Carolina. :) Don't take offense. It's a NC/SC thing. :)

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Uncle's comments:

Nobody should be beating this horn line!

At the end of the show, he looked at me, smiled and said, I guess we have a little competition now huh?



The crowd was electric before they started the show. There was certainly no energy level issues with their performance on this night. I was truly in awe of the sounds that came out of the brass. Truly amazing stuff. I am not sure they can perform such demand at a much higher level. So close they can taste it!

We headed out before the finale, but got to see and hear it from just outside the gates. When Rondo told the crowd that there was only .05 separating the top 2, after a silent pause, someone yelled "BULL S!!!! Rondo said, I didn't hear that! It was funny stuff that broke the tension a little bit.

As I mentioned in the show thread last night, I was impressed with the class the hometown folks showed when the scores were announced. There was a lot of booing for Crown's placement when they were announced in 2nd, but also a respectful applause for BD's 1st place score. Very classy Carolina folks, very classy!


The only complaint I had about the whole night was the annoying crackle from the PA speaker in the left end zone during some corps' performances. Someone should have stopped that right away, but unfortunately it continued throughout the night. Still, a great night and a fantastic show!

I dropped my uncle at home, and he couldn't thank me enough for getting him to the show. I vowed to try and make it an annual affair. When I told him about the movie cast, he said he didn't want to try that, because he wanted nothing to spoil the experience he had tonight.

I traveled back to SC with the Cadets convoy. It was nice knowing there was still alot of drum corps left for me to see this year, and that our paths would cross again.



In the tradition started by my dad and grandfather many years ago, I stopped for some breakfast at an all night Denny's Diner on the way. Much cooler than their normal restaurant stores!Again I had another great friendly waitress, must be something to the Southern Hospitality thing!


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Since we didn't plan in advance enough, we did not have tix for Atlanta. After hearing that DCI had already sold 3,000 more seats than thry had planned, we opted out of the trip further South, and headed out as SCV started their pre regional EPL.

We stopped for some BBQ on the way back to SC to watch the Atlanta wecast. Alot of the local places are closed on Sunday, but Stcky Fingers worked out just fine! A nice assortment of BBQ sauces, including 2 Carolina style!.



Got back in time to watch most of the webcast. Thought SCV had a great show tonight. Stuff they had been working was noticeably better!

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Well, tonight is my last night here. I leave for Virginia early in the AM, for hopefully 9 holes of golf, and then the afternoon and evening rehearsal blocks with BD. I can't thank my friends enough for being such great hosts. Something about drum corps friends that makes them extra special! They will only be a couple days behind me, and we will have the chance to return the favor for East. Also a shout out to DCkid,who couldn't make it to the Charlotte show at the last minute, and gave us his tix for a couple more friends to enjoy. Wish we could have seen each other! Maybe you come North next week! Also thanks to my family...great to see you and we can't wait so long to do it again.

Will miss the southern hospitality, but there's more corps to see, and the Northeast is going to be lucky enough to watch an epic season start to sort out before Indy!

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