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  1. Wow - se championship scores and placements almost exactly!
  2. Good to see your rankings ! In the past by the end of the season you always have the " scoring algorithm " and predictions " on the money " !
  3. I think 2000 was an all time great show 2005 was something to behold 1984 was just stunning 1987 awesome but being an old guy to answer some questions the backward soloist in Maria in the 60,s was incredible
  4. are you a true drumcorpsfan or just a drumcorpsplanet hack your alumni needs you Ray Priester told me in spite of your posts you are ok
  5. i brought it up The Kingsmen Cavies 888 Royalaires SCV Madison Bridgemen with an original DCI performance would be wonderful Be prepared for the usual posters to say NO NO NO) and blame it on Tresona
  6. In reply to who do you watch first- i just play the DVD's - these shows are wonderful and i tip my cap to these wonderful players - you all did yourselves proud = there is something to like in every performance
  7. Finished disc one today I am very happy with the BluRay ( I project it on a 6 x 9 screen and it is really good ) sound and video quality is fine by me
  8. The Product is very good. Never thought I would love Blue Devils over CC so much ( stop this dark stuff please - you are wasting wonderful musicians )
  9. oops - i forgot to put in " alumni performances " - but it would be nice to put in an original year to fill out the disc with each corps
  10. Would it be too much to ask for a BluRay of the StepOver Bottle Dance or some of the other memorable performances at finals before we who are at " Danny Boy " state who would buy such a product? ThankYOU
  11. Too many threads go off topic too fast
  12. Labor Day weekend - Rochester - dcacorps.org only lists friday september 1 frankiE