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  1. Arranger X - re you folks kidding ? Crossmen ?
  2. How about showing Lummelle Shneweiss some love ?
  3. fecontra

    2017 DCA Finals

    Too many threads go off topic too fast
  4. Labor Day weekend - Rochester - dcacorps.org only lists friday september 1 frankiE
  5. fecontra

    Alumni Stage Shows

    Is that Clifton NJ Bill?
  6. fecontra

    DCA Corps Still Using G Bugles

    Skyliners will be playing Bb System Blue instruments in 2017
  7. fecontra

    A Drum Corps Legend Passes

    I will miss his smile and his wonderful stories. I always looked forward to seeing him at parades , Clifton next month will be sad for me. Such a great person , last year a George Hayak passed away but he told me there were four other family members besides himself named George Hayak and not to worry , RIP to a wonderful human being , in this day and age a rare occurence.
  8. fecontra

    Why only 5 mini corps this year?

    According to talk on the street you just may get that in 2018
  9. fecontra

    Mini Corps 2016

    Mini-corps - I&E- alumni...thanks for what you have provided in the tough times... we will see if the new direction of DCA takes hold in the future... as one poster said " who cares to see shows from the 70"s " MHO frankiE
  10. you should have Durante saying " Look for the BigW " with your profile! I think Bucs are a lock , although not having seen MBI it's more of a hunch. A lot of complaining about " Home Cookin " when one joisey corps defeated the other ( I prefer Cabs ) over the Skyliner offshoot ( MHO ) I think I know who you are referring to with the great line of needs to improve playing in soft passages ( I thought B instruments negated that ) At one show their staff/honks were going wild until said soft passages and it turned to " Oh my Goid"- what the hell is that? One good thing at Rachacha is BFDTV will be there for alumni and I&Em making " Director's Cuts ". Shows should use class a corps more- although the problem is their locations. frankiE
  11. wonderful review - fair and balanced! maybe you can set-up A WRITING CLASS SOMEWHERE- you really make one feel like they were there!