Sacramento, CA - Sunday, June 23, 2019

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MANDARINS.   Man up baby.  

edit - that sounds weird, only man as in the first three letters of mandarins

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If I have one frustration with the Blue Devils its that being a west coaster I only get to see the skeleton Of their show. By the end of the season this show is going to be a monster. So much good goi

I am hoping that Cavies can close the gap between themselves and the Blue Devils. I know and believe they can do it! SPLOOIE!

Cavs 2nd in Music,2nd in Brass. I’ll take it.! 

MANDARINS!  Standing O and well deserved. So much energy in this show, and they just keep ramping it up as the show progresses. There is no doubt about it, mandarins will be in finals this year.

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No the preshow was much shorter tonight. Last night it was due to some technical difficulties they were having moving scores on and off the field and they just had to kill a lot of time. Tonight it was rather short and they got right to it

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