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  1. I'm obviously a Cavaliers homer, but I do believe that two things will have their numbers up this year. You already mentioned Don Warren. But added to the equation is the Cavaliers touring California last year, and getting amazing crowd reaction throughout that tour. I don't think it's accidental that Cavaliers have a Los Angeles audition this year that they haven't had since my son got involved 3 years ago. I also think them closing out the year 3rd in brass will pay some dividends. I haven't talked to my kid about this...I have no idea what kind of registration they are doing. I do know that he will be at BOA Grand Nationals in Indy recruiting...something else I'm not sure they've done regularly in the past ( but could definitely be wrong about).
  2. Sponsorship from Peanut Butter Companies. Sponsorship from Jelly Companies. Athletic Shoe Deals. Sports Drink Sponsorships. Performance Wear Sponsorships. I went through the formal process with JIF trying to get a sponsorship for my Son's corps after he showed me a log that he ate over 950 Peanut Butter sandwiches on tour. I contacted the powers that be and tracked down the total amount of Peanut Butter that the Corps bought and consumed from Spring Training til Finals. I thought it was a pretty impressive case for sponsorship. And I got shot down. But that doesn't mean that DCI couldn't do that in aggregate.
  3. Well...the kid patched together enough academic, music, and ensemble scholarships that I'm technically not paying for him to go to college ( very little anyway). He paid his first year of tour fees. I figured for the education he's getting tour fees can be classified as "tuition". If he keeps his current educational trajectory ( i.e. grades) and graduates with 6 years of competitive drum corps, 4 with the Cavaliers and 2 as a Drum Major, I figure he's done about all he can do to get ready to go work in this crazy field.
  4. I'm in the process of cleaning our music studio in the basement right now while both of my kids are gone. They're gonna be shocked at how lean and mean it is when they return for the holidays. And I'm buying their Christmas presents with the proceeds. 🙂
  5. "A Beautiful Mind" is where the Cavaliers Tarps design came from in 2018, and was also the music for their ballad. The tarps were to represent the scene in "A Beautiful Mind" where Dr. Nash's wife found a shed with a bulletin board like the one pictured above with red yarn connecting people, events, etc.
  6. Thankful that there is really no breaking news out of Rosemont. Got to witness that team for 11 days in California and another 4 in Indy. Stability is the order of the day. Cavaliers will only get better. That swing out west this year was great for recruiting for 2020...and they have so much to build on.
  7. Well...you were right...they didn't catch Crown. But at least they stretched that lead out over BAC. Order has been restored.
  8. Newly hired Executive Director. Newly hired Corps Director. Announcements at Corps Banquet that virtually all of the educational staff will return. And that educational staff is second to none. I don't expect any changes to the staff for the 2020 season.
  9. I was at Finals in Indy. Got busy when I got back getting my kid to college, etc. Was trying to sort out if a straight signal off the computer performed any better than those using apps, etc. Looks like there was a widespread outage regardless of delivery channel.
  10. I’ve subscribed since Flo took over. I don’t use a very sophisticated set-up. HDMI our of a laptop into the TV. I’ve never had major issues. If you’ve had issues, could you describe your signal delivery set-up? I’m wondering if apps, etc. are making things worse than better.
  11. I would love to see a pic if somebody finds them. The trash can was on South just down from the intersection with Capitol on the LOS side.
  12. I’d very much like to think so. He’s got one more run in 2020. He wants a medal. 🙂
  13. My wife and I were walking down South Street outside LOS last night after retreat ( and some time with our son in the lot) . All of a sudden a van pulls up to the curb behind us, two young guys get out , open the sliding door, grab a large PVC storage container and open it. It was full of folded t-shirts but one unfurled and we could clearly see “Bluecoats” on it. One of the two dudes starts stuffing these t-shirts en masse into one of the street garbage containers. Probably 30-40 shirts. Maybe more. And then off they drive. It was late and we were tired but I feel like an idiot for not retrieving one from the trash bin to see what it was. I had a friend at the Cavaliers Awards banquet suggest that perhaps t-shirt speculators may have printed up 2019 DCI Champions shirts for Bluecoats fans to sell as fans left the stadium. Anyone else see anything like this?
  14. I think I’d like to see BAC go ahead and gut Goliath tonight, and spread his entrails all over the front of the field while going into an orgiastic frenzy. Why stop at a little blood?
  15. Was going to research this but then realized that there are probably 100 people or more here that already know. What’s the largest margin comeback in DCI Finals for any Corps?
  16. I’m just glad it didn’t negate beating BAC and changing tonight’s performance order. Onward and upward.
  17. That last song was "Roseanna" ...also a Toto song like "Africa". Glad you enjoyed it.