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I'd have to agree with Jeff. The sops and contras pushed too hard in the opening hit. There were also a couple instances of individual sounds jumping out of the ensemble in "Wild Nights" and in the last chord of the show.

However...I will take a little bit of overhype anyday instead of the ultra-refined, not-willing-to-push-the-limits approach to brass playing that has become so popular. We have to remember which activity we're in. It's drum corps. Drum corps hornlines play loud. They also play with a little edge. We shouldn't allow ourselves to be defined by namby-pamby band directors.

So, yeah, Regiment's hornline could have displayed a little more control and still been RFL (really f****** loud). That is a fair statement. Overall, they were still fantastic.

SUTA, my brothers and sisters. B)

Michael Oldemeyer

No doubt emotion took over for technique and I have no problem with that. It was just surprising. I think 89's brass line was just as emotional and LOUD without blasting. That's just my recollection though. 89 was awesome!



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any day your compared to '89, and those buicks, is a good day

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