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The Passing of a Kiltie

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:( Joel "Lothar" Magnuson, mellophone with the Kilties, passed away this evening either on the way to, or at the hospital, after falling during the beginning of the show. The Kilties returned to the field to re-start the show, not sure of his condition. Joel mentioned to one of his fellow mellophones earlier today that he was not feeling well.

Our prayers are with Joel and his family.

Lothar was a charter member of the Kilties when they formed as a Sr corps in 1993, staying in the corps every year....very rarely...if ever....missing a performance.....

He marched with the Jr Kilties and Blue Stars when he did jr corps

excellent musician.....really a nice guy.......worked as a chef at Amelia's Resturant in Milwaukee.....

I'm not sure of his age exactly but he was in his mid 40's

he is really going to be missed.........

RIP Lothar :(

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prayers are with joel's family, the entire kilties family, and the entire drum corps community...this is really a shame, and a shock at the same time.

may god be with everyone

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God Bless him and his family, and the Kiltie family

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He had told my wife, Beth (also mellophone), that he was not feeling well today. Before the show, he told her that he was feeling "better" -- but still not well.

Kilties got word of his passing after corps photos were taken.

I don't think there will be any more news tonight.

- Dan

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Wow. I hate to say it, but to know a Kiltie is to know that this is what he or any Kilt would have wanted. To go doing what he loved most. Blessed be.


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