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2006 - Woot.

2005 - I've always loved Rhapsody, but then again I am a Clarinet player ^0^

2003 - My favorite show ever.

2002 - Shostakovitch owns.

1996 - Freaking DEFIANT HEART!!!

1991 - The hat toss was sweeeet.

1989 - There's a reason it won the countdown.

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Hey- I'm listening to that on iTunes right now!!!! I'm at 2:12 (Wheat Dance) in case you cared.. Da da da da da daaaa, da da da daaaaaaah daaaaaaaaaah.......... Da da daaaaa....da da....... (fron

In reverse-chronological order:

1 - 2006 Encore performance in Dallas - (Spartacus, Canon, New World, Elsas) the single best moment of the night

2 - 2003 Finals Night - what an amazing feeling that must of been for the members.

3 - 2001 Daves Diary - I still remember midseason posting that I lost my towel in the locker room. The next day, I was the happy owner of 9 new fluffy towels :D

4 - 2000 Hornline & Drumline - to sum up a great underrated show; 4th in Horns, 4th in Drums = 7th place. BTW, if anyone out there witnessed our dress rehearsal this year, then only you know just how much this hornline improved this summer. IMO, it was truly remarkable.

5 - 1995 - the reason I chose to march Phantom. I heard it was a rough season, but d**m the membership was stellar.

6 - 1994 - Clair de Lune - Need I say more?


8 - 1987 - Hey, at least it wasnt "Not the Nutcracker" - An awesome comeback year!

9 - 1977 to 1979 - So close, yet so far, Dr. Dan still cant step into Mile-High/Invesco


So many great memories, its been a priviledge to be a part of such an amazing organization.

Dave Gilday

Phantom Regiment Soprano 1998 - 2001

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