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  1. 2007- Carolina Crown, Triple Crown, HM- SCV 2008- Phantom Regiment, Spartacus, HM- Crown (still kicking myself for not going to finals that year.) 2009- Carolina Crown, Grass is Always Greener, HM- SCV (Ask me tomorrow and I will probably reverse the order of these two awesome shows.) 2010- Cavaliers, Mad World, HM- Phantom Regiment 2011- Cadets, Angels and Demons, HM- Phantom Regiment (Oh, the intensity of that ending!) (IMO 2011 was one of the all-time greatest years for the top 12) 2012- Phantom Regiment, Turandot, HM-Cadets (Yeah I liked all the different ways they portrayed the 12-25 theme) 2013- Santa Clara Vanguard, Les Mis, HM- Crown (A reverse of 2009. Ask me tomorrow and I will probably reverse the order of these two.) 2014- Bluecoats, Tilt, HM- Blue Devils (those kids all moved and played like professionals!) 2015-Carolina Crown, Inferno, HM-SCV 2016-Bluecoats, Downside up, HM- Crown
  2. Dose it really?
  3. Hmm, I guess I wrongly assumed this was going to be a thread about 1982... ;)
  4. Pretty sure SCV and PR joined up to play this together earlier this season. In fact there is a clip on YouTube of the performance.
  5. Horrible news. Prayers for the entire Phantom organization.
  6. Interesting (and probably very understandable) that both Boston and Cadets performed such Americana-themed shows in 2002 as this was the year following 911 and these two corps were the closest to the attacks.
  7. I believe that the closest top 3 was in 1980 where BD, 27 and Bridgemen were separated by .55. Spirit came in 4th and was only .2 down from 3rd.
  8. Skyriders' 1st year was 1982 Boston's 1st year was 1999
  9. Purple Lancers-10th place 1974. One and done.
  10. Congratulations to Boston for not making history (losing their 6th place continuous finals placement) and for possibly making history (1st time in 12th place).
  11. Congratulations to the Academy staff, members, and volunteers, past and present, on this huge stepping stone. Hopefully everyone involved is savoring this joyous moment for their organization.
  12. My vote is for Madison. After last year's great showing, many had hoped it would be the beginning of the return to the top echelon for the corps. This year they started out mid-pack and kept sliding. Then Academy passed them. After Allentown they now seem to be in a fight with Boston for the last finalist spot.
  13. I am surprised that they didn't use the uniform lights from last year to enhance the introduction of the yellow "lightening bolts".