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  1. For sale: One giant window that sets up some intrigue and then just turns blue... but what did you expect? Its just a window. 100+ snake uniforms. They do not come with hats. No, not even for finals and no, not for retreat either! 1 pair of jesus shorts. Can also be used for student plays of Jungle Book for Mowgli character. Large set of tables on wheels. Can be used for writing, typing, dancing, and even dying! One large jagged prop. Can be used to hide a myriad of things but not dirty feet. An outstanding show! 50% off as we are only selling the 1st 1/2. One set of form fitting eye costumes (We will understand if you don't want the yellow ones because, really- who has yellow eyes?). Comes with a set of pink pool noodles in good condition as they were only used 2nd half of the season. One set of oxygen tanks. Gives you life for one more day in the season... just barely. One set of moveable props in pink and orange. (Disclaimer- best used when set stationary in the back of the field.) One book of jokes. Unfortunately the set-ups may be a little muddled, so the punchlines won't quite get the intended laughs. One women's track team- black, red, and white gear. Whether the music calls for it or not, these women are always on the go! One set of puritan costumes... well not really puritan, more like ancient Greece really. Not recommended wear if you are a defendant going to court.
  2. Historic Possibilities?

    This has never happened in DCI finals. The closest they have been is in 2002. Cadets were 3rd with a 96.75 and Boston was 5th with a 92.4.
  3. Historic Possibilities?

    Sad, yet interesting.
  4. Unless your scenario contains some sort of disqualification for Mandarins, you better rethink your semi-finals 12th and 13th slots.
  5. So going in to finals last year there were a lot of possibilities that were historic in nature. These included Bluecoats 1st championship, their completion of earning all finals positions, 1st championship for the state of Ohio, Academy's 1st top 12 appearance and 1st for the state of Arizona, the end of BD's stranglehold on the CG caption award and the possible end of Boston's long standing run as a finalist. This year not so much. Assuming placements remain relatively the same as they are going in- There will be no new finalists, no corps is going for its highest placement ever, all corps have achieved their likely placement in previous years (this won't even be the 1st year that happened- it happened in 2012), this exact same group of finalist have been the top 12 in previous years- it happened in 2014 and again in 2015, and it does not look like any group will be winning a caption award for the first time. Other than a return to a Californian top two- last occurred in 1986 with BD 1st and SCV 2nd and 1981 with SCV 1st and BD 2nd (didn't count the '99 tie), Cadets worst finals placement since 1981 and the slight possibility that this year's top 3 will break the record of slimmest score margin between medalists (.55 record set in 1980 by BD, 27 and Bridgemen) what other outcomes of historical could we see this week?
  6. The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    The cartwheeling Jesus is a bit over the top for me.
  7. The Californian in me wants it to be Mandarins, the traditionalist in me wants it to be the Scouts (not that this year's show is "traditional" but traditionally the Scouts are finalists and I feel bad that last year they fell out at the last moment) and the finalist viewer who likes at least one corps to provide "lighter" entertainment in me wants it to be The Academy. Hopefully all three will have incredible performances at semis and all of the kids will leave the field feeling they gave it their all.
  8. Why? BD was 4th in this same caption last weekend.
  9. Left right before SCV? Obviously they were going to the hospital to get their heads checked!
  10. 2007- Carolina Crown, Triple Crown, HM- SCV 2008- Phantom Regiment, Spartacus, HM- Crown (still kicking myself for not going to finals that year.) 2009- Carolina Crown, Grass is Always Greener, HM- SCV (Ask me tomorrow and I will probably reverse the order of these two awesome shows.) 2010- Cavaliers, Mad World, HM- Phantom Regiment 2011- Cadets, Angels and Demons, HM- Phantom Regiment (Oh, the intensity of that ending!) (IMO 2011 was one of the all-time greatest years for the top 12) 2012- Phantom Regiment, Turandot, HM-Cadets (Yeah I liked all the different ways they portrayed the 12-25 theme) 2013- Santa Clara Vanguard, Les Mis, HM- Crown (A reverse of 2009. Ask me tomorrow and I will probably reverse the order of these two.) 2014- Bluecoats, Tilt, HM- Blue Devils (those kids all moved and played like professionals!) 2015-Carolina Crown, Inferno, HM-SCV 2016-Bluecoats, Downside up, HM- Crown
  11. Hmm, I guess I wrongly assumed this was going to be a thread about 1982... ;)
  12. Pretty sure SCV and PR joined up to play this together earlier this season. In fact there is a clip on YouTube of the performance.
  13. Horrible news. Prayers for the entire Phantom organization.