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  1. 35 years have gone by but she still holds up as one the greatest soloist ever to have graced a football field.
  2. Another thing to give thanks for- Full judging panels for these early season shows!
  3. BD had an 82.0 at the Riverside show and Cadets had an 82.2 at the Lawrence show on 6-29-14.
  4. (Please read in the voice of Brent Crocker) And in 3rd place... which is actually a 3 way tie for first place- alphabetical order- Blue Devils 1982, Garfield Cadets 1984, and Phantom Regiment 2008!
  5. 1987 SCV for the bronze, 2014 Bluecoats gets the silver, and 2009 Carolina Crown takes the gold. HM's to 1980 27 and 2015 Carolina Crown.
  6. 2016 Crown for the bronze, 1982 Garfield takes the silver, and 1988 Blue Devils wins the gold. HM to 2018 Bluecoats, 1991 Phantom , and 2008 Cavies. This was a hard one!
  7. 2008 Carolina Crown for the 3rd, Madison Scouts 1995 for 2nd, and 2013 Santa Clara Vanguard for 1st.
  8. 1987 Phantom for the bronze, 2011 Phantom for the silver, and 2009 Santa Clara for the gold.
  9. Motoing for 3rd is SCV 2006. Coming into the Light for 2nd is Phantom 2010, and taking the 1st by a nose is Crown 2007.
  10. 2007 Bluecoats for the bronze, 1987 VK receives the silver, and SCV 1980 takes the gold.
  11. A part of a town or city that is particularly impoverished (and usually dangerous or undesirable as a result). "Tracks" refers to railroad tracks, which are sometimes thought of as demarcating different economic areas of a town. I was always looked down on as a kid because I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. His mother didn't want him dating anyone from the wrong side of the tracks.
  12. I will go with 2008 Blue Stars but a close 2nd to 1985 Phantom Regiment with their Symphonie Fantastique show. At the time it was very odd for Phantom to be so low in final placement.