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  1. Jimmer arranged the music of the show. Strong design team 90-92.
  2. Be safe out there too. Madison is by far my favorite place where Nationals was ever had. Keep well everyone and continue to be awesome!
  3. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  4. Yup and what others were saying about certain corps already making a decision to close up shop was correct as well.
  5. COVID-19 and the possibility of canceling the season might be the best thing to happen to the Cadets this year. (I keed, I keed)
  6. Granted it’s not the world class corps but BDE, but have you all seen the collaboration they did with the K-Pop group BTS? They’re getting quite a bit of exposure in other forums and social media. Hardliners may have a problem with it but the more exposure for the activity the better I say.
  7. If that is the direction the activity moves, I'll support it. I'll go see a few local shows, go to a championship or two. After that, I'll determine whether to say good-bye (for awhile) and wish the activity well or I stay and enjoy a new era of DCI Bands. I say for awhile because I know I will never truly leave the marching arts activity. It's also okay if I never come back because my family and I will be gobbled up and replaced by the new flute moms, clarinet dads, saxophone siblings and oboe friends and fans. That's how it goes in this world but I'm willing to hear and see the other side. I enjoyed and still enjoy my time and connection to the activity but it does not belong to me, it owes me nothing and I am thankful for the great memories.
  8. My profile name says it all. Plus I tend to book my reservations last minute. There is always a bargain to be found if you're patient.
  9. Stayed at Omni a couple times. Really enjoyed it and one year was able to snag a suite which had two stories and a spiraling staircase. It had a great balcony too. The standard room was also pretty nice. I also like if you are part of their perks club, they bring you refreshments and a little bite to eat in the morning. I really enjoyed the Westin the times we stayed there. This was DCI's old headquarters hotel. I love that it's connected to the convention center and you can literally walk to the stadium via the indoor hallways of the center. I found that really convenient and was close to Café Patachou which we really enjoy eating at. My next place I enjoyed was the Hilton. No frills and the longest walk to the stadium of any hotel I stayed at. They upgraded me to a great corner suite with a room size close to 1,000 feet though. I also feel their staff were the most friendliest of any of the hotels I have stayed at in Downtown Indy. The Conrad was the most upscale of the hotels we ever stayed at. Small rooms though. It's in the heart of downtown so that was nice. This past year we stayed at the new Hyatt Place by Banker's Fieldhouse. I only chose it because of a great deal of only $70/night. That's the cheapest I have ever stayed in Downtown Indy. We enjoyed it because there was free breakfast. The walk was not bad to the stadium and it was close to some restaurants and bars we had never went to in the past. I also liked taking the alternate route and picking up some subway or white castle and taking it into the stadium. No problems taking food and drinks in via the VIP entrance. Did a stint at an airport hotel one year. Never again mostly because of the inconvenience.
  10. So your post here may not be far from the truth. Hearing things. Not back to my hideaway before the arrows start flying.
  11. Great line up for the show! Denver though, probably scheduled on the same date, looks like they will have a bare bones line up of SCV, BK, Mandarins, Academy, Troopers, Genesis and Cascades.
  12. That's it, it's a sign. BAC's color scheme this year should lean purple. I have a feeling it's going to be a great season!
  13. I can't believe I'm writing this but I prefer the domes because of possible rain outs. Traveling to Indy is a lot of money I need to set aside each year but I can at least guarantee the show will be in a comfortable environment and not be cancelled due to weather. Being practical and realistic, I would prefer a 3 or 4 city rotation of already established venues. Indy, Atlanta, and San Antonio. DCI and the corps have already established a relationship with the cities and local schools for housing. Understandably there are still housing issues in these locations at times. A wild card could be something on the west coast as there is hardly any rain in August. I feel all four areas are healthy locations to build a fan base and interest. The current three regionals already have great attendance and we know that Pasadena was well attended. It would also continue to grow the marching arts activity in these four strategic locations. I love Denver and Madison. I enjoyed Buffalo, Foxboro, and heck even Orlando (turned into a vacation). This thing is you can't guarantee perfect weather with the way the climate has been changing.