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  1. I can't believe I'm writing this but I prefer the domes because of possible rain outs. Traveling to Indy is a lot of money I need to set aside each year but I can at least guarantee the show will be in a comfortable environment and not be cancelled due to weather. Being practical and realistic, I would prefer a 3 or 4 city rotation of already established venues. Indy, Atlanta, and San Antonio. DCI and the corps have already established a relationship with the cities and local schools for housing. Understandably there are still housing issues in these locations at times. A wild card could be something on the west coast as there is hardly any rain in August. I feel all four areas are healthy locations to build a fan base and interest. The current three regionals already have great attendance and we know that Pasadena was well attended. It would also continue to grow the marching arts activity in these four strategic locations. I love Denver and Madison. I enjoyed Buffalo, Foxboro, and heck even Orlando (turned into a vacation). This thing is you can't guarantee perfect weather with the way the climate has been changing.
  2. Bravo! Great post. It’s definitely hard to put this viewpoint into words and I think you did an eloquent job. Stepping into another’s shoes is difficult and we all grow when we can understand each perspective.
  3. That's a solid design staff they have put together. Glad to see some of these guys found a new home. I know they all have a great love for the activity and kiddos.
  4. Find those posts and we'll support. From what I can recall with the "bashing," if your want to call it that, was on his arrangements. Can't remember anything negative said about the individual as a person. I think I read something on another site about WP but not here.
  5. Well I guess we’ll see in a year or two from now if he’s still around or like other cases, slowly removes themselves from the organization. It saves face for both parties. Just my experience on how things go. I wish him and others well in their new positions. Again I don’t mean to disparage or hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s just how the nature of the biz works and how things get nicely swept under the rug.
  6. I like the way SCV rolled out their new changes in staff. Same with BK. Simple and to the point.
  7. I know and I’m sure others know where he’s getting his info.
  8. I felt the poem ended better with just one word. You know you don't win DCI today unless the title in your show is one or two words.
  9. 1. From what I'm hearing, someone is coming "home." 2. Hearing names and I'm intrigued. Always an interesting time of year in the activity.
  10. The lion came and went into the night. If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? And these are the days my friend. The detail of the pattern is movement. Every time I play my trumpet, something amazing happens! I'm down to a roll of dimes... Yowza!
  11. Yes, yes and more yes. Every year in the BD 360 vids, the members talk about their show and they have a complete understanding of what they are to interpret on the field. Other corps do a great job of this too, but the instructional staff at BD teach extremely well to the point the members have the opportunity to insert their own ideas into the show. This happens quite often with BD. I always think back to Clash of the Corps and the members of the Cadets trying to explain their show. Granted it's "reality" TV and can only be taken at surface level, but it was difficult to watch the members talk about their statue show.
  12. Some of these are hard to find but there are recordings out there. State of the Art I (1980) and II (2000) from BD and SCV Cavaliers Sounds of Summer Standstill Recordings from 2003-2005 Ornaments in Brass BD Standstill/Studio Recordings from about 2009 to 2014 Crown has some standstill recordings from about 2000-2013. They did these as a whole ensemble and then with brass only. BK has some stuff out there too when lossless audio recording was first being explored.
  13. We do the same thing! Get there early Thursday and do some major shopping. Also a good time to get all the freebies. Then we go back to the hotel and drop everything off. All we have to worry about the rest of the week is getting to our seats. Saturday is still a pain though. It use to be nice after finals to shop as well as corps would already be dropping the prices on merchandise. Online shopping has changed that and now I just order online when they go on clearance. Usually after the victory run they are already trying to shuffle everyone out of the stadium.
  14. Wasn’t it SCV amongst others who wanted this new rule? Thought I heard that somewhere. Kinda ironic if so.