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  1. Some additional information, mostly unknowns at this point, that was placed on the Friends of DCI page. [NEW FOR 2021] Friends of DCI Friends of DCI carryovers from previous years Being a member of the Friends of DCI gives you access to the best available seats in the house. The basic structure of the levels within the Friends program remains Diamond, Platinum, Gold, etc. The process for assigning seats will continue to be based on a combination of level chosen and seniority of the individual memberships. Changes for 2021 Previously, Friends of
  2. So saddened to hear this news. From reading the linear notes on the CDs back in the day, to his blog during nats week, to just getting to chat for a short amount of time every year at championships, he was a true ambassador of the activity. I like to think he was the face of the everyday fan that is all of us who love this activity.
  3. I was going to say that Foxboro did but Denver did not. I sat in the same seat all three nights behind the HOFs. I know some of them personally and they were an interesting bunch that week. The stories I could share like Dr. K almost getting in a fight with a fan because they just happened to sit in some empty seats that were not occupied for most of the night. It was a fun week!
  4. I don't think Wayne stayed the whole week in Indy back in 2019. I believe he flew out early before finals. He's still around though but not as much.
  5. I'd throw in Dave Bertman as well. Good teaching and playing from those lines.
  6. Someone recently posted the top 100 scoring shows of all time starting with 1999 Cadets. I started watching a couple shows here and there this week. I’m only on 93. Good shows so far like 2019 Crown and SCV, 2006 BD and one of my top faves 1990 Star of Kansas City. I’ll be watching a little each night and when I’m free. By what would have been finals nights this year, I’ll play the top 12 scoring shows of all time blasting it throughout the house and my neighborhood.
  7. I understand everyone likes to keep their business behind closed doors. Interesting Algernon got blasted on here by some of DCPs most vocal. I’m not saying what he does is right but as an activity we have some questionable practices that have happened over the years that is coming to light. Some would like that it’s all swept under the rug, but that only makes the activity look worse. I enjoyed Jeremy’s response on behalf of SCV. It shared enough and was honest enough of what they could share and the direction they’re going. That’s the type of leadership we need in the activity.
  8. WGAZ and AzMBA dropped MA as well. WGAZ is being more diplomatic and seeking bids through a RFP but mentioned they will select a company that aligns with their values and mission. MA is based out of Arizona so they had a corner in the market for awhile in the area.
  9. Jimmer arranged the music of the show. Strong design team 90-92.
  10. Be safe out there too. Madison is by far my favorite place where Nationals was ever had. Keep well everyone and continue to be awesome!
  11. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
  12. Yup and what others were saying about certain corps already making a decision to close up shop was correct as well.