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  1. Whiskey

    Downloads are up

    The lossless audio of the shows are wonderful. Stuff I didn’t hear even during the live performance.
  2. I know all corps need it, but don’t forget to drop by BD’s souvie booth in the summer and thank them. Maybe buy a souvie or two.
  3. It's just frustrating that certain corps are still waiting and hoping to ride out this storm. This will not be good. They may have the resources and the backing of powerful alumni, but is it really worth it to win at all costs? We have a designer and future Hall of Famer who has been accused of some very bad things, but they're still there. Granted these are only accusations but is a corps really willing to put everything at risk at this point and at this juncture? I know of some things from their counterpart that are also not good and what happened over the summer. Perhaps this is why the CA corps are battening down the hatches. When did it stop being about the kids for some? I really am ashamed of this activity and is showing a lot of the true colors of the people involved. Corps and people who I looked up to and trusted.
  4. Whiskey

    The Cadets 2019

    There was a recent post on reddit (I know, I know) of a member from this past season's experience with the Cadets. I found it very honest and objective. After reading it, if I was a parent of a perspective member, I would have no qualms having my child be a Cadet. Of course there are unexpected events that happen on a summer-long tour, so how this member viewed and thought about it with great maturity impressed the heck out of me.
  5. Whiskey

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    I'm currently an administrator at a middle school. Our teachers are a godsend. It takes a special person to deal with young individuals who are on the cusp of knowing who they are as individuals. Middle school age is the 2nd most productive time of brain growth and development. Middle school-age children began moving from concrete to abstract thinking and to the beginnings of metacognition. To have an individual like Chuck on staff will benefit the Scouts greatly. Educators make some of the best instructors in the activity.
  6. Well as much as we are dismayed with the happenings at Pioneer, none of the corps are immune from potential skeletons coming out of the closet. Even the most successful and up and coming corps, who have strong boards, have hired staff with some shady and questionable history. They are some of the most well loved designers, caption heads, and instructors. So nobody's corps is perfect and I hope we think about that when making such comments about other corps. Any corps at this point is suseptible at any time to be the next news story. This is just the start and I hope all corps think proactively instead of being reactive.
  7. Whiskey

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    If that's true, then that is not good for DCI at all. Dan A. has to be having sleepless nights. I'm not going to point fingers or make assumptions as I don't know the whole story, but DCI really needs to shore up that anyone who submits a concern needs to have their concern followed up on. If they are passing it back to the corps to do the follow up and nothing is happening, then swift action needs to happen to that organization. Perhaps a follow up from DCI to the member whether their concern was addressed would be appropriate. If it is DCI's job to investigate and handle the concern, then the activity is in a ton of trouble. It goes back to education and working with youth. Schools would be jumping on this immediately, putting the alleged offender on leave, investigating and if necessary involving law enforcement and then making a decision. I'm really at that point of not caring if you're a someone who has a name/reputation in the activity, an admin, a Hall of Famer, or judge, you are not above the law or protection. It is not being old-school. It is not about tradition. It is about doing the right thing. Again, I don't want to make assumptions, but I'm just so sad for what the youth (and staff) and what some are going through.
  8. Whiskey

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Also hearing not so good things about OC.
  9. Whiskey

    Stealing other corps stuff...

    Remember folks, "Drive Crown A** Hammered, You May Get Nailed."
  10. Whiskey

    Stealing other corps stuff...

    Love it! Before you know it, you'll be having the bando moms getting involved because their little Johnny or Suzy is traumatized. Much more bigger issues to worry about in our activity right now.
  11. Whiskey

    The Cadets 2019

    I have a ton of shirts and memorabilia I've collected over the years as well. I made a suggestion a long time ago that DCI should build into championship week a swap meet where fans can sell their old drum corps items. Who wouldn't want to buy an old vintage t-shirt? Knowing me, I'd probably buy more than what I sell.
  12. Whiskey

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Why are people harping about others making comments on what they notice and accusing them of trolling or stirring the pot. Maybe this thread should be closed down if everyone is going to be so sensitive. I just see it as some people trying to share their two cents. This thread is already proving from real staff member posts that perhaps we as a forum are crossing the line. I think we can be civil about it, but when we jump on each other, it's no better than the speculations that are being made in this thread about staffing next year.
  13. Dan A. mentioned how DCI had record attendance numbers for so many years in row now at championships. He was hoping for another record breaking year, but if not he was still excited about the strength of attendance the last several years. I believe 23,000 something was the record they were trying to beat for Indy attendance. I was expecting to hear some announcement but none was ever made. So perhaps the streak was broken this year.
  14. Whiskey

    A: Competitive Inertia

    Someone needs to make a Competitive Inertia t-shirt. And on the back it should read "Is it just consistency or conspiracy?"
  15. Whiskey

    10 More Years in Indy

    It was the VIP entrance. It was nice, a little less of a walk around the side of the stadium, no wait and the stadium staff were super nice. One day we had open bottles of water. The other day we had coffee from our hotel.