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  1. Awww, I was hoping it took me back to watching Northmont in 1997 at WGI. I'll never forget that moment and seeing it live.
  2. Boy you lose one show to BK and the sky is falling. What happens if they lose to Blue Stars or Mandarins next? Cadets will be fine but they cannot design along the lines of a Dartmouth indoor show. Sure it works great in the indoor setting, but not on the drum corps stage. They need to do better.
  3. Who's winning? Us the fans that's who. I have not been more excited during the season in awhile as I am this year. The designs are phenomenal up and down the line. The competition is of course adding to the excitement but I am not too concerned about that this year. I'd be happy if BD, Coats, or SCV win. BD's show is evolving and something to see live and will keep changing up to Indy. SCV's show is growing on me a lot. This is the show so far I have been listening to non-stop for a couple weeks now. Great moments throughout and I feel one of those shows everyone will appreciate after the season is over. I have yet to see the Bluecoats live yet, but their show is killer. I'm loving the whole production. Not to mention Crown, Crusaders and Cavies who all have a chance to step up and upset some of the groups above. Cavies show is amazing and full of energy. It was my favorite when they were touring out west. You could see where they were falling behind but that show is knock out good. Then you have awesome designs by BK, Crossmen and Mandarins this year. Not to mention Pacific Crest and Jersey Surf who have fabulous shows, their best in years. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone in Indy.
  4. I'm glad the some of the design and instructional staff at PC got another chance from their stint at OC.
  5. I love BK and not to rain on their accomplishment, but the judge use to be their arranger. Not that I'm implying anything as both lines are great. I'll wait until they all meet again and we start to see some trends emerge.
  6. I'm glad BK carried that momentum from their rained out home show. They had a different step performing the other night. You could tell the kids are having a great summer.
  7. One set gone. One more set available.
  8. Work related issues are preventing me from attending this event. I have 2 sets (4 tickets) available. My family was going to attend with me but alas my loss is your gain. Both of these sets of tickets are transferrable via Ticketmaster. I can also Priority Mail you a printed copy of the tickets. Section 303 - Club Section (Great for visual and nicer seats - middle section near the 50) Row 8 Seats 21 and 22 Selling at cost $69/ticket. $138 for the pair. Will not split and sell single seats. $7 for shipping. $145 total. Section 1RR (Blast section for music - middle section near the 50) Row 2 Seats 8 and 9 Selling at cost $59/ticket. $118 for the pair. Will not split and sell single seats. $7 shipping. $125 total. Can do Zelle or Paypal.
  9. I was at the Rose Bowl too and at one point Hop did mock the crowd with a gesture. That set off the audience even more. The booing was still undeserved though. I guess we all have selective memories and some East Coast fans on here still bring it up like it was only the fans who are to blame. Hop did make a gesture though and I have other's in my party who still remember that night vividly.
  10. Gorgeous weather now but I’m sure the field is slippery as heck. I know I should be appreciative that there’s at least standstill performances going on but I’m bored like crazy. Enthusiastic and appreciative crowd through. Genesis got the biggest pop of the night so far. Thanks for playing most of your show music. posted from the DrumScorps app
  11. Only 10 min standstill performances. 👎 Cadets 9:00 Crossmen 9:10 BD 9:20 Genesis 9:30 Cascades 9:40 Columbians 9:50 Batallion 10:00 BK 10:10 No PC or Troopers
  12. BD had a great run today as well. Members were pumped after a great week of shows and practices.
  13. What’s the determined time when lightening is spotted and when it is safe to have groups on the field? It’s still very visible at the stadium here.