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    Flint Northern Viking Marching Band and Western Michigan University Marching Broncos - No DCI, many former DCI MM instructors - BIG FAN!
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    ALL!!! But, lately have gravitated to Crown and Bluecoats.
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    Boston Crusaders RED, Santa Clara's Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis and now Spark of Invention, Phantom Regiment's Firebird and Harmonic Journey. Crown's For the Common Good, e=mc2 and INFERNO!
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    1987 - Only because it's when I attended my first DCI Worlds! Show-wise, hard to top 2015.....but feel strongly about 2011 and 2013.
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    Grand Rapids, MI
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    Golf. Music (still am concert French Hornist after 35+ years). AND, now have a 12-yr old that is my best drum corps buddy and she is determined to march DCI. Very exciying!

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  1. ....this just hit Facebook.......
  2. this just hit Facebook......
  3. Some pics from Crown's Facebook....
  4. some pics from Crown's Facebook......
  5. The artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As???
  6. Logan's Run?? Sanctuary???
  7. from Facebook......
  8. seems only fitting that one might feel persecuted for their views regarding a show about the witch trials!
  9. OK, my take on them.....not that it matters or should.........and I am not one that is opposed to costumes v uniforms, although it does start to bother me when I can't tell who is performing on the field without a program! for me, it's the color palette combo that is the bother. I do not care for the weathered/oxidized copper in the arms against the red of the legs. It strikes me as visually clumsy and busy. How vital to the story telling is the copper, truly? Given the nod to BAC's past with the gray vest and shako (I loved what they did with RISE), if the arms carried through with the red and black from the bottom half of the outfit, I think you would have one that still identifies as BAC on first viewing.....updated and modified and fresh.....and yet more tailored to the show theme and meeting the newer demands that are required from today's marching members.
  10. Thanks for the reminder.......I didn't go back and look at the vids, was just trusting my failing memory!
  11. When the Cavaliers included Nature Boy in XtraordinarY in 2011, they were unable to acquire the rights and it was deleted from all end of the year media. Is that no longer a problem??
  12. well.......it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast!!
  13. He did say for the next couple of seasons......looks to me like parts can be changed out under the coat/vest and with the shako overlays.....kind of similar to what Cavaliers introduced last year?