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    Flint Northern Viking Marching Band and Western Michigan University Marching Broncos - No DCI, many former DCI MM instructors - BIG FAN!
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    ALL!!! But, lately have gravitated to Crown and Bluecoats.
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    Boston Crusaders RED, Santa Clara's Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis and now Spark of Invention, Phantom Regiment's Firebird and Harmonic Journey. Crown's For the Common Good, e=mc2 and INFERNO!
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    1987 - Only because it's when I attended my first DCI Worlds! Show-wise, hard to top 2015.....but feel strongly about 2011 and 2013.
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    Grand Rapids, MI
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    Golf. Music (still am concert French Hornist after 35+ years). AND, now have a 12-yr old that is my best drum corps buddy and she is determined to march DCI. Very exciying!

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  1. ......and it begins............
  2. Cadets 2018

    ....that sounds a little Hop-Trumpian!
  3. Indy 2017

    It's like Where's Waldo, but with alcohol!!
  4. Glad you found it funny......that was all it was trying to be. Actually, just continuing a running gag that Jim S. himself kept up early this week in a show thread!
  5. yeah, but is there a singer??
  6. Indy 2017

    more cowbell........I need MORE COWBELL!!!
  7. Lucas Oil - Parking?

    I see two parking threads, but both asking completely different questions......and both getting good information in their responses. Why is that a problem?
  8. Lucas Oil - Parking?

    I used to know somebody that drove in every year and parked right at the stadium in a Lucas Oil lot......but no longer have contact info and have no recollections of location of lots, price, etc.
  9. Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I didn't find anything when I went looking. In year's past, I have always stayed right downtown for Finals weekend. Parked my car at the hotel on Thursday and never saw it again until departure on Sunday morning. Everything was walking. This year for the first time, I booked a room through Airbnb and am staying about 15 minutes outside of downtown....which means getting to and from the stadium each day. I know there is some parking at Lucas Oil, but don't know how much. Can I plan on parking there? Where is the lot? How much? Or, would it make more sense to Uber or Lyft my way in and out? Any solid advice would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Indy 2017

    It's funny you should post this, as Ron is how I have already acquired my seats for Friday night! Still hoping something works out for Saturday as well.
  11. Indy 2017

    I must be a little slow on the processing end this evening......not sure I even understand what you are proposing. If you mean each see six shows on Finals night, I'm not sure how we would manage to get in and out of the stadium and the seat back and forth in time to see much of anything. AND, not sure where exactly that would leave my wife?!?!? Feel free to explain it all to me a little more slowly so that maybe I have a chance to catch up!
  12. nice idea for a thread, monarch. This could be fun!
  13. Indy 2017

    I feel your pain.
  14. Need TWO tickets for Semi's and Finals

    exchanged PM's with markhartman010........situation changed slightly. I believe I have secured decent seats for FRIDAY night......but still looking for TWO (2) for Finals on Saturday. My second for the weekend is now my wife instead of my daughter, but she has a dreadful fear of heights. We tried to sit in the 600's back in 2009 and she had a full-blown panic attack. I know it's hard for a beggar to be picky at this point, but any seats on Saturday would have to be anywhere from teh 100's to the 400's, no higher. Thanks to all!