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  1. Yes, but the announcer in Lisle was a weather man..
  2. Our first reading of Blue Knights at this show..
  3. I'm way more interested in how it will read from the press box, and what they will be performing in those uniforms. I'm sure the staff knows what they are doing.
  4. Surprised that this thread had dropped to the third page. Is it because there is nothing to report?
  5. I expect SCV to exceed last years success.
  6. Agreed. They have no weak sections, as they were close to winning the captions that they did not win in 2018. I expect them to be even better this year.
  7. SCV: 1 Gold plus 1 Silver = 3 medals in the 2010s? Is this new math?
  8. Is this show being judged, or is it an exhibition?
  9. Correct. EMU show for many years. Michigan's field is natural grass, so not ideal anyway.