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    Flint Northern Viking Marching Band and Western Michigan University Marching Broncos - No DCI, many former DCI MM instructors - BIG FAN!
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    ALL!!! But, lately have gravitated to Crown and Bluecoats.
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    Boston Crusaders RED, Santa Clara's Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis and now Spark of Invention, Phantom Regiment's Firebird and Harmonic Journey. Crown's For the Common Good, e=mc2 and INFERNO!
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    1987 - Only because it's when I attended my first DCI Worlds! Show-wise, hard to top 2015.....but feel strongly about 2011 and 2013.
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    Golf. Music (still am concert French Hornist after 35+ years). AND, now have a 12-yr old that is my best drum corps buddy and she is determined to march DCI. Very exciying!

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  1. The new update doesn't show anything for Michigan.
  2. Michigan has now cancelled it's fall competition circuit.
  3. Following the theme......a wonderful brass version of Gabriel's Oboe by Ryan Anthony at his Cancer Blows concert. He passed away this week. I hear angels. RIP.
  4. Seated in my local theater in Grand Rapids, MI getting my first fix of the season on the big screen. Makes me a little sad.
  5. It is back up and running this morning.
  6. it looks like one of the pics used to tease out when Cadets did Mass
  7. the problem with Boston was a conflict with an agreement a luxury car manufacturer had to use the song in their ad campaign that included exclusivity, if I recall correctly.
  8. On the earlier postings about licensing cuts, the Cavaliers were going to lose a 2+ minute portion of their show on the Blu Ray......something must have cleared last minute??
  9. thank you for the additional info and explanation.
  10. Curious as to the why's involved......do they have that many openings? How does that go over with current MMs that have paid full price?
  11. Did anybody else see the Cadet's FB post.....asking for anybody that has auditioned but not made another corps to try out the Cadets for a discounted tour fee?
  12. All instrument proposal is now posted on DCI website. Voting is for implementation in the 2021 season.
  13. Will Pitts just posted on FB. "Thank you, Regiment. SUTA"